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I.C.P.O. Bulletin (19-26 September 2014)

I.C.P.O. Bulletin (19-26 September 2014)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)

19/09/2014:  Zorro, JH1AJT, is currently active from Eritrea until 22
September 2014 as E30FB. He will be active on HF bands. He is using a
Kenwood TS-590 transceiver with ACOM 1010 amplifier. QSL via home call.

19/09/2014:  Look for Dieter PA/DK1AW, Juergen PA/DL2AMT, Lutz PA/DL3ARK,
Peter PA/DL4AMK and Mario PA/DL5ASE to be active from Texel Island (EU-038,
WLOTA 0043) on 19-26th September, 2014. They will operate SSB, CW, RTTY and
BPSK on 160-10 metres. QSL via home calls, direct or Bureau. [425 DX News]

19/09/2014:  Eddie, ES2TT, will be active from 19th of September till 22nd
of September 2014 and participate in the festival Zjazd Kasztelanski and
work from several castles in SP8-area: on 19th of September from Berzniki
[Sejny] (WCA SP-00872, ZWP OSE01); Beilsk Podlaski (WCA SP-00859, ZWP
OBL01); Lukow (WCA SP-00726, ZWP LLW02; and Zabikow [Radzyn Podlaski] (WCA
SP-01323, ZWP LRP02). On 20th of September from castles in SP8-area as
SP/ES2TT and other SP-operators. On 21st of September from castles in SP4
and SP8 areas. He plans to work as SP/ES2TT on all bands. QSL via ES2TT,
Bureau or diect. [RN1CW]

19/09/2014:  It is time for our 19 September 2014 NAQCC Florida Chapter
Event. This month's almost secret location is at Reed Canal Park in South
Daytona, Florida. We should be up and running by 9:00 EDT (1300 UTC), and
will be operating until around 12:00 pm local time. At this time we know of
at least one station that will be on the air - Art WB4MNK #5274. Steve
WB4OMM #5913 will be on the air at the same time...but from Jacksonville
Beach, Florida some 90 miles North (he is at a conference with his XYL).
Operating frequencies will be posted on QRP Spots and NAQCC Spotter when we
commence...20M (14060), 30M (10110), and 40M (7040) at least! QSL via home
calls, Bureau or direct. [N8XMS]

19/09/2014:  A YL-expedition to Los Roques (SA-035, DIV-037) and lighthouse
(DFV-021, ARLHS VEN-006, WLOTA 2910) are currently active until 21st
September, 2014. Ops include Carolina YV4AW, Maika YV5ALO, Geraldine YY2GAL,
Laura YY5OLA, Maria YY5MCO and Yumayra YY5YVR. QRV 80-10m, CW, SSB, Digi.
QSL via YV5AJ direct or Bureau. ClubLog OQRS will also be available for
QSLing (www.clublog.org/charts/?c=YW5RYL). [DX-World]

20/09/2014:  Operators EA8CYE, Jose EA8CZT, Alberto EA8JT and Juan EA8VJ
plan to be active as EA8URT from Roques de Fasnia [Tenerife] (AF-004, DIE
S-061) from 20-22 September. The island belongs to the group of islands of
Tenerife, the name is Roque de Fasnia and is located south of the island of
Tenerife. QSL via Bureau or direct with enough contribution for return.

20/09/2014:  Take, JI3DST and Take, JS6RRR will be active as homecall/5 from
Shodo Island ["Island of Small Beans"] (AS-200, Grid Loc. PM74), Kagawa
prefecture, Shozu district, Japan, from 20-22 September 2014. QRV on 40-6
metre CW, SSB, RTTY and FM (JI3DST/5 SSB, CW) (JS6RRR/5 RTTY, FM). In case
of heavy rain or other condition, the operation condition may vary. QSL via
home calls, Bureau or direct. Website: blog.goo.ne.jp/ji3dst [rsgbiota.org]

20/09/2014:  Isao, JH1ROJ, will be active as PZ5AA from Suriname on 20-25th
September 2014. He will operate on all bands and modes from PZ5RA's rental
shack in Paramaribo (QRA GJ25KU). QSL via JA1HGY, direct or Bureau (OQRS for
direct and bureau cards on Club Log) and LoTW. [425 DX News]

