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WWDXC TopNews - BC-DX #1198

BC-DX 1198                                                   27 Feb 2015
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ANGOLA   4949.741  Radio Nacional de Angola in summer season downunder,
not real program content reception on Angola-Thailand path at 2306 UT on
Febr 23.
[Thailand location, selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)

ARGENTINA   15345.090 kHz ... hopping up and down to x.119 kHz, RAE Buenos
Aires in English language. 1845 UT Febr 20.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20)

AUSTRIA/GERMANY   RADIO DARC im 49m Rundfunkband.
Neues Medienangebot des DARC.

6070 kHz Radio DARC on Sun March 22, 1000 UT, ORS Moosbrunn AUT, 100 kW.
Mon March 23, at 1600 UT via Channel292 Rohrbach Waal Germany, 10 kW.
Wie uns OM Rainer Englert, DF2NU, OVV von Muenchen-Sued C18 soeben
mitteilt, wird der DARC e.V. in Kuerze einen eigenen Rundfunksender
bekommen. Heute sind entsprechende Sendevertraege unterzeichnet worden.
Ein Projektteam aus C18 moechte ein ansprechendes woechentliches DX-
Magazin aufsetzen welches von Funkamateuren fuer Funkamateure gemacht ist
und aktuelle Meldungen aus der Szene, Marktberichte, Technik-Tipps, DX-
Meldungen, Interviews und aehnliches beinhalten wird; dazu tolle Musik aus
den 70er und 80er Jahren. Vorbild sollen die legendaeren frueheren Sender
wie Radio Noordzee International, Radio Veronica und Radio Caroline sein.
Die erste Ausstrahlung von Radio DARC ist fuer Sonntag, den 22. Maerz 2015
um 11:00 Uhr MEZ (10 Uhr UT) auf 6070 kHz im 49m Rundfunkband geplant
wobei 100 kW Output zur Verfuegung stehen. Am Montag den 23.03.2015 um
17:00 Uhr MEZ wird die Sendung mit 10kW Ausgangsleistung auf der selben
Frequenz wiederholt.
Die komplett spendenfinanzierte Ausstrahlung erfolgt ueber zwei
Sendepartner, einmal ueber die oesterreichische ORS GmbH & Co KG und
zweitens ueber die Intermedicom GmbH welche einen selbst gebauten 10 kW
Kurzwellensender in der Naehe von Ingolstadt betreibt. Der Inhaber dieses
Unternehmens ist selbst Funkamateur (DB8QC), weitere Infos dazu unter

Moeglich wurde dieses Projekt erst durch einen weitgehenden Rueckzug der
kommerziellen und staatlichen Rundfunkanbieter. Die verwaisten KW-
Frequenzen interessieren nun kaum noch jemanden. Nicht so die
Funkamateure, diese nutzen nun die neuen Moeglichkeiten um nun auch
Rundfunklizenzen zu ergattern.

Wir koennen gespannt sein was sich hier entwickelt, warten wir mal die
ersten Sendungen ab.
(via Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM,  
 A-DX Febr 25)

BELARUS   6080  Radio Belarus BR1 program at 127 degrees azimuth towards
Ukraine, Caucasus and eastern Russia, at 16-21 UT registered from
Kalodzicy site, suffered by heavy BUZZ bassy distortion audio, 5 x peaks
visible on Perseus screen each sideband exact 100 Hertz apart distance.
Noted at remote SDR unit in Victor's place in Piliyandala in Sri Lanka
island. S=9+25dB or -48dBm strength at 2012 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

11730  Belarus Radio from Minsk Kalodzicy, carries once again terrible
audio today. Some scratching spurious signals additionally on both
sidebands on wideband range 11698-11710.4 and 11750-11762 kHz. Fundamental
BR Kalodzicy on 11730 kHz produces a powerful S=9+45dB signal in southern
Germany target.

11730  Belarus Radio - 2nd order spurs too this afternoon. Minsk Kalodzicy
on 11730 kHz produces some more spurious products ON the AIR this
see above, but also an additional 2nd order spurious too on 11675-11684
and 11775-11784 kHz, around 1450 UT on Febr 20.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20)

6155  Radio Belarus, at 2132-2205 UT on Feb 8, instrumental music noted at
tune followed by a man announcer with English ID ("You are listening to
Radio Belarus") followed by several musical selections and a long feature
about real estate and landlords in Belarus.
Into Russian program at 2200 UT. Poor to fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Febr 8-10)

BOTSWANA   Some SPURIOUS spike signals noted (seen and VoA French ! heard)
on very excellent services strength from IBB Botswana, and from similar
area of BBC Ascension Isl at 1850 UT too.
15580 VoA English BOT S=9+40dB and
15730 VoA French service at S=9+40dB, latter accompanied by some spurious
spikes on
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20)

BRAZIL   [UNIDENTIFIED]  15190.077  In background of 15190.0  Radio
Filipinas Tinang-PHL heard another odd-frequency bcast station underneath
Is that the Brazilian station Rádio Inconfidencia ? Belo Horizonte MG,
poor signal S=5-6 in southern Germany at 1835 UT on Febr 20.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20)

CHINA   The engineer at Lhasa Baiding tx site #602 checked the 4920 kHz
unit already at 2020 UT on Febr 20 (usual program start time is later at
2050 UT).
But the other 4820 kHz unit from same location is scheduled on air 20-18
UT in Chinese, S=9+25dB or -48dBm, in broadband range 4812.1 to 4827.9 kHz
at 2025 UT.
Another CNR1 Chinese stn at same time from Geermu-Golmud on 4800 kHz is
not so strong though, only S=9+5dB in range 4790.2 to 4809.8 kHz.
Heard at 2000 UT on Colombo Sri Lanka remote SDR unit at Victor's place in
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20)
7260  CRI Sinhala service from Kashgar-Kashi western China site, scheduled
2330-0027 UT heard locally at Sri Lanka site, S=9+20dB signal strength,
but broadband noted in 7252 to 7268 kHz frequency range. // same time
Kunming 6100 kHz.
Heard on Colombo Sri Lanka remote SDR unit at Victor's place in
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

Checked again this 4990 channel. German Perseus user checked these three
possible radio stn channel past nights. Footprints so far observed, Hunan
CHN is always on even 4990, Suriname on 4989.988, and AIR Itanagar on
4989.996v kHz.
4990  PBS Hunan in Chinese female reader, on 2307 UT Febr 23, S=8 or
-74dBm strength.
5050.0  Voice of Beibu Bay Radio in Vietnamese, pop mx program at 2312 UT
Febr 23, S=9+35dB proper -39dBm signal strength.
[Thailand location, selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)

CHINA/CUBA   5990  PBS Qinghai in Tibetan via XIN Xining site.
I was wondering if any of you could please help me solve a mystery. A few
weeks ago, Ron Howard mentioned hearing Ralph Perry mentioning hearing the
Qinghai People's Broadcasting Station on 5990 kHz around 1300 UT (I
believe). I was able to hear something there as well earlier around 1130
UT but it's never been very strong. I then tried later in the day and have
been hearing a station there daily sign on around 2235 UT with a test tone
to 2240 UT.
This is followed by what sounds like simple instrumental Chinese music to
2250 UT. From 2250 to 2252 UT they play some sort of anthem-like
instrumental song (actually its about 1:30 minutes long). After that there
is an apparent pre-recorded opening announcement followed by many more
pre-recorded announcements to the 2300 UT top of the hour. Unfortunately,
the Radio Marti signal comes on the air around 2350 UT (with an open
carrier). And due to my location, Marti is exceptionally strong and makes
it impossible to ID the station. The only way I can hear the unidentified
station underneath Marti at all is to use LSB. I'm not sure if this is
Qinghai or not. They have the same sign on routine every day from 2235v-
2300 UT. The anthem-like song is very familiar but I just can't recall
where I've heard it. I've also noted it using the U. of Twente web
receiver, but the signal isn't any better than it is here. So, if any of
you can help, I'd be most grateful. Thanks!!
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Febr 26)
Re: 5990 - I read your mail TOO LATE tonight. It's now 2320 UT, Moscow,
Nagoya and Tokyo remote units show-on CRI Russian co-channel 5990 kHz, but
in Greece note a like Tibetan program CNR-PBS program underneath the CRI
failed to compare to
which didn't open on my VLC media player yet so far ...
no connect to China remote QHTB Xining Tibetan at present.
Qing Hai People's Broadcasting Station (QHBS)
Chunese 9780, 6145 kHz, 2200-1600 (not Tue. 0600-0855) UT.
QHEBS Radio 1413 kHz AM, 107.5FM 2255-1600 UT.
QINGHAI Traffic & Music Broadcasting Station:
Chinese 1377 kHz AM, 97.2FM 2255-1500 UT. Tibetan (Amdo dialect) 9850 kHz
(0230-0830) / 5990 kHz 2250-1600 (1300-1400 rel. CNR11) UT.
Summer A-15 schedule from 29 March:
4750 0915 1600 43N XIN 50 270 141 Zho CHN CNR RTC
4750 2200 0200 43N XIN 50 270 141 Zho CHN CNR RTC
5990 0215 0825 43N XIN 50 206 141 Bod CHN CNR RTC
5990 0840 1600 43N XIN 50 206 141 Bod CHN CNR RTC
5990 2255 0200 43N XIN 50 206 141 Bod CHN CNR RTC
6145 0215 0900 43N XIN 50 270 141 Zho CHN CNR RTC
6145 0915 1600 43N XIN 50 270 141 Zho CHN CNR RTC
6145 2200 0200 43N XIN 50 270 141 Zho CHN CNR RTC
9780 0215 0900 43N XIN 50 270 141 Zho CHN CNR RTC
9850 0215 0825 43N XIN 50 206 141 Bod CHN CNR RTC
but no CRI Hohhot Russian sce in 23-24 UT anymore on 5990 kHz co-channel.
5990 0000 0100 10E,11W    HAB 250   0 930 Spa    CUB CRI RTC
5990 0045 0200 41NW       DEL 250 334 706 SinDhi IND AIR AIR
5990 0215 0825 43N        XIN  50 206 141 Bod    CHN CNR RTC
5990 0840 1600 43N        XIN  50 206 141 Bod    CHN CNR RTC
5990 1200 1300 32S,33SW   HUH 100 345 141 Mon    CHN CRI RTC
5990 1300 1400 32N,33N    HUH 100 345 141 Rus    CHN CRI RTC
5990 1400 1500 32S,33SW   HUH 100 345 141 Mon    CHN CRI RTC
5990 1500 1600 32N,33N    HUH 100 345 141 Rus    CHN CRI RTC
5990 2255 0200 43N        XIN  50 206 141 Bod    CHN CNR RTC <<<
5990 2300 2400 8S,10E,11W HAB 250   0 930 Eng    CUB CRI RTC
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 25)
Re: 5990 kHz. Yes, I guess in Asia they would hear CRI in Russian from
Hohhot. Here in North America its CRI in English via Havana Quivican.
Both sign on at 2300 UT, so there is a short window when Qinghai is noted.
5990 // of 9850 kHz is much too weak here to confirm. We can get 5990 kHz
Qinghai in our mornings here too from about 1100 UT but it doesn't seem to
be quite as strong as at 2250 UT.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Febr 26)
Re: 5990 kHz - hello Dave, - Febr 26, 5990 kHz noted here in Stuttgart
southern Germany. Unfortunatelly Victor and Uwe's units in Thailand and
Sri Lanka were not available / accessible for me at the network via
Perseus net this time slot tonight.
Always in this 2200-2256 UTC hour CRI Japanese sce from 500kW Xian site of
5985 kHz were very strong and splatter covered up to 5989.5 kHz broadband
here in Germany.
PBS Qinghai Tibetan TX-on came on air at 22.49:35 UTC on Febr 26th.
Audio was very low from Qinghai in 22.50 to 22.55 UTC on upper flank /
USB mode reception on 5989.5 to 5994.5 kHz frequency range, listen to
recording as attached.
At 22.57 UTC the strong empty carrier of CRI Hohhot came on air - was not
annoying, but covered PBS Qinghai transmission partly.
Started a recording in 22.56 til 00.02 UTC time slot, see attachment - use
earphones please ...
CRI Russian Hohhot started at 23.00:06 UTC with CRI Russian interval
signal, and both CRI Hohhot and CRI Quivican Cuba heard in a Russian /
English audio signal mixture, Quinghai could not heard anymore from
23.00 UT.
sorry, too weak tiny signal of PBS Tibetan service here in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 26/27)

