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Logs Robert Wilkner February 15 , 2015

February 15, 2015
Welcoming Sheryl Paskiewics to our band of dxers !
800 Bonaire, Transworld Eadio 0258, SP relig mx and ID, in the clear w/ 
strong signal and no QRM. sounded like it did when it used to run 500 kw 
(Feb 5 ) (XM )

2485 Australia, VL8K Katherine NT 1055 fading in with yl chat, weak 
audio to 1105 2 February (Wilkner)

3240 SWAZILAND,TWR Feb 3 0336 listed Ndau with religious talk ( Sheryl 

3289.9 Guyana, Voice of Guyana 0156 Simon and Garfunkel “Sound of 
Silence”, 0203 “Scarborough Fair”, 0208 El Condor Pasa 4 February --- 
0357 rock music, time pips 0400 into BBC news relay 8 February (Wilkner)

3290 Guyana, V of Guyana, 0030, better tonight as there was real audio 
with some talk by M and mx getting through; however, the heavy QRN and 
ute QRM made the signal essentially unintelligible Feb 3; 0250, best 
reception yet for this, M in EG talk and pop mx, but still competing w/ 
lots of QRN (Feb. 5 ) Hope this one lasts for awhile. (XM)

3310 Bolivia, Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba 0109, poor signal but M in talk 
could be detected, unable to say if SP or Quechua, some QRN Feb. 1 (XM)

3320 South Africa, 0255, Radio Sonder Grense, Afrikaans talk, mx, poor 
to fair (Feb 5 ) (XM)

3375.1 Brasil Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira 1049 note om in 
Portuguese and music, fair signal strength 2 February (Wilkner)

3385 PNG, 1118, threshold level, not much else coming in Feb 4 (XM)

3900 Hulun Buir PBS (Hailar) 1436-40* 30 Jan, 1357-1403, 1427-41* 31 
Jan. Thanks to Bruce Churchill's info, found HB PBS (tentative, no ID) 
w/ CH chat, some "traditional" CH songs & what sounds like a radio drama 
w/ abrupt closing mid-word both days..if there were pips @ 1400 on the 
31st, they didn't sneak through the QRhaM. (Dan Sheedy)

3945 R. Vanuatu (p) 1432-1447+ 25 Jan. Thanks to a tip from Ron Howard, 
heard with segued EG pop & no anncts..poor signal @ best & unhrd 
subsequent days (mediocre propagation to So. Cal., apparently, as Ron 
Howard was hearing them on the 26th.)..2 Feb. 1458+ RV heard once again 
with EG pop & abyssal signal. (Dan Sheedy)

3985 CNR2 (Geermu)/Echo of Hope (Hwaseong) 1501 + 2 Feb. CNR2 
(//6065/6155/7335) way under EoH, but both clear w/ NK jammer off..but 
not for long--roaring jammer opened up @ 1503. (Dan Sheedy)

4045u Cuba, Sailing Vessel off Havana 1228 - 1230 requesting weather for 
sailing 11 February (Wilkner)

4055 GUATEMALA R Verdad 8 February 0210 rel talk, fair, Scripture 
references, ment onda corta freq check (( Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

4700 Bolivia, Radio San Miguel, Riberalta 0105, mostly threshold, but 
definitely better than carrier Feb. 1 (XM)

4716.65 Bolivia Radio Yatun Ayllu Yura, Yura 0153 to 0209 musica de 
Bolivia with om dj, fair signal with fades. 8 February (Wilkner)

4717 Bolivia, 0105, threshold to poor, better than 4700 Feb. 1 (XM)

4810 Perú Radio Logos, Chazuta, Tarapoto 1106 - 1111 om in Spanish 
mixing with stringer CODAR this morning 2 February (Wilkner)

4850 Xinjiang PBS (Urumqi) 1430-1500+ 25 Jan. Looking for possible 
activation of AIR-Kohima for eve of President's Day, but not this 
year--XPBS doing fairly well in Kazakh w/ phone calls/chat/music..1 pip 
@ BOH & 2 @ TOH (unless i missed a few). (Dan Sheedy)

