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Glenn Hauser logs October 10 , 2014

** CANADA [non]. 6070, Oct 10 at 0117, still no sign of CFRX, just RHC with no QRM; despite an ODXA report Sept 22, now 18 days ago, that it expected to be on antenna by ``next week`` after dummy-load testing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** EGYPT. 12070, Oct 10 at 0109, R. Cairo only fair signal and extremely distorted presumable Spanish, plus humroar
11710, Oct 10 at 0110, mainly het with 11711- Argentina, about equal levels, and bit of modulation unknown from which
9965, Oct 10 at 0110, R. Cairo, good signal, music and OK modulation in Arabic service but as always with whine
9315, Oct 10 at 0111, third R. Cairo Spanish frequency is: absent (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** NORTH AMERICA. 6925-USB, Oct 10 at 0104, pirate with unfamiliar music, poor signal with storm noise from KS/NW OK, no announcement heard until 0119 ID as ``XLR8, Accelerate`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA. 740, Oct 10 at 0143 UT as I am trying to dig out an ID from the off-frequency Mexican, q.v., I can`t help but hear KRMG mention ``Redskins football in Moore, Oklahoma on 102.3 KRMG``. Redskins = Union High School in Tulsa, of all places, whence we have heard no controversy about such an offensive mascot. See:,ok%29/football/home.htm
(Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OMAN. 9500, Oct 10 at 0124, RSO is inaudible, nor on 15355, but JBA algo on 15140. Under propagational circumstances, I will not hazard an assumption if that were really it on 15140, as possibly 9500 was on and not propagating any more (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PANAMA [non]. 9955, UT Fri Oct 10 at 0120, Pedro Sedano is starting his monthly DX report from Spain, leading with, of course, REE`s impending closedown Oct 15, delayed from Oct 1, and ruing it. However, he says on the other hand, la Voz de Rusia returned to SW (``volvió a la onda corta``) Oct 1, and gives their Spanish schedule of firstly at 00-02 on 12060, and secondly at 22-24 on 7240. 
Boy, does he have huevos en la cara!! Must have recorded this at a time, maybe even before Oct 1, without any confirmation that it had really returned, which we all(?) knew immediately that it did not. How will he correct this next time? And if it were on, reverse which transmission would be first and which would be second.
This show is axually `Antena DX`, the only DX program produced in Panamá, which is among several in Spanish to which Pedro contributes. 
José Bueno in Spain posts weekly publicity about this and other DX programs, claiming Antena DX is on WRMI 9955 Wednesdays at 1100 UT = 7 pm! It`s really on the current schedule at that UT time, which is 7 am EDT, but that`s not all; also: Mondays at 1230, UT Fridays at 01 (when I was hearing it); and on 5985, Thursdays at 0430 (or is this one UT Fridays? WRMI sked is confusing). (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PERU. 5980, Oct 10 at 0058, R. Chaski carrier is really JBA, barely enough to detect its cutoff at 0103:05*, which is 30.5 seconds later than 5 nites ago when the time was typoed as 0103:34.5 instead of correct 0102:34.5! That averages 6.1 seconds later, per (Glenn Hauser, OK DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SRI LANKA. 11905, Oct 10 at 0114, SLBC carrier is on; 0114:46 music starts; 0115:19 mistimesignal ends and sign-on, fair with flutter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1742 monitoring: confirmed on WWRB, 3185, UT Friday October 10 after 0330, but off to a very rough start. The preacher is interrupted, hum comes up, WOR 1742 playback blasts on at extreme level and distortion; stops, dead air, 0333 another false start; third try is better after a bit of jumping, settles down and plenty loud but not very distorted level on webcast. With late start, 29-minute show cuts off at 0400 sharp before conclusion as webcast autoswitches to Bible readings, and as soon as I can tune in 3185, it too has switched to Brother Scare for the rest of the night. Next: 
Friday 2130 on WRMI 7570 & 15770 
Saturday 0630 & 1430 on HLR 7265-CUSB
UT Sunday 0131 on KVOH 9975
Sunday 1000 on WRMI 5850 [NEW: see below]
Sunday 2300 on WRMI 11580
UT Monday 0259v on Area 51 via WBCQ 5110v-CUSB; etc.
