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IOTA News from OPDX

IOTA News from OPDX

21 December, 2015

Island activities:
AS-074. Members of the Kuala Lumpur DX Team will be active as 9M2SI from Indah Island, Selangor, West Malaysia, between December 25-27th. Activity will be on 40-10 meters using CW and SSB.
Operators mentioned are Faiz/9M2AIS, Kayrol/9M2OOO, Wan/9M2VDX,
Zanirul/9M2PRO, Mal/9M2EDU, Aimil/9M2AUR, Rosli/9M2RHQ, Fazli/
9M2FDO, Fazzuan/9M2FZK, Ahmad/9M2AGC, Mohd/9M2AIM, Shark/9W2YND, Hasya/9W2HSY, Mohd/9W2FEJ, Nazari/9W2NDQ, 9W2BMW and Zamri/9W2NMX. QSL via 9M2OOO direct.
AS-090. Han, DS2GOO, will once again be active as DS2GOO/2 from Taeijak Island between December 26-28th. Activity will be on 80-10
meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. Equipment will be a
TS-570DG transceiver and wire verticals. QSL via his home callsign.
NA-066. Bodo, DF8DX, will possibly be active as KT3Q/6 from California
State South IOTA Group sometime during his visit to the area between February 12-17th (2016). QSL via DF8DX, direct, by the Bureau or the LoTW.
OC-243. Operators Andy/VK5MAV, CraigVK5CE and possibly one more will be active as homecall/6 from Breaksea Island between March 1-8th. Their planned activity is to have two stations active simultaneously, on 40/20/15/10 meters. Andy will be on CW and Craig on SSB. QSL via their home callsign, direct, by the Bureau or via ClubLog's OQRS. See QRZ.com for more details or visit: http://oc243.blogspot.com.au
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