4885 BRAZIL R Clube do Para 6 February 6 February 0350 excited PT talk, 
fair but noisy ( Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

4949.7 ANGOLA RN 8 February 0151 faint singing ( Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

4930 VOA (Selebi-Phikwe) 1547 5 Feb. Larry London's music programme 
popping up briefly //15580. (Dan Sheedy)

4955 Perú Radio Cultural Amauta Huanta 1040 om in Quechua to 1045 , good 
signal 2 February (Wilkner)

5580 Bolivia, Radio San José, 0107, threshold but stronger than this 
usually comes in nhere, almost up to poor Feb. 1 (XM)

5952.4 Bolivia,Pio XII, Siglo Veinte 0108, poor with M talk, poor Feb. 1 

5952.4 BOLIVIA R Pio XII 7 February 0110 SP talks, musica folklorica ( 
Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

5970 BRAZIL R Itatiaia 7 February 0115 excited talks, sound efx, time 
check ( Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

5915 ZAMBIA ZNBC Feb 1 0410 tones, listed Bemba talk. Tnx Nikolich via 
WOR ( Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

6050 Salam FM (via RTM-Kajang) 1511-21* 2 Feb. Nice to find S-FM on late 
w/ Qur'an recitations/commentary, S-FM jingles & "Radio Salam FM" IDs, 
religious-sounding pop songs, email addr. for S-FM, chat about Islam in 
Malaysia w/ possible opening in EG as "Voice of Islam". (Dan Sheedy)

6055 R. Rwanda 1502-1600+ 13 Feb. Loud enough to fool me into thinking 
this was Nikkei 1 running late. EG "bubble-gum" pop song into 
Kinyarwanda news, FR ID @ :16 followed by very nice "local" tunes 
(reggae/hip-hop/CAf-Caribbean "soca" style). (Dan Sheedy)

6070 CFRX 0110-0140 31 Jan. At the beach, watching the sunset & 
listening to fair signals from "NewsTalk 10-10"..nice way to close out 
January! (Dan Sheedy)

6105.43 Bolivia, Radio Panamericana, La Paz 1110 to 1115 weak in Spanish 
12 February (Wilkner)

6135 Bolivia, Radio Santa Cruz 0007, M in SP talk, definite anuncios, 
fair Feb. 1 (XM)

6155t. Bolivia,Radio Fides La Paz 0110, M in SP with anuncios, poor to 
almost fair Feb. 1 (XM)

6134.8 BOLIVIA R Santa Cruz 8 February 0200 musica Andina, ID, vocals, 
flutes ( Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

6160. Canada CKZN St. John’s 2328 snow report, "CBC Radio" by om 14 
February (Wilkner)

6185 MEXICO R Educacion 6 February 0427 musica romantica, kids anmts, 
fair-good ( Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

6224L ZLM 1514-22* 3 Feb. Sea weather reports, IDs as "Taupo Maritime 
Radio"..don't hear these guys too often, for some reason, altho VMW 
(Wiluna QLD, OZ) 6230L is a regular visitor. (Dan Sheedy)

7120 R. Hargeysa *1459-1506+ 12 Feb. Thanks to Ron Howard's tip on RH 
reactivation--OC, trumpet/drums "anthem", Somali chat, Qur'an recitation 
& news. (Dan Sheedy)

7200 Myanma Radio 1352-1502* 7 Feb. Back to nominal freq. (ex-7185.77 + 
a few days QRT), w/ BU pop/c&w, W sign of Sudan today @ 1430-1500 
checks. (Dan Sheedy)

7185.77 Myanma Radio [non-log] Unheard @ 1355, 1446 checks on 31 Jan..& 
not on their old freq. of 7200.1, either..(perhaps the xmtr was a bit 
tired since on the 30th MR stayed on until 1600*?) Unheard on 2/3/5 
Feb., as well. (Dan Sheedy)