EGYPT   9550/9600  UNID station, playing Egyptian music was heard again on
Febr 21. UNID station, playing Egyptian music on Febr 21 at 1059-1116 UT
on 9550 kHz, long Arabic song.
UNIDentified station, playing Egyptian music was heard again on Febr 25
0858-0901 9550 with 1000 Hz test tone and then
0901-0921 9550 long Arabic folk song,
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21 / 25)
Re 9600 UNID Egyptian station.
That's not the first time heard really music from Egyptian intelligence
service station in past decade ...
Since 2007 year noted bcasts on either 9400, 9450, or 9550 kHz, and 1000
Hertz test tones, followed by often played Egyptian singer Um Kalthoum, or
Egyptian origin music of the 50ties and 60ties. Mostly observed before UT
noon, between 0745 and 0903 UT, or 1025 to 1131 UT.
9905.028  Radio Cairo in Deutsch ?  Eine vollkommen verkratzte audio-
zerstoerte Aussendung aus Cairo, wahrscheinlich in Deutsch?, und im
Hintergrund moeglicherweise Radio Filipinas aus Tinang.
Um 1925 UT am 21. Febr. 2015.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

EGYPT   Not having paid much attn to Radio Cairo lately, I do so now:
9860 UT  Fri Feb 27 at 0201 UT, good signal, undermodulated but sufficient
with ME music as the English sesquihour is underway. Not distorted - that
is, until the YL announcer comes on at 0202 UT; bad studio mike and
ambience are part of the problem. Bits of music; 0203 UT program summary
but hard to follow; 0204 UT over to OM, "Radio Cairo presents this is
Islam", a weekly show. It's slightly more readable but the accent is a
problem. I try to get something out of it but cannot. Now, when are they
going to expound on "this is Coptic"?
Then timesignal ends at 0214:36.5 UT who would want to set his chronometer
at that odd hour? News theme tape wows or snags, as did the one
introducing the Islam show. Now the YL newscaster modulation is too high,
causing some distortion. Their studio equipment must be very old and worn
out; transmitters too. And so it goes.
9905  Feb 27 at 0205 UT, R. Cairo, good signal in Arabic, suppressed and
distorted modulation. 9965 Feb 27 at 0205 UT, R. Cairo, good signal in
other Arabic, this one JBM with whine; no 12s audible now.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Febr 26)

FRANCE  [tentativelly]  15165  Radio Risala International. Starting Friday
Febr 20, 2015, a new radio station will start broadcasting on shortwave,
Risala International.
Risala International will broadcast on Fridays only, from 1830-1900 UT on
15165 kHz in the 19 meter band. [probably via TDF Issoudun bcast site]
For more information, visit
(Ludo Maes-BEL, BRB Broadcast Belgium,
Alokesh Gupta-IND
shortwave.html>  Febr 20)
15165  Radio Risala International program started at exact 18.30:17 UT -
Fridays only -, played HoA Horn of Africa music,
S=9+10dB or -64dBm signal here in southern Germany.
Compared that signal against other TDF Issoudun bcasts at same time in
same meterband, and  - I guess -
heard the same audio characteristics on all that
15165 kHz
15299.874 kHz (seldom odd frequency outlet of TDF Issoudun!) S=9+10dB,
15560 kHz Issoudun DWL Hausa service,
also at 1830-1900 UT on Febr 20 slot.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20)
15165  Risala International via Issoudun per Aoki list. Friday, Febr 20,
first Friday-only broadcast. In Oromo, which was mentioned many times.
Good signal at my location, just east of the centers of the U.S. & North
America, which is common for broadcasts from France or Germany to the
Horn-of-Africa. On at 1830:15 UT with brief H-of-Asinging, then several
IDs. Mostly talkwith occasional H-of-A music.
Xmtr off in mid-song at 1858 UT.
(Wendel Craighead-KS-USA, DXplorer Febr 21)
BRB Broadcast Belgium schedule see
Risala International 1830-1900 15165 -f Amharic/Oromo Africa
Bcast probably in Amharic language, despite the website calls more
Oromo/Sudanese language used widely in eastern Ogaden province in
some findings:
see also Boonaa Mohammed name on:
Google shows "Zenoradio Risala" request
Links and Apps like
> "Risala radio works on Educational, health, cultural, financial and
family programs. This is an online based radio that focus on East
African community."
Private station Radio Risala in Mogadishu Somalia is a separate station
Risala International bcast probably in Amharic language, despite the
website calles more Oromo/Sudanese in eastern Ogaden province in Ethiopia.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20)
Rather good signal here in Finland at 1830 on 15165.
Segalee Radio Risala, so at least partly Oromo language programming.
(Jari Savolainen-FIN, dxld Febr 20)
Re: Risala International, new SW station imminent.
Fairly good signal in NJ-USA as well. Typical ID was like "Sagalee Radio
Risala", which literally means "Risala Radio Voice" ?
(Sakae Obara-NJ-USA, dxld Febr 20)
They are having an Islamic conference of some sort in Minneapolis on Feb
20-21. Main language on the homepage in Roman letters looks Somali, and
Google translate agrees, but fails to translate except for a few words
here and there! Could be the spelling is non-standard? Header also in
another language, Amharic? Their videos of demonstrations in Minnesota are
labeled Oromo. So the homepage text is probably in Oromo, which is why
Google can't translate it, not one of their languages, but related to
Somali. Google translates Risala (or Risalah) from Arabic as "Message".
Site? Nothing at all in B-14 HFCC on 15165, nor in Aoki list.
A station of this name existed log ago, possibly unrelated:
"In 1994, Islamic station Radio Al-Risalah commenced from Moscow, hiring
airtime from Radio Moscow and the Bolshakovo, Kaliningrad station"
That was from a long article:
via RUSdx Aug 31, 2014 also via BC-DX
I posted the above to the dxld yg at 1608 UT Feb 20, plus follow-ups.
Then I monitor it myself:
15165, Feb 20 at *1828:50 carrier on, very poor, still open past 1830 UT
until Horn-of-Africa music starts at 1830:13, later some talk audible, but
far too weak to follow any further; confirmed at least that it has really
started up. Weak signals at poor level are better: 15140 kHz Oman,
15190 kHz Philippines.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Febr 20)

