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Glenn Hauser logs May 25-27 , 2014

** BRAZIL [and non]. 5999.6, May 27 at 0116, Rádio Nacional Brasília/Amazônia is reactivated here after several weeks, made obvious by the absence of RHC English! M&W laughing, music // much stronger 6180 and 11780. If RHC were on, there would be a 400 Hz het, which in fact I do hear at 0623 check when ``Ed Newman`` misasserts that it`s ``24 minutes past the hour``. 
Last time 5999.6 was reported: April 11 as in DXLD 14-16. 6060, another RHC English frequency, as usual also has a het from Brasil, lower pitched than the one below 6000, May 27 at 0624 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CANADA. After Es opening on FM from CO, UT, ID, and MN, and DTV from SD [see USA], May 25 at 2026 UT I start to see algo in analog on channel 2, so the opening is probably getting into Canada now. All times UT!
2030 on 88.1, French Canadian talk, with CCI from DX and/or KWOU OK; 2032 ID in passing as ``Ici Radio-Canada, Première``, which is the current official slogan of CBC French network 1. Also at 2035, 2039; 2047 interview mentioning Rio de Janeiro, about guess what? A bit of music; more FFC talk. 2100 UT Société Radio-Canada informations en français, CCI.
Searching WTFDA on language: French, only one hit on 88.1, CFRH-FM in PENETANGUISHENE ON [whew], but it`s a community station, not CBC, and pretty far to the east. W9WI.com thinks it`s CBC English! Back to WTFDA to search all 88.1s in different provinces finds the obvious one in Manitoba, CKSB-10-FM, 100 kW H & V in Winnipeg, which is the defacto CBC French for that city, having quit AM 1050 originally in St-Boniface, which is the primary French ward of Winnipeg. No CBC French in SK on 88.1; the next closest in ON is CBON-1 in Sault Ste-Marie. Final FM Atlas had call for that as CBON-18.
Recording of wrapup from 2057, 2058 local Winnipeg ID at 2:59 in clip, 2100 news:
2039 on 4 analog, CTV promo; 2042 mattress ad; 2043 promo CTV Morning News as also on FM 102.1 [meaning CFNY Brampton ON near Toronto? None in Manitoba]. 2053 ad for CLR bath and kitchen cleaners, (US) EPA approved! 2056 long movie credit roll allowed to be seen full-screen; unknown if theme music was interrupted as on US stations for promotion. Meanwhile much more FM DX, but at 2131 CTV Community Calendar for Winnipeg, including crf.mb.ca; 2144 CTV Morning Live promo. So it`s CKYB-TV, 100 kW in Brandon MB, really satellite of CKY-DT channel 7 in Wpg. I wonder how much longer before CKYB is DTV?
Brandon city to city approx. distance in km/statute miles/nautical miles: 1507/936/814
2044 on 6 analog, algo, not // 4. CBWT Winnipeg has long left 6 for DTV on UHF. At 2050 on 6, Dairy Queen ad in English; my Zenith analog B&W TV is unable to keep sound from 88.1 CKSB from also coming thru the TV speaker when on channel 6. 2054 ad for Camp Circle of Friends, illegible text abottom in letterbox. There`s a good clue! Googling on that camp leads to Saskatoon/Regina (and northern Indiana). This summer camp [really ``o`Friends``] is to support children with cancer, at Arlington Beach, which is on the eastern shore of Last Mountain Lake, northwest of Regina. So back to Saskatchewan, where there are two analog full-powers on 6 left per W9WI.com, but closer to southern MB is CKCK-TV-2, Willow Bunch, 52.7 kW, south central SK only 27 miles from Montana. (Other one is CFQC-TV-2, 30.3 kW in North Battleford, way up in west central SK.) 
2055 on 2 analog, golf coverage in English, in and out for some time. 
A convenient site to find current and future broadcast TV listings is http://local.ca Not checked until Monday for this, but next Sunday, CKND on the Global network will be running PGA Golf at that time. It`s the only Global on 2 anywhere around central Canada, really CKND-TV-2 in Minnedosa MB, 100 kW, satellite of CKND in Winnipeg, which is now DTV on channel 40. How much longer will -2 be analog?
