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Glenn Hauser logs May 4-5 , 2015

** ALBANIA [and non]. 9850, May 5 at 0130, R. Tirana opening English with usual low audible heterodyne from presumed China; poor in noise level. A listener in Sharjah at the same time reports interference from something in Hindi, but Noel Green thinx it must have been Tibetan from Qinghai, China, as scheduled. R. Tirana management still hasn`t agreed to shift to 9855, which we could have recommended in the first place for A-15 had we known the ChiCom would mess up 9850. Cooperating with Albania over the Cërrik SW relay is no guarantee against collisions like this (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BRAZIL. 11765v, May 5 at 0612, as I tune by ``misericórdia`` (mercy) is the first and only word I hear from defunct David Miranda or is it an imitator of his silly wailing style? Poor signal from SRDA Curitiba, the only ZY audible on 25m now besides Brasília 11745 & 11780 & 11815 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BRAZIL. 11815 & 11745, May 5 at 0612, cracking spur music from 11780.1v RNA/RNB, both in clear as no RBC to be heard on 11815+. Probably signs off earlier if it`s still active (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST
** CHINA. 18980, May 5 at 1352, CNR1 jammer, very poor with flutter. Chex as the Tue & Fri 13-14 landing of RFA Tibetan via Kuwait.
16100, May 5 at 1354, CNR1 jammer, fair; none in the 17s
15265, May 5 at 1355, CNR1 jammer, fair with Taiwan het, // 16100
15115, May 5 at 1355, CNR1 jammer, good with CCI from victim
13980, May 5 at 1356, CNR1 jammer, fair; none in the 14s
13830, May 5 at 1457, CNR1 jammer, poor
12950, May 5 at 1358, CNR1 jammer, good
** CUBA. 13740, May 4 at 1316, no signal from RHC, but on at next check 1356. 
6060, May 5 at 0132, RHC is back in proper language, Spanish, instead of English when last checked during this hour May 1. But now there`s another problem with 6060: intermittent audio dropouts happening very rapidly more than once per second. Wiggle that patchcord! 
Meanwhile I check the other Spanish frequencies. 5040 is also dropoutty but not as bad as 6060; these are OK: 9535, 9710, 11670, 11760. 11840 modulation is suptorted but not like 6060; 13740 is OK except for some hum and undermodulation; 15230 probably OK but very poor signal level. Recheck at 0139, still IADs on 6060 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 
** EGYPT. 12070+, May 5 at 0135, R. Cairo in Spanish, VG level but suptorted
11935++, May 5 at 0136, R. Cairo in Spanish, VG level and suported just about the same as 12070, which is unusual as 11935 is often OCDA or JBM; progress? Further off-frequency to hi side than 12070 is
9315, May 5 at 0137, R. Cairo presumed Spanish but open carrier or maybe JBM on fair signal
9965+, May 5 at 0137, R. Cairo Arabic, undermodulated and whine.
13850, May 5 at 0610, R. Cairo, good signal with suptorted Arabic instead of OCDA/JBM as normal (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NIGERIA. 7255, May 5 at 0612, good signal in presumed Hausa (or Fulfulde?) from presumed V. of Nigeria. Aoki shows 7255 only in the evenings, while EiBi has Hausa on 7255 only at 0730-0800. HFCC of course has nothing at all from Nigeria. It`s certainly not Minsk in Belarussian, which is on the schedules. I don`t check whether this is off-frequency, but Thorsten Hallmann says it`s Abuja on 7254.9 in English from 1800; while Ivo Ivanov says on 7250.0 it`s Ikorodu in Fulfulde at 2100. WRTH A-15 Update doesn`t cover 7255 at this hour either, but has yet another opinion on 7255 usage (no two sources can possibly agree when it comes to VON): 0730-0800 Aja in Fulfulde, 09-10 Aja in English, 18-20 Iko in English, 20-21 Iko in Fulfulde, 21-22 Iko in Hausa (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA. 1020, May 4 at 1850 UT, KOKP Perry is still off. But found this tweet via their not renamed website,
``Triple Play Sports @TriplePlayRadio 27 April --- 1020AM is out of commission. Sorry for inconvenience. Hope to have it back middle of next week. Until then listen on 105.1, 1580, or online`` So that would be May 6. Still off at 1921 UT May 5. The trio may be /// or split up if there is more than one stupid ballgame at a time (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA. 1120, May 4 at 1852 UT on caradio, Tulsa station with regional Mexican music voice-overs ID with call letters and again 30 minutes later at 1922 UT, so is that the rotation or is it random? They never do legal IDs at hourtop, just ``La Picuda, desde Los Angeles`` which is also the slogan with variations every few minutes thruout the hours. And that was it at 1951, not call letters. 
It was incredibly hard to copy the letters they are saying in Spanglish, but certainly not `KETU` which is the call for this facility at FCC AM Query! Trying to catch an official sign off, 0128 UT May 5, but appears to be already off as I am getting nothing but KMOX and KTXW. 
More tries when back on the next morning: only ``La Picuda`` May 5 at 1351 UT, 1354 UT, 1357 UT, 1401 UT. 1403 UT ``lomejorderadio.com`` promo, sounded like, but no such site. Finally at 1405 UT, accented English, ``KEOR, AM 1120, Catoosa, Oklahoma``. So what`s this ``KETU`` business with the FCC? Which is it, really really? (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST0
** OKLAHOMA. 1210, May 4 at 0555 UT, Guymon with ``Today`s Country, 1210, KGYN`` for northeastern New Mexico, ``from the 90`s till now``. So that is how Today is defined. Still I have no longer heard them utter ``US Country``. 