21/09/2014:  Walter, HB9ZS/p, plans to activate Schloss Habsburg (DCS
AG-022) on 21st September from 07:00 to 09:00 UTC. Plans are to be QRV on
7.120 - 7.130 MHz, then QSY to 20 metres, using IC7000 and Vertical Ant. QSL
via home call, Bureau or direct. [HB9TZA/I2JJR]

21/09/2014:  David OK6DJ, Pavel OK1FPS) and Petr OK1FCJ/OL8R will be active
from the island of Sint Eustatius (NA-145, WLOTA 1851, WWFF PAFF-025)
between 21st September and 3rd October 2014 as PJ5/OK6DJ, PJ5/OK1FPS,
PJ5/OK1FCJ, and PJ5/OL8R. They plan to be QRV with up to three stations on
160-10 metre SSB, CW and digital modes, including an entry in the CQ WW DX
RTTY Contest. QSL via OK6DJ (OQRS on ClubLog), LoTW and eQSL. Note: this
expedition is a change of plans due to the unexpected development of the
EBOLA disease in West Africa. The team originally intended to be active from
Togo, a neighbouring country in that region. 5V7 activity will now take
place in 2015. They have a website at: www.cdxp.cz/ [DX-World]

21/09/2014:  Ed, WA1ZAM, will once again be active as PJ7PL from the Royal
Palm Beach Resort, in Cole Bay, island of Sint Maarten (NA-105, WLOTA 0711),
between 21 September and 15 October 2014, including a Single-Op/Low-Power
entry in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (27-28 September). QRV holiday style on
the HF bands using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL PJ7PL via WA1ZAM, direct only (see
QRZ.com). [NG3K]

21/09/2014:  Operators Lionel F5HNQ, Pascal F8CGL, Jean Michel F4EWP, Didier
F1PPH, Christine F4GDI and Nelly F4HHR will be active as TM32O from L'ile
d'Oleron [Oleron Island] (EU-032, DIFM AT-025, WLOTA 1369) between 21-26
September 2014. QRV on the HF/VHF bands using SSB and Digital modes with
Yaesu FT-950 /100W and R6000 for 20-10m and dipoles for 80 and 40 meters.
QSL via F6KFI, Bureau preferred. Website: tm32oleron.blogspot.com/

22/09/2014:  Sei, JA7LU and Hiro, JA2VWG will be active from Dili,
Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (OC-148, WLOTA 0019, Grid Loc. PI21) as
4W6LU and 4W6DD, respectively, between 22-29 September 2014. Plans are to be
QRV on 40-6 metre SSB and RTTY. QSL via their home calls, direct or Bureau.

22/09/2014:  Laci, HA0HW, tells I.C.P.O. that "Ede, HA5BWW and his friends
Pista, HA5AUC and Karl, HA7PC operating once again as 9A/own calls from Rab
Island Croatia (EU-136, IOCA CI-096, MIA MC-330, WLOTA 2198) on 22-29
September. They will be operating on CW mostly (99%), but some SSB activity
expected as well (1 % hi). Their rig are 2 x IC-756PRO transceivers and
R7000, W80-10, and Windom by HA5BT antennas. QSL via HA Bureau or direct."

22/09/2014:  Bob, G4DBW (GQRP Club #11419), will once again be active as
ZD8RH from Georgetown, Ascension Island (AF-003, WLOTA 1491), from 22-30
September 2014. QRV on the HF bands, mainly CW. Bob will focus on a
Single-Op/Single-Band 21 or 28 MHz entry in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (27-28
September) from CQ zone 36. QSL direct to G4DBW (RW Hammond, 51 Poplar
Drive, Greenhill, Herne Bay CT6 7PY, England). [NG3K]

24/09/2014:  Joel, F3CJ, is planning a Mountain Manaslu trek in Nepal
between 24th September and 5th November 2014. He will operate from the
following areas: 24th September - 6th October from Kathmandu; 7-23 October
from Ascension Manaslu (8164 metres a.s.l.); 24th October - 4th November
from Kathmandu. His callsign is pending, and he has requested 9N7CJ. QSL via
F3CJ. For more details and updates, visit his blog at:
f3cjnepal.wordpress.com/ [OPDX Bulletin]