GERMANY/FRANCE   15215  The annual special broadcast of Radio Oeoemrang is
presumably imminent at 1600-1659 UT Sat Feb 21 on 15215 kHz via Nauen (or
Issoudun?). AFAIK there has been no specific confirmation of this year's
broadcast, but since 2009y at least, it has always been on this date at
this time, and 15215 kHz has been the frequency the past few years. If you
don't hear it there, try elsewhere on the 19m band. HFCC has a
registration, probably wooden, for 500 kW 315 degree Arabic at 1630-1700
UT from UAE on 15215 kHz. While it's mostly in Frisian (the point of the
event), there have been brief bits in English, and also in high German.
For a compilation of last year's reports about it see under GERMANY:
Also February issues of previous years.
This also has something to do with an annual event on Amrum island,
involving fire. Search on Amrum for further info, alternate spelling of
the double-umlaut name.
So among many others I am standing by on 15215 kHz from 1559 UT on Feb 21:
with BFO I can detect a very weak carrier on at *1559:20 UT, and a very
big carrier on from *1600:00 but never any modulation! As I leave a
receiver on it for the entire hour until 1700:05* UT.
So, it's a bust! Site Issoudun or Nauen forgot to bring up an audio
source? What will they do now? Feb 21 is the significant celebration date,
so rescheduling it for another date less than 365 away would hardly
Shame. Meanwhile, Roger found this previous item about plans for this
year's broadcast; the instigator looking for more people to help with it:
What he really needed was competent operation thruout the chain,
eliminating some weakest link.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Febr 21)
15215  Annual Amrum special imminent.
Yes, a strong bcast signal from ?MBR Nauen? or ?TDF Issoudun? is underway
at present 1611 UT on 15215 kHz.
BUT heard ONLY A TX CARRIER since 1600 UT in US Massachusetts remote SDR
unit at S=9+20dB or -51dBm signal strength.
I asked MBR Cologne bureau this week by e-mail request, but no reply so
far yet received though.
15215 kHz Radio OeOemrang Amrum isle festivity broadcast
[nil, sic, no QSL this year]
I asked MBR Cologne bureau this week by an e-mail request,
but no reply so far yet received though.
At 17.00:07 UT the PC on the transmission center cut the feed line of the
hot air carrier only.
The whole hour 16-17 UT noted the signal in US NorthEastern like Boston /
New York as S=9+20dB or -51dBm signal strength all adjacent channels were
totally free.
wb df5sx
re15215 ? OeOemrang Amrum Inselfest via Nauen oder Issoudun?, nix audio,
nur carrier.
Um 17.00:07 UT hat der PC automatisch den Stecker gezogen.
Bis zuletzt S=9+20dB or -51dBm Signal im US Nordosten.
Wie beliefert man den Broker dieser Tage,
mit oller DVD Mail Uebersendung,
oder per web online Upload nach Cologne ?
Oder hat die Aufzeichnung vorgelegen,
aber die Uebertragung nach Nauen oder Issoudun hat nicht ge-funzt ?
Die Amrum Community in den USA wird es verschmerzen koennen.
Die brauchen doch keine Kuuuhsels ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX Febr 21)
re Radio Oomrang on 15215 kHz Today Febr 21 ???
Hi Guys: I was looking for Radio Oomrang on 15215 Khz today for their
Annual Broadcast from Germany. Not sure if it was supposed to start at
1600 or 1700 UT.
I had a HUGE CARRIER (30dB over S9) on 15215 kHz from 1619 UTC Tune In
until 1700 UT when it went off abruptly. Absolutely NO AUDIO during this
time??? Was that Carrier supposed to be Radio Oeoemrang ... but had no
audio?  Or ... does anyone know when they are supposed to be on?
Did anyone hear anything out of Radio Oeoemrang?? Hope that Carrier wasn't
them with technical difficulties??!!
(Robert S. Ross-Ont-CAN  VA3SW, DXplorer Febr 21)

GERMANY   7240  Gospel for Asia religious sermon program, from Nauen site,
brokered by MBR Cologne. Relig male voice prayer at 0003 UT on Febr 24,
Athmeeya Radio, powerful S=9+25dB or -49dBm. Aoki Nagoya list from Japan
mentioned 'Bodo' language program on UT Tuesdays.
7240 kHz 2330-0030 UT to ITU zones 41,43,49 NAU 250kW 85degr GFA D MBR
[Thailand location, selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)

GREECE   Log: 6479.32 kHz / UNID / at 22:16 UT on Febr 20 / O=1-3
Vielleicht ein griechischer Pirat ?!
(Harald Denzel-D, A-DX Febr 20)
Ja, er feiert das neue EU Geld fuer Griechenland auf
fundamental              1619.825 kHz,
etwas schwaecher auf hx  3239.650 kHz,
und wieder saustark      6479.300 kHz,
aber nix propagiert auf 12958.600 kHz,
vielleicht aber in Amerika oder Australien ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 26)

GUYANA   3290 -  Voice of Guyana, Spaarendam, on Feb 25 at 0616 UT check,
again no detectable signal from V. of Guyana; do others find it sporadic
or missing again?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Febr 25)
Feb 25, Voice of Guyana, Spaarendam, had definite open carrier on 3289.97
kHz, around 0800 UT; always below threshold level (no audio). So far my
best reception remains to be Feb 5 with 0729 UT BBCWS ID and programming;
sounded like Guyana choral National Anthem followed at 0759 UT with local
ID; into nice selections of Hindi music; followed by eclectic selections
of music (Hindi, C&W, pop [Elvis, etc.]).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Febr 25)

INDIA   4750  At 2348-2353 UT Febr 20 heard a 1000 Hertz test tone, most
probably from AIR Port Blair site. S=7 or -84dBm level. 2354 UT AIR
interval signal by flute and string instrument.
Heard on Colombo Sri Lanka remote SDR unit at Victor's place in
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20 - 21)

INDONESIA   Vo Indonesia Cimanggis auch noch ganz schoen stark auf
9525.892 kHz um 1935 UT S=9+20dB oder -52dBm, ID um 1940 UT. Englisches
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

IRAN   The problems by IRIB Tehran [Kamalabad] intermodulations on 21510
kHz are solved. The transmitter is repaired, no longer spurious emissions
below 21450 kHz. Many thanks to BNetzA Konstanz (FNA Administration
Germany) and IRIB Tehran!
(Wolf Hadel-D  DK2OM, IARU-r1 MS intruder-alert Febr 25)

KOREA D.P.R./PHILIPPINES    9800  VoA Tinang-PHL broadcast in Korean
language at 19-21 UT, suffered tremendously by heavy very fast annoying
DITTER audio pips jamming. Heard at 2000 UT on Colombo Sri Lanka remote
SDR unit at Victor's place in Piliyandala.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

LAOS   6129.982   LNR Lao National Radio from Vientiane bcast site, phone-
in program at 0013 UT on Febr 21, S=8dB or -77dBm signal, and background
lower PBS Xizang Tibetan service on even 6130.0 kHz.
Heard on Colombo Sri Lanka remote SDR unit at Victor's place in
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)
6129.977  Lao National Radio from Vientiane, not far from reception place,
S=9+20dB or -53dBm, male news reader like at 2325 UT on Febr 23.
[Thailand location, selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)

MADAGASCAR   15480  AWR Adventist World Radio via Talata-Volonondry. Full
Data Station QSL Card for an E-mailed report to the USA Office. Card
received in 2 1/2 Months and signed by "ADRIAN PETERSON - N9GWY" who is
the DX Editor. Adrian is also a SW Dxer as well, if memory serves me
Also included in the Package was a Plastic Credit Card sized Station Card
and some Station Literature. Package mailed from their Indianapolis,
Indiana US Office.
(Robert S. Ross-Ont-CAN  VA3SW, DXplorer Febr 19)

MALAYSIA   9835  RTM Sarawak FM Kajang ganz gut heute Abend um 2000 UT am
Febr 21, morgens dort im Sarawak Zielgebiet.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

MOLDOVA  [PRIDNESTROVIA]  QSL Pridnestrovsky Radiotelecentr via
Grigoriopol Maiac. QSLs Radio Payam-e-Doost & Denge Kurdistane.
Two different full-data, including program names, Pridnestrovsky
Radiotelecentr antennas e-cards from Sergey Omelchenko,Technical Director.
Radio Payam-e-Doost 7460 kHz in 16 hours, and Denge Kurdistane 9400 kHz in
under 5 hours.
(Wendel Craighead-KS-USA, DXplorer Febr 26)

MOLDOVA   9400  QSL  Radoyoya Denge Kurdistan, via Pridnestrovsky
Radiotelecentr in Moldova. Full data verification letter featuring
station's antenna farm, illegible signature from Chief of Station.
Received in three days for program details to:
(Robert S Ross-CAN, ODXA / playdx / dswci DXW Febr 18)

MYANMAR   QSL: Myanmar Radio, 5985 kHz, full data QSL card and personal
letter sent by registered mail, 2 IRC, 5 months after f/up. address is:
Myanma Radio & TV
GPO Box 1432
Yangon 11181, Myanmar.
(Gigi Naj-ITA, via Dario Monferini-ITA, Feb 17, playdx yg direct
and via dxld)
MYANMAR   5985.0  Even frequency of Myanmar Radio Yangoon Yegu site heard
in Sri Lanka at 0006 UT Febr 21.
6029.992  MR probably Rakhine program from northern bcast center at Pyin
Oo Lwin TX site, in Burmese language noted at 0008 UT Febr 21, S=9+15dB or
-57dBm, powerful and much stronger than 5985 kHz.
5915.0    MR Naypyidaw capital non-directional sce, noted at 0011 UT on
Febr 21, S=9+5dB or -67dBm strength in Sri Lanka.
6164.994  MR Thazin radio program scheduled here, from northern bcast
center at Pyin Oo Lwin TX site. Modern nice sweet pop music heard at
0016 UT Febr 21, S=9+10dB or -63dBm.
7200.102  MR Burmese female voice program at 0020 UT Febr 21, poor S=5
or -94dBm signal probably from older southern Yangoon Yegu site.
No ±14 kHz spurious heard/visible seen this morning...
Heard on Colombo Sri Lanka remote SDR unit at Victor's place in
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)
MYANMAR   MR radios on air at 2315 UT, except 6030 kHz which comes on air
5915.0  Myanmar Radio Naypyidaw capital non-directional sce, logged at
2315 UT Febr 23, S=9+20dB or -51dBm strength in Thailand SDR post. Violine
music and light SoEaAsian pop singer sound. In background underneath CRI
Kashgar in English language service. Looks like the new s/off time is 1700
UT in afternoon too ...
5985.0  MR Yangoon Yegu, light Burmese pop singer program at 2318 UT on
Febr 23. S=9+15dB -54dBm.
6164.994  Thazin Radio from northern bcast center at Pyin Oo Lwin TX site.
Modern nice sweet pop music heard at 2329 UT Febr 23, S=9+10dB or -63dBm.
Aoki list 'Chin' language of Myanmar/Thai/Laos language family sounding.
Seemingly start morning fade-out now at 2330 UT, Greyline in Myanmar.
Darkline at present in Calcutta - Sri Lanka.
Now at 2330 UT also Myanmar Rakhine Broadcast Station on 6029.992 on air,
also from northern bcast center at Pyin Oo Lwin TX site. Male reader
endless speach. S=9+35dB or -43dBm at 2340 UT, much stronger than Yangoon
5985 kHz or Pyin Oo Lwin 6165 kHz at same time slot. Equal level like
5915 kHz Naypyidaw signal.
7200.092  Distorted audio signal from MR Yangoon Yegu bcast center
at 2352 UT, wide range outlet 7186 to 7214 kHz, hit even VoVietnam
Daclac domestic program on 7210 kHz even frequency.
[Thailand location, selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)