But Terry Krueger, FL, reported, ``1210 OKLAHOMA KGYN, Guymon. 1035 May 3, 2015. End of weather forecast from TV Meteorologist, male canned, "US Country, KGYN."`` The TV weather no doubt comes from an Amarillo station (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OMAN. 9500, May 5 at 0140, RSO in Arabic talk, music, undermodulated on proper frequency tonight (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PUNTLAND. 13800, May 5 at 1312, continuous Qur`an from presumed Puntland Radio One on very poor signal via the FRG-7, and barely confirmed on the PL-880 with shorter interior wire as C+USB only; still the same past 1400 but hardly audible by 1430. 
Back at 1318 UT I checked 7120 for R. Hargeisa, and detected a JBA carrier; at this hour on 7 MHz, always assumed to be long-path, but what about 13 MHz? Likely too, I think.
The day before, May 4, I was hearing HOA singing at 1307 and 1335, but not at 1347, while Ivo Ivanov, Blgaria called it ``three hours ONLY prayers``, 1300-1600 on 13800 from Garowe, 20 kW. His accompanying audio-videos were at 1320, 1345, 1420, 1445, 1545.
Further May 4 comments from others: Thorsten Hallmann, Germany: ``Apparently still Puntland Radio One at 1730+. Talk and singing women, doesn't sound like prayers. Not very strong but better than earlier in the afternoon.``
S. Hasegawa in Japan: ``Today at 1249 UT fade/in, Koran only till 1548, HOA song and ID in Italian, English and Somali at 1548-1848 s/off on May 4. Poor to Fair Conditions.``
Ivo Ivanov, Blgaria: ``HOA music and ID in English and Somali after 1755 UT``
Dave Valko, PA, HCDX: ``13800, SOMALIA, Puntland Radio One. Found with OC at 1210, then usual IT/EG/Somali ID/contact info routine at 1217:48 and repeated several times until 1224, then M talk in Somali until 1228, and into HoA music. 1242 another ID routine. Another long talk over 1300 ToH, and into Koran from 1307. Really faded badly and nearly gone at 1330. Still barely there at 1420 but then lost completely. Best signal yet today. Peaks here around 1230-1240. A signal popped up several times at 1444 and 1637 (at least), but it could’ve been anything (4 May) 73 Dave Valko, Dunlo, PA, USA, Perseus with 153 foot triangular Delta Loop`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 5110-CUSB, May 5 at 0129, Brother Scare is back on this WBCQ, after missing all last week, when it was not clear whether transmitter outage was the cause or effect. Poor here and // better 7490 WBCQ, which is about one word behind 5110. BS still going on 5110 with fair signal at 0619, presumably until 0700 as originally scheduled Tue-Sat (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1771 monitoring: as I mentioned in previous report, the Area 51 webcast, UT Monday May 4 at 0309 was running silently, and 5109.7-CUSB WBCQ was playing music instead. I normally tune in webcast before 0300 to check on it, but not this time. John Carver in Mid-North Indiana explains further what happened: ``Glenn. Signal was terrible this evening on 5110. WOR started and played for approximately five minutes and then it seemed as if they lost the feed. Dead air for a bit and then music started`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also SOUTH CAROLINA [non]
** U S A. 15770, Monday May 4 at 2115 check, WRMI playing continuous music fill, wide variety, and no announcements at all. Latest schedule grid shows Mon & Tue 21-22 as ``Radio France International`, which might imply a spoken English hour relayed (as WRTH Update assumed) rather than Musique which occupies other fragments of the frequency. So at first I assume this too is RFI Musique, but lack of periodic IDs as such from 2135 past 2153, and playing a familiar WRMI fill piece at 2155, `Ode to Joy` on keyboard, 2156 mentioning Council of Europe, spoken bits in English, French, morphing into rap (shudder) belies it`s RFI at all; 2159 Zanotti WRMI ID and off 2200* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 
** U S A. 12105, May 5 at 0135, WTWW-3 is off; normally on until circa 0200 with alternate SFAW huxterage to still-on 9475 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 1010, May 5 at 0623 UT, two ESPN stations in English, mutually nullable and a few words out of synch, one NW/SE, the other less so --- in all probability my two nearbies, KSIR Brush CO, and KTNZ Amarillo TX as in NRC AM Log (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. Yellowstone Public Radio webcast (HQ: KEMC Billings MT) Monday May 4 at 1711 UT starting `Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival`, and it`s the current episode as heard yesterday Sunday 1500 UT on KUCO OK. No reply to my note to them about re-re-playing old episode from 2012y until last week, but action resulted. 
YPR program supposed to start at hourtop but usually runs 5-6 minutes late on webcast; today 11 minutes late! Normal broadcast to web delay is less than a minute, more like half a minute from most stations. Is KEMC on air really running everything so late? Anyhow, good quality stereo webcast (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** VATICAN. 11730, May 5 at 0146, good signal with S Asian accented YL preaching about God and JC, with gospel music breaks at 0147, 0149, outro as having been provoked by Psalm LXXVI; Vatican Radio ID as English to Asia, 0150 ``News`` (church news, that is). This is a 250 kW 0040-0200 broadcast, 86 degrees from SMG, 20 minutes each of Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, English (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
UNIDENTIFIED [and non]. 13870, May 5 at 0606, open carrier with humbuzz, fair with flutter. Only thing scheduled here in Aoki & EiBi is Sound of Hope, 100 watts from Taiwan, and consequently CNR1 jammer: perhaps both in standby mode at the moment, and substituting for 13850 Cairo which is modulating instead of dead air tonight (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 
This report dispatched at 1939 UT May 5
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