quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2015

WRC-15 and 5 MHz (60m)

WRC-15 and 5 MHz (60m)

The SARL reports a European Common Proposal (ECP) for an allocation of 100 kHz at 5350-5450 kHz has been accepted This was a hard fought success with 7 abstentions (Austria, Belgium, UK, Hungary, Ireland, Montenegro, Poland) and 5 against (Azerbaijan, Germany, Romania, Russian Federation and France).  It is now up to the African block to support the agenda item at WRC which starts in Geneva, Switzerland on 2 November.Source: South African Radio League (SARL)
http://www.sarl.org.za/The World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15) Agenda and Relevant Resolutions can be downloaded from

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