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IOTA News from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

IOTA News from the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

30 June, 2016

Island activities:
CW: 28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz
AF-019; IG9, Pelagie Islands: Marco/IZ3GNG will be holidaying on
Lampedusa between July 3 and 10. QRV as IZ3GNG/IG9, also during the
IARU HF contest. QSOs to be confirmed automagically via the bureau.
EU-015; SV9, Crete Island: David/OK6DJ is going to put Crete on the
air from the 2nd to 8th of July with the call SV9/OK6DJ. QRV on
40-10m (CW only). QSL via OK6DJ (d), LoTW, eQSL, ClubLog OQRS.
EU-065; F, Bretagne (Finistere North West) Region group:
Christophe/F4ELI, Stef/F5UOW, and Andy/F4ELK are planning to activate some islands around Britanny between July 1 and 3 as TM65EU according to the following schedule: friday afternoon:
Beniguet Island (DIFM AT-003); saturday morning: Balanec Island or
Bannalec Island (DIFM AT-038); saturday afternoon: Trielen Island
(DIFM AT-040); sunday morning: Ledenez Vraz Island (DIFM AT-042);
sunday afternoon: Litiri Island (DIFM AT-041). QRV on 40 and 20m
(SSB). QSL via F4ELK (d/B).
EU-092; GM/MM, Summer Isles: Jim/MM0BQI will be active during July
from Tanera Mor (IOSA SC10, SCOTIA CN32) signing his call /p.
During the RSGB IOTO contest he will use GM1J. QSL for both calls
via MM0BQI (d/B), LoTW.
EU-136, 9A, Kvarner group & EU-170, 9A, Dalmatia North group:
Eddy/DM5JBN is currently active from Rab Island (EU-136) as
9A/DM5JBN until July 2, and from Pag Island (EU-170) between the
2nd and 8th. QSL via DM5JBN (d/B), LoTW, eQSL.
EU-161; R1Z, Barents Sea Coast East group: A team consisting of
Oleg/UA1PBA, Slava/RD3MX, Alexei/RN1ON, Yuri/UA1OC, and Alex/UA1OJL operates with the call RK1O/p from Sosnovets Island (RLHA RLE-045, WLOTA 1589, ARLHS ERU-066, RDA MU-18) between July 1 and 5 on 40-10m (CW, SSB). QSL via RN1ON.
EU-166, I*9, Sicily's Coastal Islands: IT9FUN, IT9FXY, IT9GNG, IT9WKH, IT9WUC, IW9APP, and IW9HII will be on the air from Santa Maria Island on July 2 and 3 with their homecalls/p on 40, 20, 15, and 6m. QSL via h/c (d/B), IW9HII and IT9FUN are also offering ClubLog OQRS.
NA-018; OX, Greenland & NA-151; OX, Greenland's Coastal Islands
South East: Bo/OZ1DJJ will be active again as OX3LX. First, between
July 5 and 8, from Nuuk (NA-018, WW Loc. GP44de), and from the 9th
to 15th from Tasiilaq Island (NA-151, WW Loc. HP15eo). QRV mainly
during the early morning and the afternoon hours. QSL via OZ1PIF.
NA-213; W4, Alabama State group: Scott/WX4SKY spends his holiday on
Dauphin Island (USi AL-002S) from July 3 to 18. He is going to operate as WX4SKY/a during the evening hours on 20m. QSL via WX4SKY (d/B), LoTW, eQSL.
Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

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