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Glenn Hauser logs July 6-8 , 2014

* CANADA. Sporadic E opening July 6 gets both Canada and Mexico at same time. Already going at turn-on, all times UT:
1306 on 2, CCI with antenna NE for UHF tropo, movie? in English, 1309 Wendy`s ad; some 2-tone whine on the audio, video offset QRM? One of the pitches is close to G4 above middle C, 392 Hz. Likely one of the surviving analog Ontarians, CHBX or CIII2. 
1311 on 3, CCI here
1312 on 2, CCI in Spanish as Mexico is also hopping, so I rotate and concentrate mainly on that, q.v.
1446 on 2, from north, preacher, praying in English; I have just been getting Missoula MT on FM 94.9; see U S A too
1615 on 2, antenna NE, weak graphic in English with countdown
2123 on 2, golf in English from NE; as PGA scheduled on Global in Ontario, so CIII-TV-2 in Bancroft (I am also getting FM from Ohio).
1937 km = 1204 miles
2331 on 2, fade-in from NE, movie/drama in English; 2352 still week video
UT July 7:
0124 on 2, weak signal from NE, with whine, English, letterboxed, a competition in studio; can`t make out any bug; 0127 promo for BellMedia. Skeds show likely `Rising Star` on CTV in Ont, so CHBX Sault Ste Marie (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA [and non]. 18980, July 7 at 1258-1300* CNR1 jammer, very poor ending with timesignal, vs RFA Tibetan via Kuwait on its Monday frequency; at 1301, a JBA signal on its next frequency, 18930, maybe really RFA before jammer hits is there (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** MEXICO. Big sporadic E opening July 6, started off with CANADA, q.v. from the NE, but with Spanish also in, soon rotate to south to concentrate on Mexico, all times UT:
1312 on 2, CCI to Canada, PSA `Mover a México`
1317 on 2, old western movie, CCI, clock in UR at 8:17 and something else I can`t make out
1317 on 4, Spanish audio
1318 on 6, ape movie, Azteca-13 bug in UR; mentions subtítulos; no CCI
1319 on 2, movie? with Azteca-7 bug in UR; CCI from Mexican music
1321 on 6, Mexican video but my old Zenith B&W monitor prefers to insert NPR audio from 88.1 KWOU Woodward OK, which is up with tropo
1324 on 5, Canal 5 promo; local RFI from somewhere to the video
1324 on 3, oval 3 bug in UR from Pacífico, i.e. XHQ Culiacán, Sinaloa; violent music video. Bug in UL says ----- MUSICAL
1325 on 4, Televisa-2 start bug in LR, probably XHBS Los Mochis, Sin.
1326 on 4, Televisa-5 promo, ``La Teoría del Big-Bang, nueva programación en Canal 5`` but could be cross-promo from net 2 XHBS
1327 on 3, Pingüinos in music video(?), Televisa-5 bug in LR
1327 on 5, Pingüinos from two video meshing signals CCI, net 5
1332 on 6, Ape movie is back, video, Azteca-13
1338 on 6, Azteca-7 promo, but probably cross from Azteca-13. (The only way to be sure which net is by the bugs, not the content.)
1348 on 6, now there is CCI as opening grows, so start checking FM
1351 on 87.75 gospel music in English, Franken FM?? See U S A
1352 on 87.75 Spanish channel 6 audio; 1358, Azteca-7 promo, ads, Azteca-13 promo
1400 on 87.75, Azteca 13 says ``Jorge de la Selva``, so that`s the ape movie, but rejoining plays clip from ``Charlie`s Angels`` --- was that in George of the Jungle movie?
1421 on 6, Azteca-13, dubbed movie
1424 on 4, Televisa Canal 5 promo
1433-1518, concentrating on FM DX from Montana, Idaho; see U S A
1508 on 2-6, still CCI peaking SSW
1509 on 5, SpongeBob animation, presumably Televisa-5 net
1510 on 6, bug in UR with constant white letters, can`t make out
1524-1648, FM DX from North Carolina, Virginia; see U S A
1631 on 4, at SSW, Spanish, animation, net-5?
1636 on 4, ad in Spanish for Transformers, color, back to SpongeBob animation on net-5, LR bug. At the moment nothing on 2/3/5/6!
