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GREAT PAULINO ISLAND – 12 JUN 2015 A 14 JUN 2015 – ZY8 P (New One)

The Big Island of Paulino is one of the Parnaiba Delta's largest. It is inhabited by 27 families who are in the territory for generations, being a traditional community of fishermen and subsistence farmers. The ecosystems of the Great Paulino Island are strongly preserved, and the resident population depends on natural resources for their survival. The Big Island of Paulino is a hard to reach place, where one arrives after two hours by boat starting from Tutóia port. After landing, there is a path to be done on foot or on horseback takes about 40 minutes. Besides dunes, beaches, rivers and streams also has extensive mangrove forests. The mangrove is one of the richest ecosystems and vital for the environmental balance of the coastal zone where marine life feeds and reproduces. Mangroves are considered a species of "sea motherhood". It is in this environment populated by exotic plants and curious animals which shrimp, crabs, shellfish and many species of birds and fish find food in abundance and safe haven to reproduce. Mangroves are also very useful to man.
Valid for the Diploma of IOTA SA 072 and the Diploma of Brazilian Islands, DIB - MA-09.
Operators - Stuckert, PT2GTI ; Daniel, PT7BI and Tino, PT7AA.
The Big Island of Paulino coordinates are: 02º 45 'S and 42 ° 10' W.
QSL Manager - PT2GTI -
QSL direct - Please SASE + 1 IRC or 2 USD.
Bureau QSL - 100%.
Observação: Operação de encontro e informações  na frequência de 14.170 mHz
Matéria enviada por: FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE QUEIROZ -

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