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[IARU-R2-News 651] Radio Club de Honduras met with CONATE

Radio Club de Honduras met with CONATEL

Last February 1, members of Radio Club de Honduras were invited to a very pleasant and productive meeting in Tegucigalpa at the facilities of CONATEL, the country’s telecom regulator. Among the participants were members of different departments of the institution and a group of 9 radio amateurs from different regions of the country.
The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the need of updating the Regulations of the Amateur Radio Service, addressing issues such as the glossary of terms used, license categories, the 60-meter band, added band and matters related to license issuance. It is expected that this update strengthens Honduran radio amateurs. Noé Oliva, HQ2NBO, presented a list of items to be considered for such updating.
Besides, the support of CONATEL is sought for the adoption of the IARP and/or that with the help of COMTELCA, the Regional Technical Telecommunications Commission, there can be reciprocity of amateur radio licenses in the Central American countries.
CONATEL welcomed the visit and stated their willingness to maintain open communication with the radio amateurs for their mutual benefit.
You can see the photos of this event on our webpage:
Ramón Santoyo V., XE1KK
Vice President - IARU R2
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