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Glenn Hauser logs December 11-12 , 2014

** ANGUILLA. 6090, Dec 12 at 0629, shux, PMS is back on air after missing only a few days; also on 11775 at 1408 Dec 12 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** AUSTRALIA. 11945, Dec 12 at 0657, R. Australia, poor signal, chat lamenting the passing of the character Steven Colbert (last `Colbert Report` on Comedy Central is Dec 18; in January he becomes David Letterman`s successor on CBS and presumably has to be himself). I guess his show is familiar to Aussies as well (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTEING DIGEST)
** BONAIRE. 24945-USB, approx., Dec 11 at 2049, PJ4DX keeps repeating nothing but his callsign over and over. He can`t be bothered to waste time uttering ``QRZ`` or ``This is``. Finally adds the word ``Bonaire`` in a very brief contact, as some contest must be underway. At least I think PJ4DX was the station calling rather than station called, lacking any explicit info. shows: ``Steve Telenius-Lowe, QSL only via M0URX. QTH: SA-006, island of Bonaire. SEE DETAILS BELOW`` He was formerly in Sabah (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BRAZIL. 11747, Dec 12 at 0656, distorted spur from 11780.1 RNA/RNB is very poor but still audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO [non]. 6010, no sign yet here of XEOI, Radio Mil, which Ron Howard reported reactivated as of December 11 from 0218 past 0504. I don`t check until 0622 UT Dec 12, when there is a very weak signal with a song slightly on the hi side of 6010, which I assume to be usual COLOMBIA, along with similar bad signal on 5910; 0630 announcement on 6010 is unreadable. Nor circa 1350 do I find any signal on 6010, but that may have been too late for DF propagation. IIRC, during its previous spurt of activity, XEOI was on the air only during the local evenings (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MYANMAR. 7200.0, Dec 12 at 1354, very poor signal with music, right on frequency as far as I can tell, tho on Dec 1 at 1420, Wolfgang Büschel had measured Myanmar on 7200.104. Sudan has reactivated 7200 but it supposedly does not start until 1430, and the only other user of this band-edge channel, Iran, is not on until later. This signal serves as BFO for some N American hams, but not enough (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SUDAN [and non]. 15549, Dec 12 at 1539, weak het or tone to jam R. Dabanga, now on air via VATICAN, and thus also jamming WJHR 15550-USB from Florida, tsk2. Sudan government is really pissed at R. Dabanga, which has wider listenership than its own broadcasts. See
** U S A. 13564, Dec 12 at 1520, CW beacon GNK is JBA above the ISM hash on 13560, and as I tune carefully with BFO, another beacon is also audible about 1 kHz lower circa 13563, SZX. As per similar report in DXLD 14-43, GNK is Madison WI, SZK in Macomb IL (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 14902-USB, Fri Dec 12 at 1525, Civil Air Patrol net with lots of check-ins, mostly weak signals but some strong. Current NCS is a YL with strong signal from the Southwest Region, and like a few of the others, each of her transmissions concludes with a beep, which I tend to associate with CB equipment. At first I thought a tactical call was ``Broadway 43``, but then it`s clearer as ``Tri-blade 43`` (as in old-fashioned propellers?). Refers to what`s being communicated on ``the other frequency``.
On this hi frequency it`s apparently a nationwide net, calling up various regions, North Central first. Arranging relays among stations which can`t hear each other. Other calls heard, mostly tentative, and probably stations calling but some may be stations called: CAP 148, another net control; White Peak 974; Georgia CAP 204; Triblade 19 (YL with beeps); Shiprock 8404 with beeps. At 1536 now: Red Fox 17, Red Robin 103, Red Fox 79, etc., etc. All contacts extremely formal, per protocols, some referred to as ``sir`` but I never hear a ``ma`am``. ``Wilco`` still exists (for will comply).
Triblade is also the name of a hand blender made by Kenwood (would that be the same company making radios??). Searching on that along with CAP I keep getting prompted, Did you mean Tribal? So now I`m less certain that was the word I heard. UDXF yg has no hits on Triblade.
Here`s a thread about CAP callsigns, tho it`s five years old:
Red Fox is Illinois, Red Robin is Michigan. Ship Rock, as we already guessed, is New Mexico. Nothing resembling Tri-Blade on it then.
While searching for info, I come across this about the bureaucracy of CAP radio, federal vs state systems:
** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1751 monitoring: pleased to confirm that latest edition appeared at first opportunity on both Global 24 broadcasts via WRMI 9395, Thursday Dec 11 at 2201 and UT Friday Dec 12 at 0030.
