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Glenn Hauser logs November 22-23 , 2014

** BULGARIA [and non]. Further chex of 9465 for the Global 24 test via Spaceline, Kostinbrod, UT Nov 22 only: at 0712, 9465 is a JBA carrier, while sufficient 9395 WRMI has Bob Zanotti interviewing Andy Sennitt about how he became WRTH Editor (no one else applied for the position, AFAHK). That would be on `Switzerland in Sound`, probably recorded a long time ago. 
At 1318 Nov 22, 9465 is inaudible, and 9395 has Keith Perron speaking informally (how else?), during scheduled `Happy Station` during this hour on Saturdays. At 1321 I note there is ute clatter on 9460.
Next check at 1346, 9465 is occupied by FEBC Philippines in Chinese and music: only this half-hour has a conflict, and I assume it`s overridden in Europe at least by G24. FEBC IS plays after 1400 until cut off at 1402.3* --- still no G24 audible, and a semiminute later at *1402.8, WTWW-1 cuts on 9475, blasting away any possibility of 9465 G24 here. 
At 1404, 9395 is poorly audible with classical music; at times seems just barely modulated but with clmx you have a very wide dynamic range for which unfortunately analog SW is not well-suited (but we`ll take it if on a loud and clear signal unlike this!). Now it`s much weaker as usual than 9400 Pridnestrovye to Kurdistan. 1505 check, 9395 is still classical. I suppose it`s `Classics & Beyond` which per schedule is only at 15-16 on Sats, but must have replaced `Old Time Radio - Drama` also during the previous hour.
At 1709, 9395 is very poor, and 9465 is totally inaudible --- but seems to be getting good results in Western Europe (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. CNR1 jamming morning of Nov 22, all with some flutter:
9155, Nov 22 at 1340, CNR1 jammer, good 
9200, Nov 22 at 1340, CNR1 jammer, fair and a few syllables behind 9155 and the others. Aoki shows 9200 is against Sound of Hope itself on a 100-watt Taiwan transmitter, while 9155 & 9230 & 9280 & 9320 are against 100-watt SOH transmitters relaying Radio Free Asia
9230, Nov 22 at 1340, CNR1 jammer, fair synched with 9155, not 9200
9280, Nov 22 at 1343, CNR1 jammer, very good // 9230
9320, Nov 22 at 1344, CNR1 jammer, fair // 9230
13130, Nov 22 at 1350, CNR1 jammer, very good; none in the 12s, 14s
16100, Nov 22 at 1358, CNR1 jammer, fair, no flutter
16920, Nov 22 at 1358, CNR1 jammer, fair; none in the 17s
** GUAM. 9325, Nov 22 at *1345, IS and KTWR ID, into Korean, first noticed when I was on 9320 for CNR1 jammer. Aoki shows TWR Korean, 100 kW, 335 degrees daily from 1345, until 1415 on Saturday, 1430 on Sunday, 1500 on weekdays (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** IRAN. 9585, Nov 22 at 1321, VIRI IS with ACI from 9580 Australia; 1323 NA. It`s the Japanese service at 1320-1420, 500 kW, 60 degrees via Sirjan (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** KOREA NORTH [non]. 5985.0, Sat Nov 22 at 1335, Shiokaze with typical news sounder, talk in Korean, as scheduled Fridays & Saturdays only during this semihour; fair signal with usual het on hi side from Myanmar (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** KOREA SOUTH [and non]. 6135, Nov 22 at 1329, typical noise of Juche jamming from the North, slightly pulsating, mixed with talk which sure sounds like Korean, 1332 song, poor signal, but any at all is notable, under such circumstances, since it must be the new clandestine constructed earlier this year by Jamie Labadia, Voice of Freedom, which Aoki shows with only 10 kW at 10 degrees, from Hwaseong, 37-09 north, 126-59 east, scheduled at 03-05, 08-20 & 21-24 UT; while 250 kW of NK jamming from Kujang operates 0455-2400. Altho Ron Howard sometimes finds the jamming missing.
(Yemen and Madagascar are also on 6135 at this time, but a bit early for them to have a chance via longpath. 6135 is also an alternate frequency for Shiokaze from Japan at 1330-1430, but it`s confirmed still on 5985.) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** KOREA SOUTH. 15575, Nov 22 at 1354, JBA carrier from KBSWR so-called North American service direct --- so Kevin O`Donovan`s listening tips on Saturday are going into a black hole; unfortunately, Global 24 is not relaying it this week on 9395 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NEW ZEALAND. 9700, Nov 22 at 1323, no signal from RNZI unlike 24 hours ago, so not making the same mistake, which would have been very good for us, especially since HFCC shows no one else on 9700 after Japan finishes at 0945 --- RNZI now supposed to be on 5950, but no signal there either. Not back on 6170, the A-14 one. Is it still on the pre-1300 channel, 13840? No carrier but heavy ACI from PMS 13845 WWCR, so would be useless anyway. 
Where is RNZI really now, if anywhere? Note this remark from Calvin Melen on the shortwavesites yg Nov 13 amid lamentations about the destruxion of Wertachtal: 
``If the transmitters are saved from such a fate, quite a few of them, particularly the Telefunken S4005 and S4001 units would be worth quite a bit in the second hand market. A GREAT opportunity here for RNZI for example - I know they are in the market for replacement transmitters. The Thalès 100 kW analogue unit at Rangitangi [sic] is on its last legs, from reports I heard (one from from Adrian Sanesbury [sic] - the RNZI Technical Director)`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** TURKEY. 15350, Nov 22 at 1356, hyper announcements, as if commercials in unknown language, fair signal until cutoff at 1357.6*. Oh, it must have been Turkish from VOT, scheduled here at 0700-1356, 250 kW at 310 degrees USward from Emirler. The final hour or so may propagate with the sun and MUF rising (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. Global 24, 9395 observations: see BULGARIA [and non]
This report dispathed at 1914 UT November 22 

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