1700 on 3-6, only weak CCI
1701 on 6, fútbol, Azteca? World Cup probably; soon fade out for lunch
After 2120 more Es DX but mostly FM from Ohio, Michigan, Virginia
(Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGSET)
** NIGERIA. 15120, July 7 at 0543, good signal level but just barely modulated in English, Voice of Nigeria; lite SAH during fades, presumably Beijing, China aiming northwest (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 780, July 7 at 0559 UT, WBBM IL and with it nulled, country music, no doubt KCEG Fountain CO, but NO open carrier for a change from KSPI Stillwater OK in the opposite direxion (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA. 88.9, July 6 at 1237 UT, I notice that local translator is off; had been pretty reliable since move from 89.1. This might have been helpful for all the Es DX to come in later, but nothing logged on that frequency. At 1503 UT July 7, it`s back on. K205FW relaying KNYD 90.5 Tulsa, Oasis Network. While off, weaker signal from KYLV OKC is audible (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA. RF 35, July 6 at 1301 UT, `bad` signal peaking northeast, but no decode; presumably K35JY-D in Lamont about 25 miles away, 250 watt translator of Enid`s KXOK-LD RF 31, which is really fed by the intercity relay duplicate on RF 32. I was hoping to confirm whether like 31 and 32 for *months*, K35JY-D is also dead air on main channel, nothing but a few repeating infomercials; .2 and .3 with full-screen color bars and silence, but PSIP on .2 as M-FOX and .3 as Azteca, as just reconfirmed on Enid transmitters July 7 at 1515 but no real programming from either Spanish network for months. However, there are full-power 35s around to confuse, in Claremore & Woodward OK, Hutchinson KS, plus four other LP/translators in OK.
RF 46, also a bad signal seeming to peak NE, but nothing likely in OK or KS. Maybe fooled by KOCM Norman to the SSE which never decodes any more (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1728 monitoring: confirmed on WRMI-9, 15770, Monday July 7, ending at 2129, Keith Perron ID and off at 2130*, so apparently the new WOR time is 2100 Mondays, not 2130. Next: Tuesday 1100, Wednesday 1315 on WRMI-10, 9955 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 12105, July 6 at 1959, WTWW-3 is on in Spanish Bibling, and at 2000 so are WTWW-2, 9930 with ID, BS; and WTWW-1, 9475 with another canned ID break; unusual for all three to be on at same time. At 0541 UT July 7, 12105 is off after running late/all night yesterday; at 0547, 5085 is open carrier/dead air; 5830 is off, then cuts back on. At 1407 July 7, 9930 and 9475 are on, 12105 is off. UT July 8 at 0035, 5085 is on with Ted Randall`s country-music request show, which is supposed to be on UT Mondays, not Tuesdays; is it live or a playback? 9475 is also on with SFAW, and 12105 is off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 750, July 7 at 0558 UT, for the first time since June 19, I am not hearing Spanish KAMA El Paso, but really WSB with Herman Cain show (We Suck, Brother!). Maybe KAMA is finally back in whack with null toward east, but bears further checking (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. Sporadic-E FM DX competing with analog TVDX from Canada, Mexico, qq.vv., July 6, all times UT:
1351 on 87.75, first sign of MUF into FM after mostly Mexico on TV, is gospel music in English, maybe Franken FM somewhere in USA, soon gone
1433 on 94.9, NAPA ad, fades in and out, State Farm, Bellawood Flooring at lumberliquidators.com, more ads, mentions Missoula [pronounced Mizoola], 549- phone number, sale at Tyler Chevrolet of Montana, nursery sale at Marcy`s(?), singing ID for 94.9 in Missoula, finally Toby Keith on Rick Jackson`s Country, Classics; WTFDA shows:
1771 km = 1101 miles Recorded: [4:45]
1448 still/again? but dead air on 94.9
1448 on 95.3, stationary RDS ID immediately as KPND during music; 
1455 KPND audible ID, recorded, [4:23]
fading in and out, `Rockin` the Rivers` ad. consignfurniture.com tickets for something in Spokane, July 25; Fourth of July schedule.
1501 fade-in again with `E-town` show; 1518 `E-Town on the Inland Northwest`s only progressive radio station, 95-, KPND``. Recorded [0:24]
KPND is 56 kW in Sandpoint ID, as in Panhandle, near Canada, distance: 2018 km = 1254 miles
Eventually photoed at 1516 the captured DX-398 RDS display before retuning:
1524 on 96.5, local weather, muggy 88 degrees down to 67 on ``Sam and Mason in the morning on Classic Rock 96-5``, fading in and out, so neither Okie; Texas Tech cheerleader big-game hunter; golf cart kustomkartsva.com ad, Ford ad to 1528. Rather than the 250-watt translator in Oregon, this is from another opening. WTFDA shows WKLH Milwaukee WI uses that slogan, but so does WKLR in Fort Lee VA, 50/50 kW; and Sam & Mason are on the WKLR schedule at 5-10 am: 
1830 km = 1137 miles. Recorded [3:57]:
At end of recording fades to ``Mix 96`` ID, likely KRAV Tulsa. 