Not pleased to confirm that again this week, no attempt was made by WWRB to play WOR at the once-scheduled time of 0430 UT Friday. Dec 12 tune-in webcast at 0424 finds it`s dead air and so is 3185. Finally at 0436 both cut on the new preacher in progress. I`ve kept uploading WOR to the WWRB ftp in case they can use it, but I see no point in doing it further, and lacking any response from Dave about the situation.
Friday 2130 on WRMI 7570 & 15770
Saturday 0300 on Area 51 via WBCQ 5110v-CUSB AND 7490
[make-up for missing UT Sunday 0400; but will it be 1751 or 1750?]
Saturday 0401 on Global 24 via WRMI 9395
[? I was told this time would be added but it hasn`t happened yet]
Saturday 0730 & 1530 on Hamburger Lokalradio 7265-CUSB
Sunday 0200 on WH2XDE-1 Victor NY 1750 kHz
Sunday 0231 on KVOH 9975 [we hope; modulation failed last week]
Sunday 1000 on WRMI 5850 [scheduled but could someone confirm?]
Sunday 2300 on WRMI 11580
Monday 0400v on Area 51 via WBCQ 5110v-CUSB
Monday 2201 on Global 24 via WRMI 9395
Tuesday 1200 on WRMI 9955
Wednesday 0401 on Global 24 via WRMI 9395
Wednesday 0730 & 1530 on Hamburger Lokalradio 7265-CUSB
Wednesday 1415 on WRMI 9955
Wednesday 2200 on WBCQ 7490v
Wednesday 2201 on Global 24 via WRMI 9395
** U S A. 9395, Friday Dec 12 at 0634, no Radio France International relay on Global 24 via WRMI --- it had been quite reliable during this hour at least on weekdays. Instead I noted ``wild jazz``, good signal (better than fair-poor 9955). 0636 segué to ``Good Day, Sunshine``, 0638 outro as Beatles not on jazz show, but `The Rockpile` with Raoul. He goes to a ``2 minute`` break promising more music, but instead, at 0639 European News Network comes on at odd time, the 15-minute news review, starting interview with a Lesbian about Turkey not recognizing the existence of LGBTI people, who thus have no rights and no legal protexion. (Hmmm, ``Lesbian`` being of Greek origin, Turx may not like them for that reason either?) 0653 waltz theme wrapup, 0654 jingle for KBC (a promo?), 0655 `Feature Story News` originating from Washington, seems up to date; recheck 0700, ad for Benito Radio Jet (??) available at Universal Radio, and ad; 0701 back
to `Rockpile`, and Raoul says Beach Boys song to follow, ``Good Vibrations`` is in stereo as if that`s something unusual, not originally issued so? Oh yeah, no stereo on SW, he admits, but soon will have podcasts and streaming in stereo. Time for me to QRT.
What`s the opposite of QRT? My next check of 9395 is at 1514, when classical piano music is playing instead of `Democracy Now`, even tho it`s still a weekday. Also at 1541, the rather overexposed `1812 Overture` fill music, a fate Pyotr Ilyich would not have appreciated (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 12105, Dec 12 at 1518, Xmas music with VG signal, so WTWW-3 is on the air earlier now, and not // other Xmas music on WTWW-2, 9930, as Ted is overloading listeners with this stuff, lacking anything more significant to occupy airtime. But what will happen Dec 26? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. I don`t always publish replies and follow-ups to my logs in subsequent log reports: for that you need to see the `final` editions in DX LISTENING DIGEST. But here are a couple prompted by my remarx about PSRA and PSSA powers concerning KFLP 900 TX: (gh)
Regarding KFLP 900, Pre Sunrise Authority (PSRA) or Post Sunset Authority (PSSA):
It's my understanding that if your night power is MORE then the Post Sunset Authority power, you can use your night power instead. I worked for one station on 1590 and if I wasn't going to sign off at sunset, I could use 27 watts at night. However, my post sunset power was anywhere between 4 and 11 watts. I could've used that 27 watts and been OK.
Most stations I know who have pre sunrise authority have a pretty healthy power. I had 500 watts, and the records were at the station, not in the FCC database, but that 500 W was better then the night power.
I assume if your night power was more then the pre sunrise authority, you could use your night power there instead, just like you did at post sunset (Paul B. Walker, Jr., CA, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
That is generally correct. If a station has a higher night power, they have the option to use it instead; however, there are some special exceptions where a different pattern is also specified for the PSSA or PSRA which is more restrictive than the night pattern. This is to prevent unwanted twilight interference from sunrise or sunset skip (Russ Edmunds, PA, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
This report despatched at 1822 UT December 12
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