NEW ZEALAND   MW changes in Auckland, New Zealand.
April will open up some DX listening opportunities for us on medium wave.
The Mangere (Auckland) site occupied by transmitters / antennas for the
BBC World Service Auckland (810 kHz) and Radio Apna (990 kHz) has been
sold for commercial development, necessitating their relocation.These
stations will shortly be hosted at Radio New Zealand's Henderson site in
West Auckland, meaning a total of 15 AM stations operating from the
two masts at Henderson.
We can expect shutdowns of all stations at Henderson to complete the
transfer.Addition of new co-hosted stations is a significant technical
project as RNZ's website
advises that *756* AM (Radio NZ National) could have _early morning
outages of 4 hours 50 minutes on 17 nights between Tuesday 7 April and
Friday 1 May.
Other frequencies carried by the Henderson masts are
*531*,*603*,*702*,*882*,*936*,*1080*,*1179*,*1251*,*1332*,*1386, 1476, and
1593* kHz - these frequencies will also go silent during April when work
is done on their shared antenna.
So, how are you going to respond to this unusual listening opportunity?
(Bryan & Sandra Clark-NZL, dxdialog ng Febr 22)

NIGERIA   6089.8  Radio Nigeria, Kaduna, at 1620 UT on Feb 8, Hausa talks,
fair in LSB to avoid QRM. (Bernardini)
Also heard at 2116-2202 UT on Feb 8, studio man announcer interviewing a
man from a remote location over the phone in the Hausa language.
At 2129 UT a music program hosted by a man began featuring several tribal
selections. Anguilla opened its carrier at 2200 UT but audio didn't start
until *2202 UT when it swamped Nigeria. Poor to fair.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer Feb 8)

PHILIPPINES/ARMENIA/MOLDOVA   9400.0 kHz, on Feb 16 at 1355 UT, Denge
Kurdistane always has CCI from FEBC Philippines from Iba site, q.v., until
1400 UT, but now it's even worse as FEBC has varied up to 9400.2 kHz or
so. After clocking the mistimesignal from Bangladesh, q.v., I get back to
9400 kHz before it's too late to hear Denge Kurdistane's mistimesignal,
not watching my watch, but very close to a full minute late at 1401 UT! No
more het, but poor signal as its winter peak of reception is steadily
declining. Still a sesquimonth to go; should revert to 25m for A-15 from
March 29: yes, 11510 kHz is registered in Kurdish via KCH all the way from
03 to 19 UT, 300 kW, 116 degrees as a BRB client.
9400.2 or so, Feb 16 at 1355 UT, FEBC in Chinese making het with presumed
Denge Kurdistane via Pridnestrovye. Usually no het, but I confirm that
FEBC is the one which has strayed upward. D.K. is also weakening with
spring conditions, q.v.
[also heterodyne plus x.400 Hertz from Iba-PHL, wb.]
9400.39 approx., Feb 17 at 1345 UT FEBC Chinese is making het with
presumed Denge Kurdistane, presumed close to 9400.0 kHz, close to G4 on
my keyboard or slightly down toward F#4.
9400, Feb 17 at 1400 UT, Denge Kurdistane in the clear after FEBC
Philippines quits hetting from 9400.39 kHz or so; Kurdish talk as I await
a mistimesignal, which finally comes, but I only detect 3 pips, at
1401:31.5 UT, more than a sesquiminute late.
9400  Feb 26 at 1349 UT, Chinese from FEBC is back on-frequency, making
only a fast SAH with Voice of Kurdistan, instead of a horrible het 300-500
Hz above it for the last week. This may well result from Wolfgang Bueschel
notifying BRB's Ludo Maes, broker of VOK, about the problem suggesting he
lean on FEBC to fix it. But will it stay fixed? It's happened before. An
even better idea: don't even try to share 9400 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Febr 16/17/18/26)
9400  Radyoya Denge Kurdistane, from Grigoriopol Maiac-MDA, in Kurdish,
around 1202 UT on Friday Febr 20 S=9+10dB strength, + HEAVY interference
of FEBC Chinese [or CNR jamming?? on 9400.384 kHz heterodyne whine yammer,
wb.], FEBC Manila Mandarin Chinese also // 9430.004 kHz, but clean audio
signal on latter here in southern Germany.
[later]  FEBC Iba transmitter frequency oddity, Febr 27th.
9400 kHz  Radyoya Denge Kurdistane Grigoriopol Maiac, and FEBC Iba Chinese
service co-channel, now on Febr 27 at 12.10 UTC tolerable minus 22 Hertz
offset in Iba FEBC site Philippines. Listen to the attached recording from
13.10 UTC today Febr 27.
ps. FEBC Bocaue bcast site units are all even xxx.000 kHz frequency ...
FEBC Iba site odd frequency, noted on Febr 25, 26, and 27, 2015.
 9795 0000-0015 49         IBA 100 270 0 146 Kjg PHL FEC
15450 0830-0900 43S,44S    IBA 100 330 0 146 Mvf PHL FEC
 9400 0900-1400 42-44      IBA 100 330 0 146 Mul PHL FEC
 9400.390 kHz on Febr 25.
 9399.982 kHz on Febr 26.
 9399.978 kHz on Febr 27.
 9795 1100-1200 43S,44S,49 IBA 100 270 0 146 Vie PHL FEC
 9794.981 kHz on Febr 26.
 9920 1200-1330 49         IBA 100 270 0 146 Mul PHL FEC
 9919.981 kHz on Febr 26.
 9345 1400-1600 42-44      IBA 100 330 0 146 Cmn PHL FEC
 9795 2300-2400 43S,44S,49 IBA 100 270 0 206 Mul PHL FEC
12070 2300-0100 42-44      IBA 100 330 0 146 Cmn PHL FEC
12069.977 kHz on Febr 25.
measured on remote SDR Perseus units in
Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Moscow, Russia.
Stuttgart, Germany,
Nagoya, Hiroshima, Tokyo Japan.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20/27)

OMAN/CHINA  5970  Terrible WHITE NOISE digital jamming from China mainland
against BBCWS program from Al Seela in Oman noted at 0003 UT Febr 21,
S=8 or -82dBm, jamming broadband at 5966 to 5974 kHz frewu range.
Heard on Colombo Sri Lanka remote SDR unit at Victor's place in
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3385, NBC East New Britain. Back in 2010, I often
listened to the American syndicated show "Beyond Today," which was aired
after 1200 on Sunday. In July, 2013, I emailed UCG about their SW
programs, as I had not heard them for quite a while. Their response was -
"At this time we are not airing Beyond Today on shortwave radio. We
apologize, but the time and resources to make it available in that medium,
versus the responses received, did not make it worthwhile."
Sunday, Feb 22, heard the audio feed from the "Beyond Today" TV show
"Overcoming Alcoholism," already in progress at 1220. Clearly an audio
feed, as heard mention by Steve Myers to "write to the address shown on
the screen." Program ended at 1236 with contact info (1-888-886-8632 and
[later]  Re: "Beyond Today" again via NBC East New Britain.
Sent off a report to "UCG Information "
and asked if they were on any other SW stations. Below is their response.
Guess that NBC realized, after many years without it, that they could
relay the audio feed without any help from "Beyond Today." Ron
"Thank you for your message. We were not even aware of us being on
shortwave radio out of Papua New Guinea. Someone must be doing it on their
own - very interesting. So, to answer your question, no - we are not
syndicated on any other short-wave stations. Sorry! Warm regards,
T.E. - Media and Communications Services"
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 22/24)

ROMANIA   ... and surprisingly heard a very strong signal from RRI Galbeni
Romania overthere in eastern part of Thailand at this hour, like strong as
Nauen 250 kW signal on 7240 kHz too ...

7315  RRI Bucharest via Galbeni site in Spanish language section heard in
SoEaAsian reception post. Seemingly a frequency change down from former
7335 kHz Galbeni at 280degr - backlobe NOT SCREENED? at 100 degrees
Scheduled 0000-0056 UT, and // also heard via 9525 Galbeni, and Tiganesti
on 7325 and 9730 kHz too. Powerful S=9+25dB or -49dBm signal.
[Thailand location, selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)

RUSSIA   7325  QSL GTRK Krasnodar / Radio Adygea via Krasnodar Armavir
Tbilisskaya bcast center, 7325 kHz. Full data verification. Received by
registered mail in five months for program details to:
 by    and
(Llorella, dswci DXW Febr 18)
7325 is the A-14 frequency, usual on 6000 kHz in B-14 winter season,
Mons/Fris 18-19 UT, Suns 19-20 UT, wb.