24/09/2014:  Look for Arnaldo LU3AAL/T, Enrique LU8EFF/T and Horacio LU5BE/T
to be QRV from Purmamarca, in the seldom active Jujuy Province of Argentina
on 24-30th September 2014. They will operate SSB, CW, PSK31 and SSTV on
80-10 metres, possibly with two stations. QSLs direct to LU8EFF. [425 DX

24/09/2014:  Al, W6HGF, plans to be active as P40HF (requested callsign) or
P4/W6HGF from the island of Aruba (SA-036, WLOTA 0033) between 24th
September and 1st October, 2014. QRV on the HF bands, SSB and CW. QSL via
W6HGF, ClubLog OQRS preferred. [NG3K]

25/09/2014:  Dindo, DV1UD, will be QRV as DX8DX from Pangutaran Island (IOTA
OC-188 - Pangutaran Group) and Tongkil Island (IOTA OC-119 - Jolo Group).
His QSL manager M0OXO says "details are not exact at this stage but it is
believed these activations will be around Thursday 25th and Friday 26th
September, 2014". Website: www.m0oxo.com/dx8dx.html [DX-World]

25/09/2014:  Kazu, M0CFW, plans to be active once again as MJ5Z during the
CQWW DX RTTY Contest (27-28 September) from the isle of Jersey (EU-013,
WLOTA 0818) as a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry. Before and after the
contest, Kazu will be active on the HF bands as MJ0CFW. QSL both calls via
LoTW. QSLs also OK via M0CFW, direct only (QRZ.com). [NG3K]

25/09/2014:  Gab, HA3JB, will be on another International Police Association
and IOTA expedition to Indonesia between 25th September and 7th October
2014. Using the callsign YB9/HA3JB, he plans to activate Lombok Island
(OC-150, WLOTA 2637) and Bali Island (OC-022, WLOTA 2589). Activity will be
on the HF bands using CW, RTTY and SSB, including an entry in the CQWW RTTY
Contest (27-28 September). QSL via HA3JB (see details on QRZ.com -- OQRS
available via PayPal [see Web page]). Logs will be uploaded to ClubLog. QSL
cards will be valid for all IPA Award, including the HA-IPARC Award. Further
information and updates at: www.ha3jb.com/yb9-ha3jb.html [HA3JB]

26/09/2014:  North Of Peninsular Malaysia ARA BOYS Contest n' DX'er members
Ahmad 9M2AGC, Zaki 9M2ZAK, Rizal 9M2RDX, Han 9W2SBD, Mohamad 9W2SBL, Hafizi
9W2TZW, Noh 9W2MNW, Syed 9M8SYA, Oja 9M2OUT and Hary 9M2GET will be active
as 9M2SM from Pulau Perhentian Besar (AS-073, WLOTA 2848) from 26 to 28th
September, 2014. QRV on all bands, CW and SSB, including an entry in the
CQWW DX SSB Contest (27-28 September). QSL direct to 9M2GET (QRZ.com). No
LotW, No eQSL, No Bureau. [rsgbiota.org]

26/09/2014:  Pekka, OH2YY, reports "will be returning to Bhutan late
September this year. I have applied for the same call, A52YY, that I used
last year. I will arrive in Paro late afternoon on Sept. 26th and will
depart in the morning of Oct. 2nd. I will be staying close to city of Paro.
This time I have nothing else to do and I can focus 100% on operating
amateur radio! The QTH will be up on a hill facing to north giving a good
take off to North America, most of South America, northern Asia, Middle-East
and whole Europe should be good. I will have a K3 + KPA500, a 2-el
tribander, 7m telescope mast and dipoles for 24, 18 and 7 MHz and two 10-12m
fiberglass poles. I will have every day 28, 21 and 14 MHz available and at
least one (hopefully two) of the dipoles. I will be operating SSB. I try to
start already on Sept. 26th with one of the dipoles. From 27th onwards I
will have the yagi up. On Oct. 2nd I will have an early morning flight and
need to go QRT sometime during the night. QSL checking will be here and in
LoTW. QSL cards dirctly to my home address or via SRAL QSL bureau." [NG3K]

26/09/2014:  Stephane, VE2SG, along with 5-6 members of the Contest Group du
Quebec will be active as VE2CSI from 26-28th September from Sept-Iles,
Quebec (CQ zone 2). Their focus will be on the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (27-28
September) as a M/? entry. QSL via LoTW and M0URX (OQRS). [NG3K]


