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Glenn Hauser logs July 1-2, 2015

** ALASKA. 9655, July 2 at 1032, weak KNLS amid English hour, tough copy with ACI on both sides from somewhat stronger Sino-Chosun transmitters, but a clear enunciator is praying to a father; just my luck not to catch them during a secular segment. KNLS website undated, quoted by Australian DX News, says they are not fully operational yet, using one transmitter and one antenna for all broadcasts. Aoki shows 100 kW at 285 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BRAZIL. 11735, July 2 at 1038, live YL DJ in Brazuguese with :37 timecheck, addressing her ``famÃlia da rÃdio``, fair signal, some music, joined by OM announcer. No sign of VOK, allegedly scheduled here too this hour in English as well as R. Transmundial, at 08-02 per Aoki 50 kW, 60 degrees from Santa Maria-Camobi. And I never hear it in the 01-02 period. At 1042 there is some weak music mixing with ZYE858, not sure if part of its own background or North Korea (which later this morning owns 11735).
11725, July 2 at 1038, having heard 11735, I seek the allegedly reactivated R. Marumby, and attain only a JBA carrier. Daniel Wyllyans in MT had reported it on June 16; and ntt aktuell says it came back June 9 // 6080 and 9515, part of the Sistema Iensen de ComunicaÃÃo, in Curitiba PR, a.k.a. RÃdio Novas de Paz, which is only how Aoki lists it at 08-21. ntt says the website mentions 730, 6080 and 9515 only. 11725 is not in WRTH 2015, even as inactive, but the latest National update mentions 11725 testing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA [and non]. ChiCom jamming morning of July 2:
17665, Thu July 2 at 1309, CNR1 jamming vs BBC Uzbek via Oman, this semihour only on Sun/Thu/Sat; same as on 17705 vs AIR in Chinese with Saudi Arabia in the way too
15115, July 2 at 1329, Firedragon! All-musical jamming is primary atop, but CNR1 also vs VOA Chinese via Thailand, as the hyper-paranoid ChiCom just can`t bear to let in anything possibly contrary to the Party Line
15265, July 2 at 1332, CNR1 jamming making het against always off-frequency Taiwan; no Firedragon here. At 1353, CNR1 echoing from more than one site
15555, July 2 at 1349, CNR1 jammer, poor, vs JBA carrier on 15552, no doubt V. of Tibet via TAJIKISTAN
15535, July 2 at 1350, CNR1 jammer, very poor, vs JBA carrier on 15537, no doubt V. of Tibet via TAJIKISTAN
15275, July 2 at 1353, CNR1 jammer alone. This hour only, daily target is RFA Tibetan via Tajikistan per Aoki
17760, July 2 at 1402, CNR1 jammer, good with slight SAH, which this hour only would be from victim VOA Tibetan via Thailand on Sun/Tue/Thu/Sat and this is Thursday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. 6165, July 2 at 0525, RHC English on this frequency is *much* weaker than the others, as usually the case now; strongest is 6100 with 6060, 6000 close behind. The A-15 original schedule from April shows in the 05-07 period:
6060 A1 100 kW Bauta to Nueva York
6100 A7 100 kW Bauta to San Francisco
6165 A10 100 kW Bauta to Chicago
6000 A4 250 kW TitÃn to WÃsh DC
Exact azimuths aren`t given but the 6100 San Francisco beam should be closest to us, with Chicago 6165 second best, instead of last; so have they swapped them around, or running 6165 at low power? We should also check if 6000 is really out of synch with the others. Further anomalies:
15705-15755 approx., July 2 at 1311, RHC Spanish bigsig on 15730 is splattering out to plus/minus 25 kHz. This is Bauta 1, supposedly 100 kW on A4 antenna toward Rio de Janeiro, but plenty plenty USward
15010, July 2 at 1330, RHC Spanish, fair but readable signal, which is a leapfrog mixing product of 15730 over 15370 another 360 kHz lower. Don`t think I`ve heard it here before. 15370 is 100 kW Bauta-4 on antenna-8 for San Francisco
16090, July 2 at 1331 is theoretically where the reverse leapfrog of 15370 over 15730 should land, and I do get a JBA carrier here, only
15040, July 2 at 1354, RHC Spanish poor also here but not earlier when I was getting 15010. That`s because the 15700 CRI relay transmitter is now already on with open carrier: 15700 leaping over 15370 another 330 kHz lower to land on 15040. Some complete fade-outs.
All these are on the PL-880 on the porch with short reel-out antenna. Since they are still heard weaker with receiver attenuation I think they are genuinely transmitted. Huge fundamental signals help to audiblize mixing products, many, many dB down but not completely
11950, July 2 at 1415, RHC still running here with jazz, // 15730, 15370, 15230, 9640, while 13740 and 11860 are off. Bauta-3, 11950 ex-11760 is the sole midday frequency staying on at 15-18, same parameters as at 11-15 UT, 100 kW non-direxional (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** GUATEMALA. 4055, July 2 at 1027, R. Verdad is amid canned multi-lingual ID and address spiel, Swedish into Japanese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** JAPAN [non]. 11730, July 2 at 0529, NHK World Radio Japan citing entire schedule in English which is so short it will fit into one minute if they don`t bother with relay sites, and who cares about those? Trouble is, this precedes the French language via France at 0530-0600, and should have been appended to the 0500 English broadcast via France on 11970 which is already off. Switching uncoÃrdinated making for a little-known English transmission lacking from schedules, 0529-0530 on 11730. At 0530 Sakura and into French, indeed (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** KOREA NORTH. 15245, July 2 at 1328, VOK with triumphal music // 13760 // 11710 // 9435 during English hour, half of which are to America, half to Europe.