Checking WRMI extra-frequency schedules, I spot another new time for WOR I had not seen before: Sundays at 1000-1030 UT on 5850. That`s the semi-hour postscript to TruNews carrying various other programs, some of them secular, and at last on the 355 degree beam across eastern North America, altho it`s a bit early in EDT and CDT, not to mention MDT and PDT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 9330-CUSB, Oct 10 at 0046, WBCQ is on again, TimTron discussing with someone else, not Allan Weiner, business development in his hometown of Skowhegan [in central Maine, a long commute to Monticello, but half as far as Kennebunk in the SW corner]. 0057 mentions Ramsey`s Roadhouse every evening at 7-7:30 on 7490 [but online schedule shows only Mondays at 2300-2330 UT, and website link goes to restaurants/inns in Texas --- is that the same thing??]. 
But what show is this, still not on the schedule? TimTron implies it`s been `Allan Weiner Worldwide` with himself insitting. 0100 canned sign-off with by AW with classical music, to 0101.1* on 9330. Meanwhile, I have found the same show is on weaker 7490, but running about 25 seconds later until after same generic sign-off, that goes off too at 0101.5*. However, a bit of other music plays on 9330 before cutoff; and a bit of other talk plays on 7490 before it cuts off (5110 checked earlier was not on at all.) AWWW is now on the Thursday sked but one hour earlier at 23-24 UT = 7-8 pm ET. This certainly is not the scheduled 8-9 pm Thursday = 00-01 UT Friday show ``World Jewish News with Rabbi Yaakov Spivak`` on 7490. Another new(?) time for `AWWW` is Tuesdays at 21-22 UT = 5-6 pm ET on 7490 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 900, Oct 10 at 0138 UT, I`m hearing country music in English looping NNE/SSW, which is Wichita`s direxion. Can it be KSGL, which I have still not been getting more than a trace of in the daytime? Yes, 0140 UT ID sounds like ``Classic Country 90, KSGL``. I thought they were NOStalgia + religious. To be really sure, at 0153 UT, promo for a show Sundays at 10 [am or pm?] definitely on ``KSGL`` and 0157 UT ``Proud to be an American`` song as the Spanish QRM is growing. Program sked
for weekdays after 8 pm is merely `Music You Remember`.
KSGL is 250 watts day, 28 watts nite, with same direxional pattern of east-west, which is no good for Enid, so I`m lucky to get them at all. October nites are officially 0000-1230 UT (November: 2315-1315 UT) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A [and non]. 1140, Oct 10 at 0135 UT, KRMP OKC is not to be heard, not cheating tonight, and XEMR Monterrey is unusually weak, allowing me instead to copy ``Newsradio 11-40, WRVA``. 50 kW from Richmond VA is seldom heard here with its day & nite figure-8 pattern of NW/SE, far from ideal for here altho not in deepest null.
Southerly conditions are subnormal, with XEMR weakened, altho fading up some at 0156 UT about salvación, but still nullable. I compare to other Regiomontana bigsigs: XEG 1050 is OK but not as strong as usual; and XET 990 is way under CBW Winnipeg, far too unusual but very welcome: CBW is ND, while XET is supposed to be direxional south at nite. 
Just before 0200 UT I`m on 1140 again to hear another ID from WRVA, and after 0200 Fox News sounder, which is their net per NRC AM Log (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
UNIDENTIFIED. 610, in previous report I referred to KCSP as in Omaha; make that Kansas City, while Omaha is KXSP on 590. Such confusion was less likely when they were WDAF and WOW (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
UNIDENTIFIED. 740-, Oct 10 at 0143 UT, again the rumbling het from off-frequency Mexican, with KRMG Tulsa nulled as precisely as possible, I hear Spanish mentioning a .mx website, but nothing more as KRMG fades up and XE fades down. At 0153 UT, I am hearing English instead with KRMG nulled, probably remnant of KTRH Houston. Will keep trying to get an XEQN Torreón ID as probably the source (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
This report dispatched at 0509 UT October 10

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