RUSSIA   Slightly OT, but it is a (TV) Report of the Finnish DXer Mikä
Mäkeläinen, which as is well known is busy at the Finnish TV.
He has visited the "Troll factory" in St. Petersburg (in the suburb Olgino
by the way), where to produce pro-Russian comments on the assembly line
and over the world in social networks and Web sites.
nain_venajan_propagandaa_rustataan_kellon_ympari / 7804386>
On the same subject / buildings:
(and many more)
(Febr 18)

RWANDA   AWR-Kigali QSL. Attached from Adrian Peterson is a file
("Kigali.doc") with details about an AWR QSL being offered for AWR
broadcasts from Kigali from now until the scheduled close down of the
Deutsche Welle Kigali station on March 28, 2015. The QSL will include a
special Kigali QSL stamp while supplies last. Please read the attachment
for details. It should also be available on line at
(Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer Febr 25)
Adventist World Radio Offers Special QSL Stamp for Kigali Broadcasts
At the beginning of this current Transmission Period B-14 October 6, 2014,
Adventist World Radio began a relay service from the Deutsche Welle
shortwave relay station near Kigali in Rwanda Africa.
The AWR relay via DW Kigali is on the air for a total of 2 1/2 transmitter
hours daily in three languages, French, Amharic & Fulfulde. In one
particular time block, two transmitters carry the programming in parallel.
However, Deutsche Welle has subsequently announced that they plan to close
their African relay station at the end of this current Transmission Period
B14 March 28, 2015 and then dismantle the station. The last AWR broadcasts
from DW Kigali will therefor also end at the same time.

For those who would like to receive a QSL card for these now short term
broadcasts, AWR would welcome all reception reports from listeners in any
part of the world. Each reception report will be verified with a QSL card
(not an Email QSL), and the envelope will be affixed with genuine postage
stamps, not postal labels. In addition, while supplies last, a special QSL
stamp showing Kigali will be attached to the QSL card.
It is not necessary to send an off-air recording of your reception. We
just need your honest reception report on paper. Where possible, please
enclose return postage in the form of currency notes in any international
currency, or mint postage stamps. Please note that IRC coupons are too
expensive for you to buy, and they are no longer valid in the United
Also please enclose your address label.
The only address for the special Kigali QSL stamp is the Indianapolis
address at :
Adventist World Radio
Box 29235
Indianapolis, Indiana 46229, USA.
All reception reports, including all that have already been received, will
be QSLed in due course. However, please be patient with us as we already
hold uncounted hundreds of reception reports still pending, and it may
take us many months to process them all.
The current AWR website shows the following scheduling for the daily
Kigali transmissions:
0600-0630 UTC 15700 kHz French
0600-0630     17800 French
              in A-15 12035 and 15640 ISS_F
1700-1730      9490 Amharic
              in A-15 17570 NAU_D
1930-2000     17800 Fulfulde
              in A-15 11790 MEY_AFS
2000-2030     17800 French
              in A-15 9610 NAU_D and 17570 ISS_F

Adventist World Radio - Regular QSL Policy
Adventist World Radio welcomes reception reports from listeners in all
countries. Please note the following items of information:
Each reception report should contain the following items of information
Date, Time, preferably expressed in International Radio Time, equivalent
to UTC, Frequency in kHz. Sufficient program details to verify that you
actually heard the AWR programming. Reports using SINPO Code preferred
Reception reports by postal mail are preferred, though email is also
Where possible, please enclose return postage in the form of currency
notes in any international currency, or mint postage stamps.
Please note that IRC coupons are too expensive for you to buy, and they
are no longer valid in the United States.
Where possible, please enclose your address label.
You will receive a full data QSL card, including location, through the
postal system in response to your reception report.
Several different QSL cards are available.
The envelope will be affixed with regular postage stamps, not a postage
AWR does not send out email QSLs.
It is not necessary for you to send and resend the same reception report.
All reception reports that we receive are verified with a regular full
data QSL card.
It is not necessary to send an off-air recording of your reception.
We just need your honest reception report on paper.
At times, there may be a delay before you receive your AWR QSL card.
This is due to the large inflow of reception reports we receive from
listeners in so many different countries.
The regular postal address for reception reports is:-
Adventist World Radio
Box 29235
Indiana 46229 USA
 3215 0230-0330 53            MDC  50 20  1234567 Mlg MDG AWR
 5975 0400-0430 28SE          ISS 100 95  1234567 Bul F   AWR
 6155 0430-0500 37,38W        MOS 300 220 1234567 Fra AUT AWR
 6155 1430-1530 53            MDC  50 20  1234567 Mlg MDG AWR
 9455 0400-0430 29S,39N,40W   MOS 300 120 1234567 Tur AUT AWR
 9505 0330-0400 40            MOS 300 100 1234567 Fas AUT AWR
 9530 0300-0330 48            NAU 250 140 1234567 Tir D   AWR
 9600 1700-1730 48SW,53NW     MEY 250 19  1234567 Swa AFS AWR
 9600 1730-1800 48SW,53NW     MEY 250 19  1234567 Mas AFS AWR
 9610 1930-2000 37,38W        NAU 100 210 1234567 Shi D   AWR
 9610 2000-2030 37,38W        NAU 100 210 1234567 Fra D   AWR
 9690 0200-0230 40E,41NW      MOS 300 90  1234567 Urd AUT AWR
 9690 0230-0300 40E,41NW      MOS 300 90  1234567 Pan AUT AWR
 9785 0000-0030 49NW          TRM 125 45  1234567 Mya CLN AWR
 9785 0030-0100 49NW          TRM 125 45  1234567 Kxf CLN AWR
 9790 0900-1000 28W           NAU 100 180 1       Ita D   AWR
 9830 1600-1630 28SE          NAU 100 130 1234567 Bul D   AWR
11790 1900-1930 46W           NAU 250 210 1234567 Wol D   AWR
11790 1930-2000 46S           MEY 250 317 1234567 Ful AFS AWR
11790 2030-2100 46SE          ISS 250 165 1234567 Yor F   AWR
11840 1830-1900 48SW,52E,53NW MEY 250 19  1234567 Eng AFS AWR
11840 1900-2000 37,38W        NAU 100 215 1234567 Ara D   AWR
11880 0600-0700 38            MOS 300 175 1234567 Ara AUT AWR
11880 0700-0730 46S           ISS 250 203 1234567 Fra F   AWR
11925 0000-0100 43N,44N       TRM 125 25  1234567 Cmn CLN AWR
11925 0100-0200 43N,44N       TRM 125 25  67      Cmn CLN AWR
11925 0100-0130 43N,44N       TRM 125 25  12345   Nan CLN AWR
11925 0130-0200 43N,44N       TRM 125 25  12345   Yue CLN AWR
11935 1500-1530 29S,39N,40W   MOS 300 120 1234567 Tur AUT AWR
11955 0500-0530 46SE,47W      MOS 300 190 1234567 Hau AUT AWR
11955 1530-1600 41            TRM 125 345 1234567 Hin CLN AWR
11955 1800-1900 38            MOS 300 190 1234567 Ara AUT AWR
11955 1900-1930 46SE,47W      MOS 300 190 1234567 Hau AUT AWR
11955 2000-2030 46            MOS 300 210 1234567 Dyu AUT AWR
11955 2100-2130 46            MOS 300 210 1234567 Eng AUT AWR
11975 1530-1600 41            TRM 125 345 1234567 Mar CLN AWR
11995 1600-1630 41            TRM 125 345 1234567 Eng CLN AWR
12035 0600-0630 46S           ISS 250 194 1234567 Fra F   AWR
15130 1630-1700 48            NAU 250 142 1234567 Tir D   AWR
15140 0800-0830 37,38W        NAU 100 205 1234567 Fra D   AWR
15150 1300-1330 49E           TRM 125 75  234     Khm CLN AWR
15150 1300-1330 49E           TRM 125 75  1567    Khm CLN AWR
15150 1330-1400 49E           TRM 125 75  1       Khm CLN AWR
15150 1630-1700 40            MOS 300 100 1234567 Fas AUT AWR
15155 1730-1800 48            ISS 250 125 1234567 Orm F   AWR
15155 2030-2100 46            MOS 300 210 1234567 Fra AUT AWR
15170 1730-1800 37,38W        NAU 100 210 1234567 Kab D   AWR
15205 1930-2000 46SE,47W      NAU 250 180 1234567 Ibo D   AWR
15220 1930-2000 47,48W,52,53W MOS 300 170 1234567 Fra AUT AWR
15225 0700-0800 37,38W        NAU 100 210 1234567 Ara D   AWR
15225 0800-0830 37,38W        NAU 250 210 1234567 Kab D   AWR
15225 0830-0900 37,38W        NAU 100 205 1234567 Shi D   AWR
15260 1600-1630 40E,41NW      MOS 300 90  1234567 Urd AUT AWR
15265 1500-1530 41N           NAU 250 90  1234567 Pan D   AWR
15265 1530-1600 41N           NAU 250 90  1234567 Hin D   AWR
15290 1530-1600 40E,41NW      MOS 300 90  1234567 Pan AUT AWR
15430 1230-1300 41NE          TRM 125 25  2357    Ben CLN AWR
15430 1230-1300 41NE          TRM 125 25  146     Mni CLN AWR
15440 1400-1430 40E,41NW      MOS 300 90  1234567 Urd AUT AWR
15445 0100-0200 49E           TAI 100 250 7       Vie CHN AWR
15480 1900-2000 38E,39,47N,48 MDC 250 350 1234567 Ara MDG AWR
15500 0300-0330 48            TRM 125 270 1234567 Orm CLN AWR
15500 0330-0400 48            TRM 125 270 1234567 Amh CLN AWR
15525 1500-1530 41N           TRM 125 15  1234567 Nep CLN AWR
15620 1200-1230 41NE          TRM 125 45  1234567 Mnw CLN AWR
15640 0500-0600 38E,39,47N,48 NAU 250 128 1234567 Ara D   AWR
15640 0600-0630 46S           ISS 250 171 1234567 Fra F   AWR
15670 1530-1600 41N           NAU 250 75  56      Bod D   AWR
15670 1530-1600 41N           NAU 250 75  12347   Eng D   AWR
15680 1530-1600 41S           MDC 125 35  1234567 Mal MDG AWR
17570 1630-1700 48            NAU 250 140 1234567 Som D   AWR
17570 1700-1728 48SW,53NW     MDC 250 310 1234567 Swa MDG AWR
17570 1700-1730 48            NAU 250 142 1234567 Amh D   AWR
17570 2000-2030 46E,47W       ISS 250 165 1234567 Fra F   AWR
17605 1430-1500 48            MOS 300 145 1234567 Aar AUT AWR
17650 0000-0030 49E           TRM 125 60  1234567 Tha CLN AWR
17650 0100-0130 43S,44S       TRM 125 45  12345   Nan CLN AWR
17650 0100-0200 43S,44S       TRM 125 45  67      Cmn CLN AWR
17650 0130-0200 43S,44S       TRM 125 45  12345   Yue CLN AWR
17670 1400-1500 43S,49        TRM 125 75  1234567 Vie CLN AWR
17720 1430-1500 49NW          TRM 125 60  1234567 Kxf CLN AWR
17770 1300-1330 49E           TRM 125 75  57      Lao CLN AWR
17770 1300-1330 49E           TRM 125 75  12346   Tts CLN AWR
17810 1300-1330 42,43W        NAU 250 70  23456   Cmn D   AWR
17810 1300-1330 42,43W        NAU 250 70  17      Uig D   AWR
17810 1330-1500 42,43W        NAU 250 70  1234567 Cmn D   AWR
17885 2300-2400 32S,33S,43N,44TRM 125 45  1234567 Cmn CLN AWR
(Dr. Adrian Peterson, AWR)