2102 on 92.7, Shaw Direct Satellite ad, shawdirect.ca/cottage; 2014 general elexions in Ontario made easy, cross fade to CBC News; back to here for ad on Sandy Beach Road in Dryden, low 15 tonight, recorded:
CKDR-FM 92.7 DRYDEN ON, 39/17 kW H/V, adult contemporary format
Dryden is in remote southwestern Ontario east of Kenora on the northern leg of the Trans-Canada hiway. Distance 1544/960/834
More from CKDR recorded at 2123, ``Today`s hits and yesterday`s favourites are on CKDR``, then song ``Walkin` in Rhythm``
2103 on 92.7, cross fade from CKDR above to CBC News: 
news about Wojciech Jaruzelski dying; also Knowlton Nash has died, last night at 86, was longtime TV news anchor; prime minister Harper saddened; promo for Canadian South Asian Music Mix on CBCmusic.ca with over 50 web radio stations free; promo Radio 2 top 20, http://cbcmusic.ca/radio2top20
2106 opening `À Propos` show which is on CBC Radio Two (English)
No CBCs on 92.7 in Ontario, so must be one or the other of:
CBWS-FM 92.7 BRANDON MB, 90/90 kW, distance 1507/936/814 --- or:
CBWY-FM 92.7 JACKHEAD MB, 33/33 kW. Jackhead is way up on the southern shore of Lake Winnipeg, distance 1729/1074/933.
2117 on 89.3, French Canadian CCI to KCMP in MN (see USA); in Winnipeg there is a low-power English CBW fill-in while AM continues on 990; the only French anywhere near is:
CBON-FM-2 89.3 THUNDER BAY ON, 16.5 kW H, distance 1509/938/815
2119 on 89.5, ``CJRL 20/20 weather`` for the Kenora region, lo 13, hi 23, see website ``89.5 The Lake.ca`` Top 5 hits from this day in 1976: ``Welcome back``. Tuned to 89.4 avoiding local 89.7. Recorded:
Distance: 1513/940/817
2124 on 93.1, RDS reads ``HITS YOU WANT 93.1 THE HITS YOU NEED`` not necessarily in that order as the scrolling stalled. Nothing fits in WI, MN or ND, but not far from Kenora is:
Checked their website and don`t find that phrase, but Googling on 93.1 "hits you need" nails it! CFOB: http://www.b93.ca/djs.html
``Peace signs, bell bottoms, tie die…and some great music! Don’t miss "The 70’s" with Charlie Tuna, a presentation of Kupila Sound Centre in Devlin, Saturday nights from 7 till midnight and Sunday’s from 1 to 6 on 931 the border. The classic hits you want the new hits you need.``
Distance: 1408/875/760
2144 on 93.1, CFRY contest promo, recorded, very poor; ID barely audible at :17 into the clip. Popping seems to be produced by the digital recorder it`s patched into, drat:
2145, CFRY weather, lo 13, hi 24, and singing ID: 
CFRY-FM 93.1 PORTAGE LA PRARIE MB, 27/27 kW H/V, CLASSIC ROCK. Distance: 1530/951/826
2202, only weak CCI on analog 3 and 4, and FM about gone except for:
2205 on 88.5, mixing with OK station, mentioning weather on 94.1, so another translator/satellite? No fits in Minnesota
2245 on 88.3, interview in English with Québec accent, probably Thunder Bay rather than Wawa, only CBC Ontarians:
all per the WTFDA FM database (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CUBA. 1620, May 27 at 0614, ``a esta hora, al ritmo de la vida en Rebelde``, and // 5025 so the AM, not the FM service now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also BRAZIL [and non]
** MEXICO. Sporadic E TV DX continues on Sunday, May 25, all times UT, all channels A-system NTSC analog!
1712 on 4, Azteca 13 bug upper-right, variety show
1718 on 4, still A-13, but plug for their other network with ``Info 7``; 13 show keeps flashing ``hot 13``, apparently about attractive women, again at 1749. Suspect XHHSS-TV, 100 kW, Hermosillo. 
