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Glenn Hauser logs July 12-13, 2015

** CUBA. 15700, July 13 at 1402, open carrier/dead air from CRI English relay, but it`s joined in progress by 1403. Not at all unusual sloppy-ration (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** HAWAII. 10000, July 13 at 0545, WWVH skips the propagation minute, no explanation or apology; WWV ID is JBA before 0546. Often when WWVH does do the propagation (not the same YL synth as on WWV at :18), it`s followed by two or three seconds of extraneous tones (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** INDIA [and non]. 13710, July 13 at 1342, AIR GOS in English is poor but clear, good modulation, in Comment`ry, 1344 plug new website http://www.airworldservice.org (which is titled ESD = External Service Division) for info and more listening; programme summary for rest of sesquihour, 1346 Indian classical music. Nice that this is poking thru as higher bands are almost dead --- nothing on 17 MHz, just Cuba on 15, and not much else on 13 MHz either.
While listening to the music from AIR, I tune the FM to KOSU for NPR Morning Edition, which has a report about hope for battered women in Haryana. Audio, pictures and transcript:
Somehow, I don`t think I`d every hear a report like this on AIR.
9870, July 13 at 1351, AIR VBS is very poor but audible with less classical music (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. NTSC channel A2, July 13 at 1647 UT, sporadic E fade-in of algo, digital clock lower right 2 minutes slow! In CDT at ``11:45``; likewise at 1649 ``11:47`` and now I can see a guy in a black cowboy had being interviewed on a studio set with a large SIPSE and a Calle 60 in the background, which gives it away as XHY-TV in Mérida, Yucatán, for its corporate name and studio location = morning show name; at 1655 UT, clock for ``11:53``. Still bits of video occasionally following hour to 1758 UT.
Distance city-to-city: 1896 km = 1178 statute miles. Will certainly miss XHY-TV when it goes DTV on UHF. I wonder what the planned date for that is in the Mérida market, but presumably by the end of this year if not before. Cursory look at http://sipse.com finds nothing about digital channels, but it does remind us what SIPSE stands for, as it also has newspapers and radio: Servicios Informativos y Publicitarios del Sureste.
2303 UT July 13, some ch 2 video starts to show again; more to come? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NIGERIA [non]. 13775, July 13 at 0612 check, JBA carrier from presumed Nigerian Armed Forces Radio. Propagation from Europe is still degraded; hope France-to-Nigeria is still funxioning. We didn`t know how we good we had it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA. 1330 & 1450, July 13 at 1834 UT I am doing a mid-day bandscan on the caradio, and find JBA hets here, on 1330 against KNSS, and 1450 weaker against KSIW/KGFF remnants. So now local KCRC 1390- Enid is putting out spurs not only at almost plus/minus 30 kHz, making unmistakable modulated hets against 1360 and 1420, but also at double that, plus/minus ~60 kHz (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA. 94.3, July 13 at 1834, 2051 and 2240 UT chex, KLGB-LP Enid is dead air! At least I don`t hear co-sited KVBN-LP audio in the background or anything else. Standard remark about what should be done with dead-air stations. Resurrected at 2247 UT with announcement and hymn (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PAPUA NEW GUINEA [non]. 12025, July 13 at 0612 check, NBC relay via presumed Shepparton, AUSTRALIA, good signal during game coverage. Still awaiting some admission from the ptb that it`s not Brandon/Townsville as claimed. // 9860 is too weak to attempt a comparison tonight, but already confirmed twice to be a satellite delay behind 12025. The Games run thru July 18, so these may end after that, or not (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** TURKEY. Slight correxion, a time mentioned should be 1130 not 1120:
15450, July 12 at 1252, fair signal with Turkish music, as the English hour from VOT somehow squeezes thru despite depressed propagation with not much else on 19m beyond Cuba. And it`s on correct frequency! Ivo Ivanov noted that on July 6, Emirler failed to make the switch from previous 1130-1225 German on 13760 until 15450 came up at 1240, so the first dekaminute of English was on wrong 13760 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1781 monitoring: confirmed Sunday July 12 at 2100 on WRMI 15770; 2300 on 11580; UT Monday July 13 at 0330 on 9955, all sufficient; also confirmed on webcast of Area 51 5110v-CUSB WBCQ, UT Monday July 13 at 0300. Next:
Tue 1100 WRMI 9955
Wed 0630 Hamburger Lokalradio 7265-CUSB
Wed 1315 WRMI 9955
Wed 1430 Hamburger Lokalradio 7265-CUSB
Wed 2100 WBCQ 7490v
** U S A. 600, July 13 at 0505 UT, KTBB Tyler TX again, this time IDing as KTBB-FM 97.5. WTFDA Database shows that is 13 kW, 121m in Troup TX, supposedly IDing as ``Talk 600``. Cf. previous log where the related FM was found to be a translator in Quitman on 95.7, the frequency I thought was announced at that time --- maybe they rotate in mentions of the frequencies of translator(s) too. Troup is about 15 miles SSE of Tyler. Then into `Texas Overnight` from the Texas State Network.
