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28 MHz SWL Contest 2014

28 MHz SWL Contest 2014

Organized by the SWL section of the VERON

Attention: from now on also the Mexican states count as multipliers !
Purpose of the contest:
A.    To activate the 10 meter amateur band.
B.    SWL's: to log as much as possible DXCC-countries, USA-states, Mexican states and Canadian provinces on the 10 meterband.

1.    Contestperiod: 13 December 2014, 00:00 UTC until 14 December 2014, 24:00 UTC.  This contest period meets the ARRL 10 meter contest.

2.    The contest is open to all SWL worldwide.

3.    Two categories:
        A.  Single operator phone (SSB)
        B.  Single operator CW.

4.    It is allowed to participate in both categories. In that case two separate logs are obligatory.

5.    Of every DXCC-country (except USA, Canada and Mexico), every USA-state, every Mexican state and every Canadian province only three stations count for the points: the first station is valid 5 points, the second 3 points and the third station 1 point. 

6.    The contest log has to consist of the columns:  Date (YYMMDD), UTC (HHMM), Station heardRS(T) by the heard stationreported group (Nr,State or Province),Working station,Points,DXCC (except USA, Mexico and Canada), USA-state, Mexican state or Canadian province.  The stations in the USA and Mexico report the state abbreviation and the Canadian stations the province abbreviation. The other stations report the goup as a 3 or 4 figures group. 
See the log example below.Attention: If the log has been created in the Cabrillo Format, the colums "Points", "DXCC" and "State/Province" may be omitted. A splendid computer program for generating the Cabrillo format is "SWL DQR Log", made by SP7DQR and downloadable from: swl.veron.nl/swlcontest.

7.    Only heard stations working in the ARRL 28MHz Contest are valid for the points and multipliers.

8.    The 5 minutes rule is applicable: the same corresponding station may appear in the log again after at least 5 minutes.

9.    The total score is the result of the calculation: points x (DXCC + states/provinces).

10.    The log has to be sent ultimately on 31 January 2015 to the contest manager: Ruud Ivens, NL290, Hittekamp 29, 3956 RE Leersum, The Netherlands, or by E-mail to NL290(at)veron.nl .

11.    E-mail logs will be accepted in the formats: Plain text, EXCEL, WORD, HTML and Cabrillo.

12.   The overall winner in each category (SSB, CW) will receive the winner's prize and for the first place in each country a certificate will be awarded. 


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