Distance 1469/913/793 in km/statute miles/nautical miles.
1752 on 2, TVKIDZ, show or segment? About soccer too
1753 on 2, TELEACTIVA bug in UR = XEFB-TV, Monterrey NL, in CCI
Distance 1214/755/656
1815 on 3, Televisa 5 bug in LR
1816 on 2, Televisa 5 bug in LR; US sitcom/movie with John Laroquette
1858 on 4, Azteca 13 bug in UR; good video, no sound, MUF between
1858 on 5, Azteca 13, same video only as on 4, weaker, fadeout
1915 on 2, CCI, but most signals are out 
1930 on 4, algo
Then I take a break from TV and find that FM is open even tho nothing on ch 5 or 6 TV, but from somewhere else with no analog TV: see U S A, starting with 93.5 Aspen CO; also got DTV from SD, and FM from as far as Manitoba and Ontario.
Another Es opening from Mexico, May 26, UT, so rotate antenna still on north for Canada back to south:
1615 on 2, fade-in with f bug in LR - Televisa net-4; talking about béisbol, reviewing games? Et al.
1615 on 3, audio mentions ``ciudad de Puebla`` so probably really XHP, 100 kW. Distance: 1932/1201/1033
1616 on 4, studio variety show
1619 on 5, Spanish, CCI to cable leakage of analog KOCO-5
1624 on 4, variety show with girls being interviewed; red bug in UR may contain a 4, mostly off-screen; can`t find a match at http://tvdxtips.com/mexlogosch4.html
1633 on 4, animation, Televisa-5 bug LR; TUFF title
1656 on 4, weak with net-5 bug LR
1700 on 2, audio mentions Grupo Pacífico but they have three stations on channel 2, two XHI`s in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, and Los Mochis, Sinaloa; and XHQ in Guamuchil, Sinaloa. For discussion of this very confusing setup, see
[lunch break, etc.]
1814 on 3, animation, Televisa-5 bug LR
1816 on 5, novela in ranchera setting; Televisa-2 star bug LR
1839 on 5, still MUF up to here with algo; best signal on 2
1844 on 2, promo Laura show on Televisa 2, star bug
2022 on 4, talk show, Azteca-13 bug UR; not much CCI for a change
2022 on 2, Televisa 9 Gala swirl bug in LR, novela; both 2 and 4 snow-free. This pair is typical of Hermosillo, Sonora. 2 being XHHMA-TV, 30 kW. Distance 1469/913/793.
2027 on 4, additional bug in upper left for a few seconds, NUEVA something; part of ID? Probably still Hermosillo
2046 on 2, Grupo Pacífico bug in UR. It`s an italic 2 in an oval, also with seagull wings you can`t really make out on the screen. Still about béisbol.
2055 on 2, heavy CCI on this channel only
2102 on 4, `Laura` show as she rants about ``delitos de los niños``, Televisa 2 star bug LR
2127 on 2, drama, with XHENT ENSENADA BC bug in UR; has some same-offset CCI. 50 kW, distance 1794/1114/968 
2140 on 3, XHBC Mexicali with local news, snow-free. Bugs: bold N in a square at lower left; time and temp in lower right: 14:40 38oC and below the temp very small: Mxli (as if the city were 1041 in Roman numerals). The blue square XHBC bug I described before is not on screen now. Fadeout before 2200, but back at 2209 now with the blue square XHBC bug in LR. 100 kw, distance 1663/1033/898
Again no sign of XHAQ 5 from Mexicali, maybe only on DTV 28 now.
2220 on 3, Televisa Música promo; now with Televisa-4 `f` bug in LR; could still be XHBC after program source change. Opening peters out.