SINGAPORE   3915  BBCWS English sce from Kranji site, S=9+30dB -41dBm at
2250 UT on Febr 23. But suprisingly heard the same BBWS program on -
probably - spurious 4272 kHz before close-down at 22.59 UT. Couldn't
investigate further, whether signal occurs symmetrically also 357 kHz down
on lower side on 3558 kHz.
[Thailand location, selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   According to a late December blog by Ashley Wickham,
SIBC General Manager:
"we are about to buy new FM transmitters to install early next year (2015)
at Kirakira and Taro Island with others to follow in all provinces. This
is part of the 'Unity FM project' which will shift the delivery platform
from the old shortwave technology we have used for about 50 years to CD
quality FM".
(Feb NZL DX Times magazine direct and via dxld Febr 18)
Goodbye to shortwave 5020, 9545 kHz. (Glenn Hauser-OK-USA)

SOUTH AFRICA   9830.035  Odd frequency of RFI Paris broadcast in French
language via Sentec Meyerton site, regular 19-20 UT daily, noted at S=8-9
level here in Germany around 1954 UT Febr 21.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

SPAIN   Football match Sevilla vv M'Gladbach Germany, and other Spanish
team. RNC Radio Nacional / REE soccer football live transmission since
20 UT Febr 19, noted here in Stuttgart southern Germany
 9620 S=9+30dB
11685 S=9+20dB
11940 S=8, low modulated
12030 S=9+15dB
UEFA Europe League
Sevilla   vv M'Gladbach
Villareal vv Salzburg
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 19)

SPAIN   Radio Exterior de España will move to higher frequencies beginning
this Friday. The current frequency of 11685 kHz will be replaced by
17755 kHz; and 11940 kHz for 17715 kHz, according to an article in today's
La Opinion newspaper from A Coruña, Galicia.
As you recall, Spanish fishermen had asked RTVE for higher frequencies and
more broadcast time so they could hear REE as they trawl the south
Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Since the broadcasts on shortwave were resumed
late last year, the fishermen have complained that reception has been poor
on the lower frequencies and broadcast times are inconvenient.
Nevertheless, the state broadcaster RTVE said for the moment it won't be
possible to extend the hours of broadcasts on the weekends, as it
originally promised, because transmitters at the Noblejas site will have
to be sent to the United States for upgrades.
Radio Exterior de España se puede seguir a través de la radio satelital en
todos los puntos del planeta las 24 horas del día ininterrumpidamente.
Estos son los satélites
Astra 1M:       frecuencia 11.626,5 MHz. Polarización vertical.
Hispasat 1 E:   frecuencia   12.015 MHz. Polarización vertical.
Asiasat 5:      frecuencia    4.000 MHz. Polarización horizontal.
Eutelsat 5 W A: frecuencia    3.727 MHz. Polarización circular.
Galaxy-23:      frecuencia 4.191,35 MHz. Polarización vertical.
(Marty Delfín-ESP, dxld Febr 26)

SWAZILAND   9939.982  Ein recht starkes Signal von TWR Africa Manzini in
der Lingala Sprache. Sermon ueber Israel und Jesaja um 1915 UT am Febr 21,
S=9+25dB oder -49dBm hier in Sueddeutschland.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

SURINAME/CHINA/INDIA   - addendum - Suriname 4989.988 kHz / 4990 kHz.
Re hier eine Hilfe zu exakten Auseinanderhaltung der 3 Stationen auf dem
Kanal 4990 kHz.
4990.000 PBS Hunan CHN
4989.996 AIR Itanagar IND
4989.988 Radio Apintie, Suriname
4990.000  PBS Hunan direkt auf dem Kanal, in Chinesisch, nicht in
Mongolisch, wie einige Listen schreiben. S=9+15dB kleines powerhous' chen
mit -58 dBm in Nagoya und Tokyo Japan aufzunehmen, um 1432 UT Febr 23.
Frequenzanzeige justiert against WWVH Hawaii 5000 kHz,
sowie nahebei JG2XA die Ausbreitungsteststation auf 5006.000 im H3A mode
Hunan bringt um 14.33 UT im Bereich 4987.5 bis 4992.5 exakt ein
Ohnesorg/Tegernsee Theater-Stueck in Chinesisch !!!
ps. jetzt wird auch noch der Dritte im Bunde fuer heute ausgemessen,
in - AIR Itanagar
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)
Heute zu dieser Empfangszeit nur noch eine Station im Kanal, auf
4989.988 kHz Radio Apintie, Suriname gemessen,
gegen exakt RWM Taldom 4996 und WWV 5000 kHz.
Febr 23, um 0130-0300 UT SURINAME 4989.988 Radio Apintie, Paramaribo.
Ich habe mal beim DARC Amberg am Port 8014 gehoert, die beste der
drei Anlagen im Netz fuer TB Empfang, da kommt der Belgier oder die beiden
Perseus bei St.Gallen am Saentis nicht mit.
Sowie zum Vergleich auch in den USA, Florida, Kentucky und Boston gehoert,
Surinam wird aber nach 0200 UT immer staerker.
Graue Zone ist schon weit auf dem Pacific ausserhalb L-A California
- hier in Stuttgart habe ich Surinam noch um 07.08 UT gehoert.
letztes Jahr
4989.988 R Apintie, Paramaribo, Suriname, in Dutch pop mx at 0708 UT.
gehoert, viele indische Hindi- sowie indonesisch-javanesische Musik weil
viele Einwanderer vom Subkontinent und aus Indonesien bedient werden.
Nonstop Musik aus den '80zigern' US amerikanische Rhythm & Blues Balladen
wie Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Prince, und Soft Rock
auch manchmal. Aber auch Herb Alpert und viel internationale pop mx wurde
schon gehoert. Eigentlich eine dauernde Musik Berieselung.
Der Sender treibt sich schon seit Jahren
beim Fussprint 4989.988 bis xxx.990 kHz herum.
Zur Zeit 0200 UT geht 4990 kHz gut S=6-7 -87dBm mit ausgeschalteter AGC
und aufgezogenem Volume-Regler.
Mit AGC on, gehen noch Urumqi S=9 auf 5060, 4980, 4850 kHz,
Jaipur 4910 S=7, WWV Colorado S=7.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 23)
Es waere schoen, wenn mir jemand mit meinem Empfang auf 4990 kHz
weiterhelfen koennte:
Frequenz: 4989.954 kHz
2014 UT nix
2026 UT -117dBm/Hz: Sprachprogramm
2056 UT -117: dto
2132 UT -122: Sprache
2256 UT -112: chinesisch??
2326 UT -114
2356 UT -110
0026 UT 4989.969 kHz -98dBm : AIR!?
0056 UT -97dBm, indische Musik
0156 UT 4898.954 kHz -110dBm, kein Audio
0256 UT -106dBm, Musik erahnbar
0356 UT -102dBm, 0400 Musik Elvis?
0456 UT -106dBm, aehnliche Musik!
0556 UT -112dBm keine Audio mehr
Rauschlevel der Antenne -122dBm bei RBW 15.26 Hz -134dBm/Hz
Angabe der Feldstaerke in dBm/Hz [RBW15.26Hz > 10 * log 15.26
Meine Vermutung fuer die empfangenen Sender auf der Frequenz ca. 4990kHz
2026 bis 0000 UTC 4990.000 PBS Hunan CHN
0026 bis 0100 UTC 4989.996 AIR Itanagar IND
0356 bis 0500 UTC 4989.988 Radio Apintie, Suriname !
(Frank DD4WH, A-DX Febr 21)

TAIWAN/ [USA?]   Probably a test via an US relay station ?

