sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2015

GB0GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

The Youth Hostels Amateur Radio Group (MX0YHA) will commemorate the start of Greenwich Mean Time on October 24-25
GB0GMT will be operated from the Mount St Bernard Abbey, in Charnwood Forest in the Heart of England.
The nominated frequency will be around 7.175 MHz, with some activity on 2m and 20m if and when conditions permit. Startup will be on Saturday 24th, but the main activity will be on Sunday 25th.
A special one-day only 'Eezee QSL Certificate' will be available to download.
MX0YHA will be on air from Gargrave near Skipton leading up to and during the GB0GMT event (QTH M0XLT, Kevin. SD95)
Youth Hostels Amateur Radio Group
This event is supported by the Phoenix Amateur Radio Club MX0PHX

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