Small Es opening May 27 from 1608 UT: channel 2, ``Hola Juárez`` graphic and the ``j`` logo of XEPM; phone number for live call-in at bottom: ``comunícate a 888-10 00 y ----`` another not copied. Studio talk show. Also at best fade-ins, bug in UR from tu canal with clock below it, 10:12:06 onward; fade out around 1620. 100 kw; Distance: in km/statute miles/nautical miles: 947/588/511
** OKLAHOMA. 88.5, 2158 UT May 25, ``The Weekend 22`` program outro, and multi-station ID almost too fast to copy:
``KJTH Ponca City 89-7, 
KXTH Seminole-Shawnee 89-1,
KTHF Hammon-Elk City-Clinton 89-9, 
KZTH Piedmont-Oklahoma City 88-5, 
KTHL Altus 89-3, 
Wichita 100.1 [no call; must be K261DR]
and around the world on housefm.com``
W9WI listings at least show a lot of confusion about which station is relaying which. 89.7 Ponca is the originator of this `House` Christian rock music format to rope in gullible teens, but is sibling station to 88.7 KLVV with its separate more adult Christian network. Recorder was running for DX which could have overridden KZTH on 88.5, so FWIW:
(Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** OKLAHOMA. 89.3, May 26 at 1923 UT, KIEL Loyal OK, hymn music fades up and down rather like an incompletely bulk-erased tape! See also USA FMDX log of Minnesota on 89.3, also capturing an ID from KIEL (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PERU. 5980, May 27 at 0111, at first nothing heard from R. Chaski, reset? Then I do make out a JBA carrier until cutoff at 0112:23.5* which is 12 seconds later than on May 25, and only 3 seconds later than May 26, so the May 26 reading must have been an anomaly (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SOLOMON ISLANDS. 5020-, May 27, SIBC JBA carrier cut timed at 1159:01.5* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SRI LANKA. 11905, May 27 at 0115, SLBC very poor with opening music, 2+1 mistimesignal ending at 0115:18 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 12105, May 26 at 1804, WTWW-3 with Ted Randall announcing it as another ``Bible Worldwide Special``, not // 9475 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 1530, May 27 at 0605 UT, KLBW still cheating, YL canned ID to ``Like us on Facebook, or KLBW1530.com`` and usual fast SAH; 0612 UT another ID as ``1530 The Light, KLBW1530.com``, separable from and certainly more pleasant than Brother Scare on WCKY. This is the 2.5 kW DAYTIMER in New Boston, northeast corner of Texas. I`d ``like`` it if they would obey the rules; but also would ``like`` it if other DXers have caught it as a result of my tips.
That URL forwards to: http://klbw1530.weebly.com/ which is titled ``Solid Gospel KLBW 1530 New Boston The Light of Bowie County`` but presenting a ``feed failed`` error message. It`s bare bones, and the LISTEN button leads instead to the other button, STAFF! 
by time block, and guess what, they do have staff for night: Jeremy Sweat at 7 pm-midnight, and Ed Evans at midnight - 5 am. So their cheating is institutionalized (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. Finally getting some sporadic E FM DX after several good TV openings. Lacking analog TV in the US on lower channels (except low power), it`s not always obvious when the FM band is open. Sunday May 25, using only the DX-398 or PL-880 at ground level with whips only: sometimes I am getting two different DX stations on the same frequency due to antenna orientations; rather hectic. Strong signals occupying normally weak or open frequencies are a good tipoff that it`s DX. Most of the recordings are off the DX-398. This entire session was at my computer desk but with computer off due to the hash it puts out, not only on MF, HF but VHF. 
(However, with groundwave and probably skip, I have noticed that my TV antenna mast about 12 feet away, and about 21 feet above ground, influences what I get on FM, sort of focusing or reflecting signals? without any electrical connexion.) 
Details researched primarily from http://db.wtfda.org --- also W9WI.com and sometimes FCC FM Query. Approximate city-to-city distances from http://distancefromto.net are in format: km/statute miles/nautical miles. All times UT, May 25!