Prueba de frecuencia para Sudamérica entre el 5 de marzo y 7 de marzo de
En busca de alternativas para la transmisión de nuestra programación a
Sudamérica, Radio Taiwán Internacional realizará transmisiones de prueba
de frecuencia hacia esta región, desde el jueves 5 de marzo hasta el
sábado 7 de marzo de 2015, a través de la frecuencia 11920 kHz en el
horario UTC 0200-0300.
Solicitamos la colaboración de nuestros amigos oyentes que se encuentren
en los países de Sudamérica, a que verifiquen dicha señal, y nos envíen
pronto informes de escucha de la nueva frecuencia de prueba a nuestro
 ¡Muchas gracias por su ayuda!
Frequency test for South America between 5 - 7 March, 2015
Looking for alternatives to transmit our programming to South America,
Radio Taiwan International will carry out test transmissions frequency to
the region  from Thursday March 5 until Saturday March 7, 2015 through
11920 kHz frequency in the 0200-0300 UT.
(tip of Horst Mehrlich-HNG, A-DX ng Febr 27)

re 11920. There is still a providently veiled registration of MBR Nauen
for evangelic protestant HCJB organisation via Nauen towards South America
earlier the evening:
11920 kHz 2245-0045 UT, 12,13,14,15,16  NAU  100 240 Xpk  D  MBR X.SAne

TAJIKISTAN   15562  TJK Voice of Tibet from Dushanbe Yangi Yul broadcast
center, usual odd x2.000 frequency signal at 1240 UT on Febr 20. Spoken
Chinese CNR jammer on 15560 kHz, but latter only tiny poor level here in
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20)
4765.054  Tajik R1 from Dushanbe Yangi Yul site, poet reading and string
instrument at daily morning program opening at 2359 UT Febr 20.
S=6 or -85dBm signal strength.
Heard on Colombo Sri Lanka remote SDR unit at Victor's place in
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20)

THAILAND   9390v  Viele Monde nicht gehoert, die Dame von Radio Thailand
spricht aber schoen langsam und sehr deutlich die Nachrichten heute Abend
um 2002 UT, auf 9389.978 kHz. Das Programm ist gut verstaendlich.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

UKRAINE   1278  Petrivka TRAM100 TX unit delivery / erection of TransRadio
/ Telefunken Berlin Germany confirmed. Here is the confirmation of the
installation of the TRAM100 by the Odessa Branch of RRT:
The Excel file download though, however, do not download anymore, URL
broken now, but is found in the cache (point 17).
Dated January 27 right after they started first TX tests (without the
bureaucratic OK there probably could not happen). Otherwise: the UR1
program relay may also have been chosen only for the tests you have to see
which program will be aired at the end there.
- addendum - UR1 program from Petrivka. I see that the frequency has been
allocated following a call to the Ukrainian radio on November 6, 2014:
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 18)

UKRAINE   RRT GenDir - Febr 20.  The Director General of the network
operator RRT has been dismissed by the Council of Ministers and was
replaced. The first priority is to ensure the broadcast of national
Ukraine TV / radio programs in the separatist area regions.

U.K.   3955  Surprisingly heard also a German language program on
shortwave - seldom these days -. On Victor's place in Piliyandala in Sri
Lanka island heard KBS Seoul German via Babcock broker site at Woofferton
S=8-9 strength in 3949.8 to 3960.2 kHz broadband range, listened at
2035-2045 UT on Febr 20.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 20)
U.K.   BBC Updates to Streaming Methods
... britische BBC-Hoerer, die die Programme uebers Webradio hoeren, haben
Probleme mit den neuen Streaming-Formaten:
"BBC updates to streaming methods leaves internet radio listeners in the
 actual UK-streams & alternatives.
(Hubert Kubiak-AUT & Herbert Meixner-AUT  A-DX,
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)
U.K./TWR EUROPE_Austria   Just heard on TWR broadcast on shortwave 6105 &
7400 kHz say they are closing shortwave for good on March 29th.
(gazlinks, British DX Club - BrDXC-UK, Febr 27)
Only TWR Europe English service stopped distribution via shortwave path,
still on air via satellite broadcasts though.
But TWR Europe registered still Belarussian, Hungarian, Polish, Russian
language services in summer season 2015:
 3200 0255-0325 53,57    MAN  50 3     0 101 1234567 NBLENG SWZ TWR Africa
 3200 0400-0500 57       MAN  50 233   0 100 1234567 DEUENG SWZ TWR Africa
 3200 0430-0500 57       MAN  25 233   0 100 17      DEU    SWZ TWR Africa
 3200 1630-1645 53W      MAN  50 3     0 101 13      TSOTSC SWZ TWR Africa
 3240 0255-0340 53       MAN  50 3     0 101 1234567 SHANDC SWZ TWR Africa
 4760 1420-1625 53SW     MAN 100 3     0 101 1234567 ENGSHA SWZ TWR Af NEL
 4775 0342-0357 53SW     MAN  50 3     0 101 1234567 NGL    SWZ TWR Africa
 4775 0400-0800 57       MAN  50 233   0 101 1234567 DEUENG SWZ TWR Africa
 5910 0545-0600 28       MOS 100 30    0 800 23456   POL    AUT TWR Europe
 6120 0501-0800 57       MAN  50 233   0 100 1234567 ENG    SWZ TWR Africa
 6120 1800-1815 48W      DHA 250 225 -15 146 2345    Und    UAE TWR Africa
 6120 1800-1830 48W      DHA 250 225 -15 146 17      Und    UAE TWR Africa
 6120 1815-1845 48W      DHA 250 225 -15 146 23456   Und    UAE TWR Africa
 6130 1820-2035 52       MAN 100 312   0 142 1234567 UmbCJK SWZ Af MNF/Luv
 7215 0830-0900 28       NAU 100 135   0 146 1234567 HUN    D   TWR Europe
 7300 1400-1428 28,29,30 NAU 100 65    0 146 1234567 BELRUS D   TWR Europe
 7300 1700-1730 53W      MAN 100 3     0 101 1234567 Yaw    SWZ TWR Africa
 7315 1418-1453 53W      MAN 100 5     0 142 7       Mak    SWZ TWR Africa
 7320 0700-0715 28       MOS 100 30    0 800 23456   POL    AUT TWR Europe
 9355 1345-1445 44-45    TWR 100 345  30 218 1       Kor    USA TWR Asia
 9355 1345-1415 44-45    TWR 100 345  30 218 7       Kor    USA TWR Asia
 9355 1345-1500 44-45    TWR 100 345  30 218 23456   Kor    USA TWR Asia
 9470 1400-1428 28,29,30 MOS 100 55  -30 218 1234567 BELRUS AUT TWR Europe
 9475 1745-1815 48SW,53N MAN 100 5     0 142 1234567 TurSWA SWZ TWR Africa
 9500 1802-1902 48       MAN 100 13    0 218 1234567 ENGSWA SWZ TWR Jub
 9585 1455-1525 53SE     MAN 100 64    0 101 1234567 MALFRA SWZ TWR Africa
 9900 0030-0130 41       TAC 100 131   0 156 1234567 Mul    UZB TWR India
 9910 1100-1200 42-44    TWR 200 305 -15 218 123456  Cmn    USA TWR Asia
 9910 1115-1200 42-44    TWR 200 305 -15 218 7       Cmn    USA TWR Asia
 9910 1200-1230 42-44    TWR 200 305 -15 218 1234567 Cmn    USA TWR Asia
 9940 1905-2005 47S,52   MAN 100 343 -30 218 1234567 LINFRA SWZ TWR Africa
 9975 1215-1245 44,45    TWR 100 345  30 218 1       Jpn    USA TWR Asia
 9975 1215-1245 42-44    TWR 200 315  30 218 23456   Cmn    USA TWR Asia
 9975 1330-1400 42-44    TWR 200 315  30 218 123456  Cmn    USA TWR Asia
 9975 1345-1400 42-44    TWR 200 315  30 218 7       Cmn    USA TWR Asia
 9975 1400-1430 42-44    TWR 200 315  30 218 23456   Yue    USA TWR Asia
 9975 1400-1430 42-44    TWR 200 315  30 218 17      Cmn    USA TWR Asia
 9975 1430-1445 42-44    TWR 200 315  30 218 1234567 Cmn    USA TWR Asia
11560 1345-1600 41       TWR 250 290 -30 218 1234567 Hin    USA TWR Asia
11560 1600-1630 41       TWR 250 290 -30 218 23456   Hin    USA TWR Asia
11580 1200-1215 43,44    TWR 200 315   0 218 1234567 Cmn    USA TWR Asia
11580 1245-1330 49       TWR 100 285   0 218 123456  Vie    USA TWR Asia
11580 1245-1345 49       TWR 100 285   0 218 7       Vie    USA TWR Asia
11635 1630-1645 48E,48SW DHA 250 215   0 206 1       Som    UAE TWR Africa
11635 1630-1700 48E,48SW DHA 250 215   0 206 234567  Som    UAE TWR Africa
11700 1630-1800 48       MAN 100 13    0 218 1234567 AMHGAZ SWZ Af Kam/Dim
11710 0330-0345 48W      DHA 250 225 -15 146 3       Orm    UAE TWR Africa
11710 0330-0345 48W      DHA 250 225 -15 146 126     Amh    UAE TWR Africa
11710 0330-0345 48W      DHA 250 225 -15 146 45      Sid    UAE TWR Africa
11840 1000-1019 51,55,56,TWR 100 165   0 149 234567  Eng    USA TWR Asia
11965 0930-1000 54       TWR 100 248 -30 218 23456   Mad    USA TWR Asia
11965 1000-1030 54       TWR 100 248 -30 218 123456  Sun    USA TWR Asia
11965 1030-1110 49,50,54 TWR 100 263 -15 218 3456    Eng    USA TWR Asia
11965 1030-1100 49,50,54 TWR 100 263 -15 218 2       Eng    USA TWR Asia
12055 1245-1600 40E,41   ERV 300 100   0 298 1234567 VAR    ARM TWR India
12120 1115-1200 42-44    TWR 200 315   0 218 1234567 Cmn    USA TWR Asia
12120 1500-1515 41       TWR 250 293  15 218 123456  Var    USA TWR Asia
12120 1515-1600 41       TWR 250 293  15 218 23456   Var    USA TWR Asia
12160 1315-1630 41       TAC 100 131  10 156 1234567 Mul    UZB TWR India
15105 1557-1627 53W      MAN 100 13    0 218 23456   Kir    SWZ TWR Africa
15110 1500-1518 41,49,50 TWR 100 285 -30 218 23456   Eng    USA TWR Asia
15110 1500-1516 41,49,50 TWR 100 285 -30 218 7       Eng    USA TWR Asia
15110 1500-1530 41,49,50 TWR 100 285 -30 218 1       Eng    USA TWR Asia
15225 1315-1345 41       TWR 100 290 -30 218 123456  Asm    USA TWR Asia
15235 1000-1015 42-44    TWR 200 305 -15 218 1234567 Cmn    USA TWR Asia
15235 1015-1100 42-44    TWR 200 305 -15 218 234567  Cmn    USA TWR Asia
15240 1230-1300 41       TWR 200 290 -30 218 23456   Trp    USA TWR Asia
15240 1245-1300 41       TWR 100 290 -30 218 1       Trp    USA TWR Asia
15240 1300-1315 41       TWR 100 290 -30 218 1234567 Sat    USA TWR Asia
15360 1400-1415 40SE,41N MAN 100 43   30 218 1234567 URD    SWZ TWR Africa
15390 1200-1230 41,49    TWR 100 293  15 218 23456   Mya    USA TWR Asia
15390 1200-1300 41,49    TWR 100 293  15 218 17      Mya    USA TWR Asia
15390 1300-1330 49       TWR 100 293  15 218 1234567 Ksw    USA TWR Asia
15720 0500-0515 48W      DHA 250 225 -15 146 7       Orm    UAE TWR Africa
17680 1300-1315 48W      DHA 250 230 -30 218 1567    Aar    UAE TWR Africa
(TWR Febr 27)