11735 // 13650, July 2 at 1339, VOK with more music but not // the four frequencies above since this pair are in the Chinese service. No undertones of mixing jamming noise audible, but surely there are on at least some of them as some level (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. 590, July 2 at 1101 UT, full ID from XEFD, Reynosa, Tamaulipas, ``info Rio Bravo``, atop Omaha or anything else shortly before sunrise here at 1118 UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. 710, July 2 at 1108 UT, super-patriotic ``Soy Soldado`` recitation again, from XEDP, Ciudad CuauhtÃmoc, Chihuahua; not off frequency and no het. We also hear this around local midnight, 0600v UT, so presumably circa sign-off and sign-on; or every 5 or 6 hours too? Basta (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. 900, July 2 at 1114 UT, ``Siempre 88-9`` mentioned during national weather info from CuliacÃn to MÃrida, 6:14 TC; plug for Oaxaca, 1116 song clip of ``Day the Music Died`` in English, ``Siempre 88-9`` again, informativo, fading. Loops SSW and I figure it`s the usual XEOK Monterrey, but what FM is it relaying? XHM in the DF, which is an Acir station, and confirming here also on XEOK
which however does not show the frequency for all of them (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. Channel A2 NTSC, July 1 at 1659 UT, fade-in some CCI by sporadic E, including same-offset beat; 6m Es map shows opening centered over New Mexico? and MUF 55 MHz; nothing identifiable until 1733 when I spot the Televisa-2 net star bug in lower right, and nothing more today (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NEW ZEALAND. 11685-11690-11695, July 2 at 0530, DRM noise, which I can`t imagine is anything but RNZI, on a former DRM frequency but NOT on their current website schedule at this hour, where it`s supposedly in a DRM break until 0651 M-F on 7330 (recently heard well by Walt Salmaniw in BC). However, in alternative HFCC registrations, RAN is shown with DRM at 0645-0800 as well as 1850-2100 when it`s on RNZI`s own schedule at 1851-1950 daily. Meanwhile, at 0530 July 2, RNZI is on AM audible to all as usual on 11725 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SARAWAK [non]. 15425, July 2 at 1035 no signal from reactivated Radio Free Sarawak, nor hardly anything else on dead band. S. Hasegawa, Japan had reported it back since June 26 at *1030-1200*.
By 1137 there is a very poor signal; by 1147 now it`s faded up with audible talk and dramatic music; 1150 phone ringing and interviewing someone via it, all in presumed Iban. Never caught an ID but 1158 music lasts until 1200 OC for a few seconds and off*.
See DXLD 14-47, for news about its suspension as of November 17, 2014 due to jamming. Site now not yet known, but had been Palauig, Radio Veritas Asia, Philippines, and allegedly also at times Taiwan, or maybe Palau (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 13558 approx., July 2 at 1340, JBA very slow CW sending MTI with long pauses, every 13.75 seconds, i.e. slightly more than 4 times per minute = 55 seconds. Haven`t heard this one in a while, from Stone Mountain GA; LWCA list puts it on 13557.54. No others audible at this time on the 13550-13570 HIFER band (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1779 monitoring: confirmed on webcast of WBCQ 7490, Wednesday July 1 at 2100.
WORLD OF RADIO 1780 monitoring: confirmed first SW airing, Thursday July 2 at 1130 on WRMI 9955; good signal but lite pulse jamming audible underneath, surging during mid-break at 1145; tnx a lot, Arnie! Next:
Thu 2100 on WRMI 7570
Fri 2130 on WRMI 15770
Fri 2130.5 on WRMI 7570
Sat 0630 on Hamburger Lokalradio 7265-CUSB
Sat 1430 on Hamburger Lokalradio 7265-CUSB
Sat 1930v on WA0RCR 1860-AM
Sat 0315v on WA0RCR 1860-AM
Sun 2100 on WRMI 15770
Sun 2300 on WRMI 11580
Mon 0300v on WBCQ 5110v Area 51
Mon 0330 on WRMI 9955
Tue 1100 on WRMI 9955
Wed 0630 on Hamburger Lokalradio 7265-CUSB
Wed 1315 on WRMI 9955
Wed 1430 on Hamburger Lokalradio 7265-CUSB
Wed 2100 on WBCQ 7490v
For all our broadcasts on all media see
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** U S A. 1080, July 2 at 1130 UT, I happen to be tuning across KRLD Dallas when there is a momentary glitch during traffic report, corresponding to the official July sunrise time for pattern change from broad cardioid at night nulling toward Hartford to non-direxional day; no difference in reception here. July SR/SS are 1130/0130 UT; August: 1145/0115 UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** VATICAN. 17590, July 2 at 1212, poor-fair talk in Italian. Must be Vatican Radio, certainly not Rai â yes, scheduled daily 1200-1220, following on Fridays only, English at 1130, both direct from SMG. At 1220, turns over 17590 to the Islamic Republic of Iran for an Indonesian hour; how ecumenical a frequency (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
This report dispatched at 1825 UT July 2
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