1949 on 93.5, ``Let It Be`` ending, and ``always back in less than a minute, Thunder 93.5, Aspen`s classic hits``. That`s a good start! KTND, 21 kW, 109m AAT, and the average terrain there is high! (Mostly I`ll skip the antenna heights, not relevant for skip.) Distance: 845 km = 525 smi = 456 nmi.
1952 on 97.5, ID in passing as KGAC (?), CCI from Alva. No match for KGAC or KGAZ or translator of one of those. Possibly it was Alva, really KPAK, and the CCI the DX:
1959 on 97.5, NBC Sports Radio mixed with KPAK ID (KPAK is classic rock). No NBC Sports on 97.5 listed in WTFDA. Station finder on http://nbcsportsradio.com is too specific, defaulting to your own state and the show currently on schedule. However, broad Google search on ``NBC Sports Radio`` 97.5 leads to KZNS-FM, Coalville UT, ``The Zone``. Merely ``sports`` in WTFDA, main transmitter is 89 kW at 647m HAAT but they also have five co-channel 97.5 translators elsewhere in UT from 49 watts to 2.2 kW, with calls ending in FM3, FM4, FM5, FM6 and FM7 in Ogden, Provo, Bountiful, Salt Lake City, North Salt Lake City. Coalvillle is halfway to Wyoming on I-80 east of SLC. Distance 1277/794/689.
All this justifies rotating my TV antenna CCW from south to northwest! And looking for lowband DTV signals. And there they are after 2000 UT, ``bad`` ones registering on both RF channels 2 and 3. I take turns sitting on each hoping for a breakthru to ``good``.
``Full``-power RF 2s in the CO/UT region are: KREX ``5`` 800 watts in Grand Junxion CO; KSNV ``3``, 27.7 kW in Las Vegas NV; and KOTA ``3``, 18.2 kW in Rapid City SD (no KJWY in Jackson WY tho still on Hepburn`s map; it was low power and moved to Delaware!) (KNOP ``2`` North Platte NE, often seen by others, is too close to here, 584 km = 363 smi = 315 nmi). I got KOTA! See below.
``Full``-power 3s anywhere in the region are only: KYUS ``3`` just 1.3 kW in Miles City MT; and KDLO ``3`` 14.4 kW, Florence SD (often seen in the analog era).
2006 on 88.3, NPR news intro audible, presumably Weekend ATC. Could just be KOSR Stillwater OK, the local fill-in for KOSU moved to OKC; Searching on 88.3 and NPR, WTFDA gets only one hit, for KCLU-FM in Thousand Oaks CA, certainly possible, but there are bound to be many others. A drawback of that DB: it doesn`t include network affiliations per se, but KCLU happens to mention NPR among its slogans and PS info. 
W9WI.com also has an FM database, and here
there are many, many NPRs listed, but NOT including KOSR or KCLU!
2009 on 87.9, rock music, ``K-Love`` ID. This is on the DX-398, not on the PL-880. Weak but steady, suspect local image/mix but can`t make a match on the other receiver; but did I check 105.5? Databases show a possibility, K200AA on 87.9, 28-watt translator in Sun Valley NV, a CSN International station, which is one of those massive gospel huxter satellator networks, but the same as K-Love? Maybe not; K-Love mailing address is Omaha NE, while CSN I think is out of Twin Falls ID. I don`t find any connexion with CSN on the K-Love website.
2013 on 93.3, mentioning Rocky Mountain Power, ad for bulbs and air conditioners from Sutherlands. RMP service area is a lot of Utah, some of Wyoming and a bit of Idaho, but not Colorado:
Sutherlands operates in UT and WY, so maybe KUBL 93.3 Salt Lake City. (But also in OK, so that might also have been CCI from OKC`s KJKE.) But surely nothing about Rocky Mountain Power on an OK station.
2016 on 88.1, RDS shows KVSC, and fades in Spanish music. KVSC 88.1 is definitely in St Cloud MN, but listed as adult alternative; presumably two different stations. After getting at least two other stations on 88.1, at 2039 I see the KVSC is still showing on the RDS, not having been overwritten, so photo it while hearing CKSB French [see CANADA].