27/09/2014:  Unio de Radioaficionats Andorrans, C37NL, will be active during
the CQWW DX RTTY Contest from Andorra la Ve, Andorra (alt. 1.600m), CQ zone
14. Entry category TBD. QSL via C37URA, Bureau or direct. [NG3K]

27/09/2014:  Jorge, EA9LZ, will be active from Ceuta for the CQWW DX RTTY
Contest as a SO/? entry, CQ zone 33. QSL via EA5KB and LoTW. [NG3K]

27/09/2014:  Operators Dragan Z32AU, Igor Z32ID, Mome Z32ZM, Oz Z35T and
Venco Z36W will participate in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (27-28th September)
from Albania, using the callsign ZA/Z35T. Plans are for a Multi-Single entry
from CQ zone 15. They also intend to be active on the WARC bands during the
contest. QSL via Z35T and LoTW. [NG3K]

30/09/2014:  Phil, G3SWH will be QRV as C6AYS from New Providence Island
(IOTA NA-001) on 30th September and 10th October 2014 whilst en route to /
from Grand Turk Island in the Turks and Caicos Islands. There will be a log
search facility on this page which, subject to a decent Internet connection,
will be updated daily. The log will also be uploaded to the ARRL's Log Book
of the World (LoTW) and ClubLog upon his return to the UK. Proper QSLs will
be available via the OQRS facility on this site (preferred), direct via
snail mail with adequate return postage or via the RSGB bureau. Please note
that IRCs are NOT accepted. [G3SWH]

30/09/2014:  Mathias, DJ2HD and Gerd, DJ5IW plan activity from the island of
Rarotonga (OC-013), South Cook Islands, as E51HDJ and E51XIW, respectively,
between 30th September and 6th October, 2014. QRV on the HF bands,
CW/SSB/RTTY. QSL via home calls. Note: this activity is prior to the major
VK9DLX Lord Howe Island expedition. [DX-World]

02/10/2014:  Operators Zhang BA3AX, Wang BA3CE and Lu BD3AEO will be active
as BA3AX/2, BA3CE/2 and BD3AEO/2 from Juhua Island (IOTA AS-151), Liaoning
Province, between 2-5 October, 2014. Planned activity will be on 20-10
metres. QSL via BA3AX, by the Bureau, or direct. [DX-World]

18/10/2014:  Operators Marc PD7YY, Jan PE1GNP and Marcel PG8M plan activity
from Schouwen Duiveland (EU-146, WLOTA 3089) as PH146EU between 18-25th
October, 2014. QRV on 40-10 metre SSB and some CW. Maybe QRV on 80 metres as
well. QSL via PD7YY, direct and Bureau. [rsgbiota.org]

20/10/2014:  John, W2GD, will once again be active as P40W from near Santa
Cruz, island of Aruba (SA-036, WLOTA 0033, QRA FK52BK) from 20-28th October,
2014. Activity will include a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry in the CQWW
DX SSB Contest. Outside the contest, John will be active using CW on WARC
and 160m. QSL to N2MM. Please include an SASE and adequate return postage.
All P40W contacts are posted on the ARRL LoTW system about two weeks
following each operation. [NG3K]

25/10/2014:  Look for 4O3A to be active during the CQWW DX SSB Contest
(25-26 October) from Herceg Novi, Montenegro, as a Multi-Single entry, CQ
zone 15. Team members include Ranko 4O3A, Richard 9A1TT, Ivo 9A3A, Kresimir
9A5K, Braco E77DX, Arvo ES2MC, Andy ES2NA, Toivo ES2RR, Tom ES5RY, Tonno
ES5TV, Kristjan ES7GM, Zoli HA1AG, Denny KX7M, Sinisa YT1NT, Kele YU1AO,
Dusan YU1EA, Zoran YU1EW and Acim YU1YV. QSL via LoTW is preferred. Further
info on their website: www.4o3a.com/ [NG3K]

25/10/2014:  The Los Chachos Contest Club plan activity in the CQWW DX SSB
Contest (25-26 October) as NP4Z, a Multi-2 entry from the island of Puerto
Rico (NA-099, USi PR006S, WLOTA 2802), CQ zone 8. Team members include
Felipe NP4Z, Jon KL2A, Eric NP3A, Iain N6ML, Daniel KP4BD, Jeff N6GQ and
Otis NP4G. QSL via N4AO and LoTW. [NG3K]