Still no sign of KSJB ND on 600. Mike Winarz in Winnipeg has some comments about KSJB ---
As you reported in WOR 1781, KSJB is indeed broadcasting at full power. Just after listening to your show I immediately tuned to 600 kHz on the medium wave dial and being in Winnipeg (about 275 miles from Jamestown), in daylight KSJB was booming in with signal quality near what I'd expect from local radio stations! Too bad I don't like country music... (Mike Winiarz, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Bell network, 0014 UT July 10)
Mike, Tnx for the report. Had you noticed it was NOT coming in so well before last week?? I also wonder if they have any advertisers from Canada. Not that I would ask you to listen to country music, hi (Glenn to Mike, ibid.)
Hi Glenn, I've never [heard] really much of anything on 600 kHz before, but now all of a sudden there it is! No Canadian ads that I've heard so far but I suppose that much of the advertising I've heard is tourism related so there might be some advertising directed at Canadians.
Explaining why I am receiving such a strong signal from 250 miles has to be that Jamestown is in the North Black Hills, whereas Winnipeg is at the bottom of what used to be Lake Agassiz in prehistoric times and [as] such provides a pretty good line of sight, not to mention the station`s power! Is it still a 50000 watt limit in the U.S or have they opened that up?
Off topic, I do believe I met you at the ANARC conference in Montreal back in the early 80's which was hosted at the CBC studios (Mike, Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Bell network. 2305 UT JULY 10)
Mike, It`s only 5 kW. 50 kW is the limit in US, but normally on `regional` channels like 600, no more than 5 kW --- all the US stations are 5 kW max there. Exceptions can be made, usually on higher frequencies with an interference problem (like Cuba). Radio Martí in FL Keys 1180 runs 100 kW, but that`s a special case. Of course direxional patterns can make a signal seem like a lot more in particular locations.
Ground conductivity is a factor which varies greatly geographically. Search on ground conductivity map and you will find that over most of ND it`s 30 which is the highest overland, like it is around OK. (Only 15 along the Red River, but still higher than many other places).
Line of sight might be a factor on FM, but not on MW. All the (current) lakes around there couldn`t hurt. Of course MW stations at the low end of the band have a great advantage over higher ones.
You probably also get a big signal from 550 KFYR Bismarck. CJOB has great coverage too, and of course further out, CBK (better than CBW since it`s mid-band). [Axually it`s only 219 miles city-to-city Jamestown to Winnipeg, or 352 km]
Yes, I was at one of the conventions in Montréal - so long ago.
73, (Glenn to Mike, ibid.)
You are quite the source for information! Thanks (Mike, Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Bell network, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 90.1, July 13 at 1405 UT, I find that KHCC Hutchinson KS, Radio Kansas has captured the frequency from KUCO OK, as tropo from the north is up. In a pledge break, they are explaining how `Prairie Home Companion` renewal is going to cost them $ 19 K, and is it worth it, even with `Writer`s Almanac` thrown in? What say you, listeners? Seems Garrison Keillor is semi-retiring and next season will bring fewer new PHCs.
Tropo enhancement from the north remains at local mean noon, 1833 UT July 13, as on caradio I`m getting ``Q-92`` on 92.3 and other Wichitans solid (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. Since I am getting Kansas all over the FM dial, I turn on DTV to see what`s in. There are Bad signals on just about every UHF channel, with antenna still stuck toward OKC. One which does decode is:
RF 41, July 13 at 1425 UT, KMCI as DTV 38-1 = 730 kW in Lawrence KS
RF 27, July 13 at 1425 UT, KFOR OKC is unusually NOT decoding, which means it has co-channel QRM, probably from KSNT Topeka KS, 77.9 kW
RF 14, July 13 at 1426 UT, tuning channel 13 for OETA, I also get a remap to 14 but not a decode, so has to be KERA in Dallas TX. I might have expected KOCW Hoisington KS as seen before on RF 14 but not a ``13`` (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
This report dispatched at 2310 UT July 13
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