7230 SOUTH AFRICA Channel Africa 6 February 0407 EG nx abt Southern Afr 
by W, fair to good ( Sheryl Paskiewics-WI))

7234.4 ETHIOPIA Vo Peace & Dem Eritrea, 6 February 0357 Tigrinya annmts, 
xylophone interlude, nx by M, fair ( Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

7325 IRAN VOIRI 6 February 0412 EG cmtry on Putin & Ukraine, NA to 0420 
s/off ( Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

7200 SUDAN Sudan R Feb 1 0350 tlks w/primarily HOA music, non-Koran. ( 
Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

7285 SOUTH AFRICA R Sonder Grense Feb 1 0400 instl mx, AK news abt 
Africa by M, sports scores, classical mx ( Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

7505 TWR-India (Tashkent) 1450-1518+ 10 Feb. Good signal today w/ Hindi 
religious programme, TWR-India p-mail/e-mail/web site/phone/SMS info @ 
:15 TWR IS & starting Punjabi programme. (Dan Sheedy)

8989u Nicaragua "El Pescador Preacher" 2335 preacher “en ele corazon de 
….” ute interference 8 February (Wilkner)

9155 CNR1 1520+ 13 Feb. Jammer //9230/9320 v. SOH. (Dan Sheedy)

9280 SOH/RFA 1457-1501+ 13 Feb. CH/Cantonese chat, orchestral bridge, 
"This is Radio Free Asia" EG & CH IDs, followed by more CH programming. 
(Dan Sheedy)

9390 IBRA Radio (Tashkent) *1500-30* 6 Feb. Opening in (p) Bengali, 
cheerful radio play w/ some Bollywood-style hymns, p-mail addr. for 
listeners' requests/comments w/ "IBRA" tag, closing w/ long 
prayer..followed by R. Farda (Biblis) *1530 in Persian w/ 1+1 pips, IDs 
& (p) news. (Dan Sheedy)

9940 PRIEDNESTROVIE Radio Miraya FM 6 February 0442 EG nx & phone # ( 
Sheryl Paskiewics-WI)

11600 TOM (via Kostinbrod/Sofia) 1450-1505 3 Feb. "Brother" Stair heard 
w/ fair signals & "usual" grim tidings of world-wide unpleasantness (+ a 
request for funds). (Dan Sheedy)

11740 AIR (Panaji) 1519-1531* 28 Jan. Pashto programme with some zippy 
tunes & chat..xmtr running a bit past their usual 1528*, allowing me to 
hear a nice "This is All India Radio" ID @ :30..back to 1528* on 29 
Jan., however. 2 Feb. 1528-32* Once more on late w/ EG news/sports, CCI 
from CNR2 (Lingshi) (Dan Sheedy)

12085 RA (Shepparton) 1453, 1513 3/5 Feb. Big signal w/ "Triple J" 
programming //12065 (CCI BBC Urdu after 1500)/9580. (Dan Sheedy)

15555 Radio Dabanga (SMG) [non-log] 1536-1607 29 Jan. Only the 
tone-jammer (via Sudan?) heard today..RD also missing 1530+ 30 Jan., & 
the tone-jammer was messing with WJHR on 15550 (just for practice?). 
(Dan Sheedy)

15560 Sudan tone jammer (p) 1534, 1555 13 Feb. Still chasing Dabanga 
(now back on 15550) & missing by 10 kHz. (Dan Sheedy)

17630 CRI (Bamako) 1522-38 13 Feb. "Beijing Hour", CRI English section 
promo..weak & fading quickly by 1535..//15700 (Havana, which is loud 
every morning). (Dan Sheedy)
QSL : CANADA CFRX-6070 f/d QSL f/ Steve Canney, CFRB/CFRX QSL manager 
for my 31 Jan. "watching-the-sunset-at-the-beach" report. (Dan Sheedy)

Sheryl Paskiewics, Manitowoc, WI
DX-400 w/Eavesdropper
Dan Sheedy, Moonlight Beach, CA
G5/6m X wire
XM - Cedar Key - Florida
NRD525D - R8A - E5
Robert Wilkner
Pompano Beach, South Florida
746Pro - Drake R8 NRD 525 -
DXSF 1981 - 2015

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