quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2014

PJ5/OL8R PJ5/OK6DJ PJ5/OK1FCJ PJ5/OK1FPS Sint Eustatius Island

OK6DJ, OK1FCJ, OK1FPS will be active from Sint Eustatius Island 21 September- 3 October 2014 as PJ5/OK6DJ, PJ5/OK1FCJ, PJ5/OK1FPS, PJ5/OL8R.
They will be active on HF Bands.
QSL via OK6DJ.
Message from DX Pedition members:
Due to unexpected development of EBOLA disease in west Africa neighbor countries we have decided to postpone 5V7 activity to 2015. This year in same period we will activate PJ5
PJ5/OL8R QRV Antenna up

Link to the article: http://dxing.at-communication.com/en/PJ5-OL8R_PJ5-OK6DJ_PJ5-OK1FCJ_PJ5-OK1FPS_Sint-Eustatius
New article is avaliable at http://dxing.at-communication.com/en

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