USA   7490-, on Feb 21 at 0105 UT, WBCQ seems stable slightly on the lo
side now that they are using the ex-9330 kHz transmitter, as 'Allan Weiner
Worldwide' is underway. It's the only frequency this week, nothing heard
on 5110, 9330 or 15420 kHz; yet, Allan claims at 0118 UT that he's on 7490
kHz, and 5110 kHz plus webcast on and studio video via
Also refers us to a countdown clock at the WBCQ website to the scheduled
vote on Net Neutrality, his major topic tonight, in favor of, of course.
Not until 0200 UT do a couple of callers inform him that 5110 kHz is not
really on the air as expected from Monticello. He's still in the land of
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Febr 21)
12105  on Feb 21 at 0116 UT check, WTWW-3 is off, and so is WTWW-2,
nothing on 9930 or 5085 kHz; just WTWW-1 on 9475 kHz with the whites-only,
males-only, dead-only, Scriptures for America.
9475  on Feb 21 at 1504-1507 UT, we are blessed with a few minutes of dead
air before resuming harangues.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Febr 21)
7489.914  Odd frequency WBCQ Monticello, discussion on winter weather and
temperature outlook, very slow spoken talk. S=9+30dB -42dBm signal at
0035 UT on Febr 21.
5109.975  Some brokered program heard like WZGZ WBCQ Monticello at 0030 UT
on Febr 21. S=9 signal in Boston-MA.
From WBCQ website programming
Radio Timtron Worldwide
Program Schedule Sat 5110 kHz 0000-0200 UT
Program Description: One of the most entertaining programs on WBCQ, Radio
Timtron Worldwide combines rock music, comedy, and the occcasional skit
into a show always worth tuning in to.
Program Notes. First broadcast on WBCQ on Saturday, October 23, 1999.
After a long run at 8pm Saturdays, moved back to 7pm in April 2010, and is
simulcast on 7415 and 5110 kHz.
9474.974  WTWW1 phone-in program, two men talk at 0040 UT on Febr 21,
All logged on remote SDR unit in Boston Massachusetts northeastern USA.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21)

VATICAN STATE   IRDR via CVA VAT SMG Santa Maria di Galeria transmitter
Dear Vatican Radio, Frequency Management,
may you can tell me something abouth this new appeared
VR CVA VAT SMG IRDR registration item ?  like
0000-2400 UT to ITU zones 1-85 via SMG 100kW 0=non-directional
928 ITU call #928 HQ_1/1.0 Quadrant Cross Dipole antenna
... we will need to determine what - if anything - these frequencies are
used for. Maybe belongs to a new "radio waves propagation path project" ?
Thanks in beforehand,
ciao 73 wolfy df5sx germany
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 25)
Re: IRDR via CVA VAT SMG Santa Maria di Galeria transmitter site.
Dear ...,
Thank you for the message.
The services you are referring to are part of the implementation of a
project conceived by the HFCC - International Broadcasting Delivery
association, in close co-operation with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
and the Arab States Broadcasting Union, the HFCCs sister co-ordination
The project is named International Radio for Disaster Relief, IRDR; its
purpose is to offer to the world community a global platform, on SW, for a
wireless radio service to audiences in disaster and post-disaster situations
when local and even regional communication and information networks are
destroyed or overloaded and the population affected by the disaster suffers
from an information blackout.
According to ITU-R Resolution 647 (WRC-07):
"The immediate availability of pre-identified and pre-coordinated
frequencies, and/or spectrum-flexible technologies to allow
near-instantaneous decisions to make use of available spectrum, are
important for successful telecommunications in the very early stages of
humanitarian assistance intervention for disaster relief".
This important requirement is met in the IRDR project, since according to
Article 12 of the International Radio Regulations individual frequency
channels for broadcasting are not assigned, but are internationally
co-ordinated in the High Frequency bands allocated to the Broadcasting
For the implementation of IRDR project several frequencies have already been
identified in the current B14 schedule and reserved for emergency broadcasts
on a global basis with the final aim to have them available for 24 hours per
day, throughout the year. These frequency channels are indicated in the
public HFC-ASBU-ABU  global frequency schedule as IRDR and subject to the
usual coordination process that is carried out in the group:
 kHz    UTC
 9430 0500-0900
13620 1700-2400
13620 1200-1400
13620 0200-0300
15650 0000-2400
17500 0000-2400
21840 0000-2400
Please visit the HFCC - International Broadcasting Delivery web page,
for more detailed information on the project.
Best regards.
Vatican Radio
Frequency Management
Direzione Tecnica Gestione Frequenze
(via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 26)

VIETNAM   5925  VoVietnam 2nd domestic program in Vietnamese, from Hanoi
Xuan Mai Tan Tien bcast site at
20 52 41.63 N  105 35 42.79 E
heard at 0000 UT on Febr 21, scheduled 2145-1600 UT. Terrible bad BUZZ
tone audio, S=8 or -79dBm in Sri Lanka.
Fence like 9 x 100 Hertz apart frequency distance spurious spikes each
sideband, visible on Perseus screen program.
Heard on Colombo Sri Lanka remote SDR unit at Victor's place in
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]

VIETNAM   6020.0  Voice of Vietnam's 4th domestic program, non-direction
outlet from Daclac tx site, S=9+25dB or -55dBm signal in eastern Thailand
post. Boring endless female reading at 2321 UT, no music heard at all.
[Thailand location, selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21/24)
6033.400  Odd Frequency, some Himalayan/Myanmar/Laos/Thailand/
SoEaAsian area - music sound hill people singer heard. Could that be
Thimpu Bhutan so early at 2320 UT, in 2300-2400 UT slot, not heard after
0000 UT anymore. Or is this an unknown spurious outlet and needs further
At 2349 UT on Febr 23 some 10 Hertz downwards now on 6033.390 kHz, little
scratchy audio sound, like SoEaAsian jungle or mountain forest tribe
people radio program, S=5 fade-out ...
[Thailand location, selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
[later]   So, the 6033.4 kHz UNIDENTIFIED mysterious spurious signal seems
in the clearing now ...
Most probably two symmetric spurious audio signals some
±13.400 ... x.390 kHz frequency away distance ...
of fundamental Daclac / Dak Lak - Buon Me Thuot' site transmitter
installation in Vietnam.
Observed on both domestic Vietnamese 4th service on
6020 and 1st sce on 7210 kHz program outlets these days.
That seems their very special footprint ...
similar item we published in BC-DX TopNews June 2014 already:
7210.000 Voice of Vietnam 1st domestic px from 'Daclac / Dak Lak - Buon
Me Thuot' site scheduled 2145-1700 UT, at 1100 UT June 8, S=9 or -73dBm
heard on remote SDR unit in southern Brisbane Australia. But also the Dak
Lak station produced two wider spurious signals of 4 kHz wide bandwidth
each, on 7196.305 and 7223.685 kHz.
[some Febr 23 2245 UT / Febr 24 0015 UT morning log of remote eastern
Thailand post at Tha Mai location on Uwe's SDR unit place...]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)
Uwe send me this e-mail now:
Ich habe eine mir unbekannte Station auf 6033 kHz gehoert, nicht
... Ich tippe auf Ober-/Unterwellen von VoV Daclac auf 6020 kHz. Es ist
wie ein Fingerabdruck der installierten Sender in Daclac zu sein, gleiches
Phaenomen auch auf 7210 kHz, siehe Hardcopy. Beide Sender strahlen ein
Signal ±13,5 kHz aus.
(Uwe Volk-THA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24)
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vy73 de Wolfgang DF5SX

WWDXC TopNews - BC-DX #1198
Michael Bethge (WWDXC)

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