WKLR also has Babe of the Day service:
1536 on 89.1, NPR Weekend Edition Sunday --- does KMUW Wichita run it this late? No, only until 1500 UT, so this is unID DX with CCI
1536 on 88.3, gospel rock, into prayer, sounds like live service this Sunday morning, fitting for EDT zone if at 11 am local. Maybe Victory as below
Until 1540 I`ve left the computer off to minimize hash QRM to my DX-398 a few feet away for FM DX with whip only, but I do need to check some things. DX still overcomes it
1542 on 89.3, fade-in classical music; 1550 ID as ``Public Radio East --- Classical``; UNC underwriting plug, Chopin. WTFDA:
1884 km = 1171 miles; Recorded [1:10]: 
1558 on 89.3, another such ID, ``classical music for eastern North Carolina``, CCI and fade to gospel rock station. Recorded [0:26]:
1601 on 92.9, two guys with car race coverage on the ``Motor Racing Network``; 1607 race starts to great excitement as most of track has dried after rain --- who will get killed or maimed today???; 1620 race fades in again. Other stations are in from NC/VA, but the only NC 92.9s are LPs or translators, so per WTFDA this may be one of:
either of which would have to be breaking format for this momentous event, so we need to look for 92.9 stations here:
It`s tedious as you have to search state by state, and then search on the frequency: no 92.9s in VA, WV, MD, PA, OH, MI, NY, KY
They mention the Daytona Speedway, but current race may not be from there; nor any 92.9 MRN affils in FL, but WMFQ Ocala is close to Daytona; listed as Hot AC/Big Oldies. Recorded but not kept.
Back to the two VA stations` sites: WVBW is involved with Langley Speedway, but nothing scheduled there on July 6. WVHL: nothing there but country music. I give up; ideas? 
1632 on 88.3, YL DJ with weather, gospel music; 1635 ID as ``Victory FM``; Anyhow it has to be one of these per WTFDA DB: 
WVRL: 1935 km = 1202 miles, a lot closer to WTEB above
WRVL: 1669 km = 1037 miles
1646 again and this time recorded [1:44]:
Cooler weather, forecast ``for the listening area`` (like Enid OK???? How generic!) back to gospel music, mentions Liberty campus, then ``thanks for choosing the Victory Radio Network for your Sunday afternoon`` until 1648. See also log below at 2200.
After a respite, more FM DX in the afternoon:
2120 on 88.3, more than one Es station, then 2122 promo for WLXE (? Sounded like). This leads me on at first fruitless search for those calls on 88.3 or something fuzzily similar. There is none, but a WLSE 103.3 in Canton IL, but with nothing related on 88.3; WLXC in Columbia SC on 103.1; finally looking thru the entire FCC 88.3 list, it must be this:
WLFC, North Baltimore OH, 4.6 kW at University of Findlay; WTFDA says CHR format. And its website: http://www.wlfc883.com/formats/
``We are northwest Ohio’s ultimate music collection. Our primary format is something we call indie rock, and we also program heritage rock and some metal on Saturday. On Sunday we air contemporary Christian music in the morning and jazz in the afternoon. Here is a summary of our programming philosophy. . .``
Indeed I was hearing jazz on Sunday afternoon, and also went by an announcement about their format variations. Missed recording the ID.
1340 km = 833 miles
2150 on 88.3, WCSG ID by YL DJ, in & out, mentions supporter in Kalamazoo, recorded just in time for singing ID in noise [0:18]
WTFDA leads to WCXK in Kalamazoo MI which apparently relays 91.3 WCSG Grand Rapids:
1243 km = 773 miles
2200 on 88.3, multi-station ID, recorded too late, but one place is Charlottesville, i.e. VA, into gospel rock and shortly religious service, ``you can be seated ---``. So which 88.3 is connected with some other station/frequency in C`ville? It adds up to Liberty University, which has a 96.7 W244BP there, while 88.3 would be WRVL Lynchburg, 50/42 kW H/V with 34/34 kW backup (as in 1632 log above)
2210 on 88.5, two stations mixing, one with feature on US Coast Guard
2215 on 89.3, ``Smile FM`` outro, re ``family --- weekend``, religious. Slogan leads to 
WTLI, Bear Creek Township MI, 0/17 kW, or 1/12000 watt H/V co-channel WSMB Harbour Beach MI; better recording at 2223 plugging a Saginaw event at Ojibway Island, tickets, Smile-FM, recorded [0:44] 
And also later [0:50]
WTLI: 1417 km = 918 miles, upper tip of the lower peninsula
WSMB: 1535 km = 954 miles, east of and closer to Saginaw
** U S A. Tropo from NW Arkansas brings in RF9 KAFT, Fayetteville, distance city to city, 336 km = 209 miles, July 7 1420 UT:
13-1 KAFT-1 [PBS kidvid]
13-2 KAFT-2 Create
13-3 KAFT-3 plus bug in LR [the word, not the + symbol]
13-4 KAFT-4 AIRS – video is same text on several alternating slides in different fonts and colors, including script, centered, reading
photoed one:
Audio at moment is British accent about smartphones, and he pronounces Leadville CO as ``Leedville``. That is not South Dakota, where Lead is not pronounced led, but leed. After confusing my converter because OETA is not only virtual 13 but RF 13, the KAFT signals hold up until some breakup at 1500. OTOH, KETA OKC, *constantly* breaks up on both my antennas, under dead or DX conditions, unusable (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
UNIDENTIFIED. 5980, July 7 at 0549 heavy jamming, or is it DRM? Sounds more like the latter. Vatican Radio Latin Mass is on during this half hour and could have slipped into DRM of which it is capable. Or nonsensical Cuban jamming against R. Martí which is never on 5980 at this hour, and not even after 0700 on Mondays (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
This report dispatched at 0216 UT July 8

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