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[HCDX] Glenn Hauser logs May 9-10, 2018

** CUBA. 14660, May 10 at 0102, VP carrier, RHC? Yes, I can barely make it // 11760 Spanish, and 7330 of which this is the second harmonic. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. 6100, May 10 at 0606, RHC open carrier/dead air, instead of English which survives on 6000, 6060, 6165 at variously sufficient modulation levels. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. 13660, May 10 at 1311, what`s this? VP signal S3-S7, RHC. No spur panoply out of 13700 any more; instead, this is a leapfrog mixing product of 13740 over 13700 another 40 kHz lower. This happens when RHC succeeds in running both 13 MHz fundamentals at same time, now 13740 at S9+20 and 13700 at S9+30! Then I look for reverse leap and barely can hear it on 13780. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. 14680, May 10 at 1346, JBA carrier, eventually can hear a trace of hoary old Fidel speech // 11760 an echo apart, so this is also a second harmonic, of the other 7 MHz channel in the mornings, 7340 which is also barely audible. Something`s always wrong at RHC. Propagation is pitiful with little making it from beyond a single hop, such as 15230 RHC being the VP OSOB on that band (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NORTH AMERICA. 6940-AM, May 10 at 0052, unID pirate music, S9 but less than storm noise crashes. Also unID in this thread:,42411.0.html
** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 1929 monitoring: confirmed Wednesday May 9 at 2100 on WBCQ, 7490.06, very poor in noise; also on WRMI 9955, S8-S6, fair-poor. Also confirmed Wed May 9 at 2330 on WBCQ 9330.1v-CUSB, fair-poor in noise, but yay, made it for two days in a row! Next:
Thu 2330   WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW [maybe]
Fri 2330   WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW [maybe]
Sat 0629   HLR 6190-CUSB to WSW
Sat 1431   HLR 6190-CUSB to WSW
Sat 1930v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND
Sat 2130   WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW [maybe][or 2330?]
Sat 2300   WRMI 7780 to NE
Sun 0200   WRMI 7780 to NE
Sun 0310v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND
Sun 1030   HLR 9485-CUSB to WSW
Sun 1900   WRMI 9395 to NNW
Sun 2330   WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW [maybe]
Mon 0130.5 WRMI 5850 to NW, 7780 to NE
Mon 0300v  WBCQ 5130v Area 51 to WSW
Mon 0330   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Mon 0400   WRMI webcast only
Mon 2330   WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW [maybe]
Tue 0030   WRMI 7730 to WNW
Tue 2030   WRMI 7780 to NE, 9455 to WNW [or #1930?]
Tue 2130   WRMI 7780 to NE, 9455 to WNW [or #1930?]
Full schedule for WOR on all outlets, not just SW; podcast linx:
** U S A. 9455 // 9955, Thu May 10 at 1350, current `Viva Miami` episode, Jeff with co-host Bob Biermann is a mailbag, quickly acknowledging WRMI reception reports by name, location and frequency heard --- and all of them seem to be within USA, many familiar and unfamiliar names. Majority of them concern 9395 & 9455. Ends at 1358, immediate switch to Qur`an World Music filler until 1359.5 IDs, and at 1400*, 9955 cuts off, while 9455 starts the secret relay of Eslovaquia in Espanish (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 3215, May 10 at 0604, WWCR-1 is OFF, rather than dead air, rather than scheduled programming.
5890, May 10 at 0608, however, WWCR-4 is ON with dead air, during a span it had been off since dumping Brother Scare months ago. 5935, WWCR-2, is also propagating about the same but modulating with so-called University Network, not on 6090 Anguilla (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
This report dispatched at 1548 UT May 10
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