29/10/2014:  George, GM0IIO, plans to be active from Kuredu Island, Republic
of the Maldives (AS-013), as 8Q7OO between 29th October and 11th November,
2014. QRV on the HF bands. QSL direct only to home call QTHR (George
Berrich, 6 Victoria Place, Stirling FK8 2QX, Scotland). No eQSL, LoTW or
Bureau. [DX-World]

14/11/2014:  Joe, K5KUA, will once again be active from Galveston Island
(NA-143, USi TX-001S), Galveston county, Texas, as K5KUA/5 from 14-16th
November, 2014. He will be working CW only as time permits. QSL via home
call direct or Bureau. Online log search will be hosted by ClubLog.


20/09/2014:  Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the
city of Farciennes, UBA Section CPN (Charleroi Pays Noir) will operate CW,
SSB and PSK31 as OT703CCF on 20-21 September, 2014. QSL via ON4CPN. [425 DX

20/09/2014:  On 18th October 2014 will see the 90th anniversary of the first
UK to New Zealand radio contact, made on 80 metres between 18-year-old Cecil
Goyder (2SZ) at Mill Hill School in London and Frank Bell (4AA) in Shag
Valley, on New Zealand's South Island. To celebrate this anniversary,
special callsign GB2NZ will be active from 20th September to 18th October.
The call will be made available in turn to a series of stations around the
UK during this period. GB2NZ will operate CW and SSB, on 80m when there is
propagation but otherwise on the HF bands. In addition, the unique callsign
2SZ will be active on 11-18th October from Mill Hill School. QSL for either
GB2NZ and 2SZ via M0OXO, preferably through his OQRS (www.m0oxo.com/).
Complete information on the event can be found at: www.gb2nz.com/ [425 DX

24/09/2014:  From 24-30th September 2014 look for the following stations to
be active to celebrate ARRL's centennial year: W1AW/7 will be split between
Scott K7ZO, located in Boise, Ada County, State of Idaho, and Steve N2IC,
located in Hanover, Grant County, State of New Mexico. QSLs preferred via

25/09/2014:  Station TC3AFT (special event callsign meaning France - Turkey
Friendship) will be activated from the Izmir Area in late September (25/28).
Operators will be Nicolas F1RAF and Can TA3GO. QRV on 80-10 metre SSB only.
QSL via TA3GO. [NG3K]

U.S.A. Special Event Stations can be found at:


19/09-26/09  PA/DK1AW: Texel Island WLOTA:0043 QSL H/c (d/B)
19/09-26/09  PA/DL2AMT: Texel Island WLOTA:0043 QSL H/c (d/B)
19/09-26/09  PA/DL3ARK: Texel Island WLOTA:0043 QSL H/c (d/B)
19/09-26/09  PA/DL4AMK: Texel Island WLOTA:0043 QSL H/c (d/B)
19/09-26/09  PA/DL5ASE: Texel Island WLOTA:0043 QSL H/c (d/B)
19/09-21/09  YF1AR/P: Java WLOTA:1660 QSL N2OO (d)
20/09-18/10  GB2NZ: England (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL M0OXO OQRS
21/09-15/10  PJ7PL: St. Maarten WLOTA:0711 QSL WA1ZAM (d)
21/09-26/09  TM32O: Ile d'Oleron WLOTA:1369 QSL F6KFI (B)
22/09-29/09  4W6DD: East Timor Island WLOTA:0019 QSL JA2VWG (d/B)
22/09-29/09  4W6LU: East Timor Island WLOTA:0019 QSL JA7LU (d/B)
22/09-29/09  9A/HA5AUC: Rab Island WLOTA:2198 QSL H/c (d/B)
22/09-29/09  9A/HA5BWW: Rab Island WLOTA:2198 QSL H/c (d/B)
22/09-29/09  9A/HA7PC: Rab Island WLOTA:2198 QSL H/c (d/B)
22/09-27/09  S79LCA: La Digue Island WLOTA:3066 QSL HB9LCA (B)
22/09-02/10  YB9/HA3JB: Bali WLOTA:2589 QSL HA3JB (QRZ.com)
22/09-02/10  YB9/HA3JB: Pulau Lombok WLOTA:2637 QSL HA3JB QRZ.com
22/09-30/09  ZD8RH: Ascension Island WLOTA:1491 QSL G4DBW (d)
24/09-01/10  P4/W6HGF: Aruba Island WLOTA:0033 QSL W6HGF (d)
25/09-30/09  MJ0CFW: Jersey Island (main) WLOTA:0818 QSL M0CFW (d)
25/10-26/10  NP2P: St. Croix Island WLOTA:2477 QSL LoTW
25/10-26/10  NP4Z: Puerto Rico Island WLOTA:2802 QSL N4AO (d)
25/09-01/10  SV8/HA1YA: Nisos Limnos WLOTA:1740 QSL H/c (d/B)
25/09-07/10  YB9/HA3JB: Bali WLOTA:2589 QSL HA3JB (d/B)
25/09-07/10  YB9/HA3JB: Pulau Lombok WLOTA:2637 QSL HA3JB (d/B)
26/09-28/09  9M2SM: Pulau Perhentian Besar WLOTA:2848 QSL 9M2GET (d)
26/09-28/09  YF1AR/P: Java WLOTA:1660 QSL N2OO (d)


