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SSTV on a Baofeng?

SSTV on a Baofeng?

Sending and receiving images over amateur radio using SSTV can be lots of fun. Andy M6XFC has written on the Essex Ham site about how to get started with SSTV on a Baofeng handheld

Andrew M6XFC recently passed his Foundation exam at CARS, after studying with Essex Ham’s Foundation Online course. He’s been keen to dabble in slow-scan TV after seeing a live demo on the Essex Ham table at the November Essex Skills Night.

To get started, he tried a basic test – using his Baofeng and a smartphone propped up against it. It worked, and he was able to decode the testcard / identification transmission from the Clacton SSTV repeater.

For something more efficient, he looked at knocking up a lead. He had a useless £2 delivered speaker mic for his Baofeng – which he was hoping would make the perfect donor for a cable between the radio and audio connection of a computer / smartphone. Concerned about the connections and audio levels going into the mic, he asked for some advice in our Email Discussion Group, where he got some excellent advice from Ed G8FAX.

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