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T88DF Palau

Yasu, JH2DFJ will be active again from Palau 20-25 August 2014 as T88DF.
He will be active on HF Bands CW (QRSS), SSB, RTTY, SSTV, WSPR, JT65A.
QSL via home call buro, direct, LOTW, eQSL.
Information from JH2DFJ
'I do radio operation again from a rental radio room of VIP HOTEL from Palau from August 20, 2014 to 25th
Operative frequency: 135KHZ - 50MHZ
An operative mode: CW(QRSS),SSB,RTTY,SSTV,WSPR,JT-65A
Operative power: 5W - 1KW
QSL Info: Each country Amateur radio League Bureau, LoTW, e-QSL,
SASE Info: I fill it out, and QTH,QRA,CALL is enclosed US$ 1 dollar, or 1 IRC
(Limitation in the expiration date) by a reply envelope
返信封筒にQTH,QRA,CALLを記入してUS$ 1ドル、または1IRC (有効期限内のもの)同封
Palau, Republic of Palau located in Pacific Ocean.
Name Palau (Belau) in the Palauan language mean village.
Official languages- English, Palauan.
Regional recognised languages- Japanese, Sonsorolese,Tobian.
Ethnic groups- 69.9% Palauan, 15,3% Filipino, 4,9 Chinese, 2,4% other Asian, 1,9% White, 1,4% Carolinian, 1,1% other Micronesian 3,2% others.
Currency- USA Dollar USD.
International calling code- +680.
Internet TLD- .pw
Time- UTC +9.
International Telecommunication Union call signs- prefixes Republic Palau- T8A-T8Z.
WAC Award continent- Oceania.
DXCC Country- Republic Palau.
CQ Amateur Radio magazine WAZ Award zone-27.
ITU Zone- 64.
QTH locator- PJ77.

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