19/09-21/09  D-Star QSO Party 6m-1.2GHz  19 0000z-21 2400z
20/09-21/09  Italian Lighthouse Weekend 6/2m classes  20 0001z-21 2359z
20/09-21/09  ARRL 10-GHz Cumulative  20 0600-21 2400 Local Time
20/09-21/09  South Carolina QSO Party 6m class  20 1400z-21 0300z
20/09  Feld-Hell Hell on Wheels Sprint 6m class  1600z-1800z
20/09-21/09  Washington State Salmon Run 6m class  20 1600z-21 2400z
20/09  FISTS Two Metre Activity SO/CW  1700z-1800z
20/09-22/09  JI3DST/5: Shodo Isl. AS-200 Grid:PM74 6m CW/SSB QSL H/c (d/B)
20/09-22/09  JS6RRR/5: Shodo Isl. AS-200 Grid:PM74 6m RTTY/FM QSL H/c (d/B)
21/09  Belgian Mills Contest 2m SSB/FM  0600z-1000z
21/09  FISTS Two Metre Activity SO/CW  0900z-1000z
21/09  RSGB Second 70MHz Contest SO Fixed/Open  0900z-1200z
21/09-22/09  Fall Classic Exchange 6/2m classes  21 1300z-22 0700z
22/09  SVHF Fall Sprint 144MHz Fixed/Rover  1900-2300 Local Time
22/09-29/09  4W6DD: E. Timor OC-148 Grid:PI21 6m SSB/TTY QSL JA2VWG (d/B)
22/09-29/09  4W6LU: E. Timor OC-148 Grid:PI21 6m SSB/TTY QSL JA7LU (d/B)
23/09  LY 2.4G & Up Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM  1700z-2059z
23/09  NRAU Microwave Activity Contest SO/MO/Open  1700z-2100z
23/09  The 50MHz Open Cumulative SO/MO/LP/MP/HP  1700z-2100z
23/09  SPAC 1.3GHz Contest CW/Phone/Open  1800z-2200z
23/09  RSGB 50MHz UKAC SO Fixed/Open  1900z-2130z
23/09  RSGB SHF UKAC SO Fixed/Open  1900z-2130z
23/09  SKCC Straight Key Sprint 6m class  0000z-0200z
25/09-01/10  SV8/HA1YA: Limnos Island EU-174 Grid:KM29 6/2m QSL H/c (d/B)

Contest Calendar: www.qsl.net/va3rj/con_sep.html

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal
"Make More Miles on VHF" at: www.MMMonVHF.de/

SMIRK: www.smirk.org/
SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at: www.sotawatch.org/


QSLs via Bureau: JW2US [EU-027], JW9DFA [EU-026], RI0FM [AS-149], RV3DFH/0
[AS-042] and V73MW [OC-029].

QSLs via Direct: 3B8/HB9ARY (NI5DX), 9M2/R6AF/P [AS-046] (OQRS), A52IVU
(JA3IVU), D2/HB9EFK (H/c), GJ0VNK (DJ8NK), TM5FI [EU-095] (F5XX), V5/DJ8VC
(DJ8VC), YF1AR/5 [0C-122 & OC-215] (N2OO), YF1AR/6 [OC-270] (N2OO) and

ZW5B and ZW8T.


  NEWS - DX-World.net has learned that a team of five operators plan to
activate NEW IOTA group NA-247 (St. Maarten's coastal islands) during late
September/early October. Full details, actual dates and website will be
announced soon. [DX-World]

Helsinki, Sep.18.2014
  This coming Saturday, September 20 a party of Juha, OH9MM and Martti,
OH2BH will attempt a landing on Market Reef to put OJ0AM on the air for one
week on all bands. A permanent beam is in place to boost their signals. But
not only will they operate on the air; they also plan to proceed with an
experiment of real and virtual Amateur Radio coexisting by conducting a
first-ever activity from Market in Virtual Reality.
  As Market Reef is outside of regular cell phone and terrestrial internet
coverage, the team has made an arrangement with Eutelsat Ka-Sat to secure
OJ0AM with a satellite broadband link. They tested the link from mainland
Finland and a downlink speed of 18Mbit/s and uplink of 6Mbit/s was verified.
A latency of some 800 ms was experienced, posing a challenge for operators
at both ends of the satellite circuit.
  This is a classic example of regular Amateur Radio's role in presenting
attractive opportunities for young people who would like to see the Amateur
Radio community move ahead in concert with today's technology while honoring
the traditional radio spectrum as the backbone of Amateur Radio serving many
segments of society at large. <www.radioarcala.com/?page_id=217>
  Back in August 15, 1964 a bunch of schoolboys got together and they were
talking loud. Their idea was to form a club focusing on DX and contests and
reaching out beyond the borders of their own country. That was the day when
OH-DX-Ring was formally added to the official files of registered
associations in Finland. The gang and spirit of OH2AM was born.
  That single day meant a lot to Amateur Radio in Finland. Already in 1966
OH2AM won the world (multi-multi) in CQWW (OF2AM call was used in the first
top scoring effort) and that marked the start of multiple wins from Finland,
Gambia, Lebanon, Canary Islands, Madeira and Azores as a team. Later many of
the original members embarked on their own individual paths, still working
together in the same original spirit: OH0XX, OH2BBR, OH2BC (6m) , OH2BH and
OH2MM launched their own global adventures in Amateur Radio.
  Their famous Brando site, originally OH0AM, was established 34 years ago
and it is still going strong now under a variety of slick two-by-one
callsigns. Several successive generations saw the light in the famed Aland
Islands sauna, well known to numerous visiting DXers from all continents.
  In 1969 Market Reef was introduced as a new DXCC country courtesy of the
efforts of this same group, and this started a stream of new country
initiatives taking Finns to rare or new DXCC entities on many occasions. An
interesting feature of OJ0-land was that a permanent lighthouse keeper, Kee,
OJ0MA made Market Reef a regular fixture on the bands, NCDXF was
instrumental in furnishing him with needed equipment. On one special outing,
bringing him the equipment, OJ0AM callsign was activated. Today the
lighthouse is fully automated but under the special care of the Finnish
Lighthouse Society, always friendly to visiting DX types.
  Please follow the days of OJ0AM at <www.majakkaseura.fi/eng/market/>
  While the actual 50th anniversary ceremony took place on August 15, 2014
in the heart of Helsinki, it was decided that the OJ0AM, OH0AM and OF2AM
callsigns would appear on the air for the remainder of 2014 with some of
these highlights featured in special certificate size combo
OF2AM/OH0AM/OJ0AM QSL cards for those contacting all three stations.
  QSL via OH2BH

YJ0X DXpedition Press Release #3
Hi all,
  Everything is on schedule for our arrival in Vanuatu on October 3rd. We
hope to have at least two of the stations working and at least one aerial up
for that evening. The emphasis the next day will be installing the contest
band antennas ready for the Oceania DX contest SSB leg later on that day,
though we do hope to make some Qs as well. Soon after the contest, we'll be
adding the WARC band antennas and 6m set-up, and when time permits the 160m
  We will be looking for openings to South America and Africa, the two
continents most needing YJ for a new one, so if you're outside these areas,
please QRX for the very short time it will take to work through callers.
  Regarding the Oceania SSB and CW legs, Clublog real-time uploads will be
switched off during this time and uploaded soon after the contest ends.
  The YJ0X crew has worked together very well through the planning stages
and we're all very excited to be undertaking this adventure!
See you in the pile-ups!
Paul, Phil, Gordon and Geoff
73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ
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