2020 on RF 2, DTV decodes, looks like a surf scene, only for a few seconds. Bring up the PSIP and get a definite ID for KOTA-TV 3-1. That`s Rapid City SD, which I had seen many times on RF3 in the analog era. I hasten to get a photo, but too late, it`s gone. Distance 968/602/523.
DTV DX by Es has been VERY elusive for me; in fact, I think this is my *first* such Es DX ID after all these years; had near miss with WBRA RF3 in Virginia in 2009y. 
2003 on 88.1, ``88.1 The Bridge`` promo for a 3-8 pm program in ``The Valley``. WTFDA db has no Bridge on 88.1! But Googling leads right to KTFY Twin Falls ID, which is really Buhl ID in WTFDA, 60 kW vertical only, contemporary Christian. The Bridge again at 2034 with God promo, CCI from CBC French; see below. I have just started recording now. 
Distance 1602/996/865.
2026 on 2, algo in analog; opening probably getting into CANADA now: see concurrent loggings under that heading!
2027 on 92.7, ads for Sam`s Club, and REI Outdoors, singing ID for KTPZ and I see it on the RDS. KTPZ is 4.9 kW H&V in Hazelton ID. At 2028, I see a different RDS: MONSTER. But per WTFDA that must also be KPTZ, ``Music Monster`` slogan, tho not listed in the RDS field. Distance 1554/966/839.
2045 on RF 5, a `bad` DTV signal by Es. Hepburn maps shows only three likely in the area: KXGN, 1 kW in Glendive MT; KIVV, 9.2 kW in Lead [``Leed``] SD; and WBKP, 6.4 kW in Calumet UPMI. Hastings NE is really too close; WOI Ames IA is 452 miles, also unlikely by Es but possible.
2055 on 92.9, rock music, presumably not Tulsa. At 2138, hard rock with RDS showing X93 1 (with spaces in there). WTFDA db gets no 92.9 hits on X-93 or X93, but searching all stations in MN and WI gets this which is likely it:
WECL 92.9 ELK MOUND WI, 3.3/3.3 kW H&V, ``92.9 THE X`` format: ACTIVE ROCK. Distance: 1078/680/582
2058 on 89.1, native chanting with thunder(?) SFX, CCI; 2059 ``Ojibwe 89.1`` ID mixing with WPR. It`s near Duluth:
Distance: 1234/767/666
2058 on 89.1, Wisconsin Public Radio ID mixing with Ojibway above:
Distance: 1084/674/586
2108 on RF3, bar from a bad DTV signal, most likely KDLO in SD again.
2114 on 90.7, ``Res Radio --- 90.7 FM`` As in Indian Reservation. Must be an informal name, but I found one hit from a powwows.com forum guy who says ``IM A DJ AT OUR REZ RADIO. 90.7FM K.A.B.U``, i.e.:
That is in northeastern ND, distance 1293/803/698.
2116 on 89.3, ``The Current from Minnesota Public Radio``, recorded. 
2151 in again and recorded again, ``The Current on Minnesota Public Radio``; 2152 Twin Cities weather. Beastie Boys, ``Make Some Noise on 89-3 The Current``
This is what has become of the lamented defunct WCAL:
KCMP 89.3 NORTHFIELD MN, 97.6/97.6 kW H/V, HD 168F 89.3 The Current - Title/Artist Great music lives here 89.3 the current 89.3 THE CURRENT ADULT ALTERNATIVE. Distance: 982/610/530.
2118 on 90.7, low-key talk about Benny Goodman, Gunther Schuller, swing band movement. Can`t find any programs to match on MPR, WPR schedules, each of which has two stations on 90.7, nor in ND or IA. No Canadians likely. Ideas?
2122 on 89.3, NPR ATC. Not necessarily same station, ATC again at 2151 as CCI to KCMP and I notice that it`s several seconds behind KOSU 91.7 which I know is already delayed to match its IBOC. Probably MPR`s other station on its news/talk network, WIRC in Ely:
Ely is way up next to the Ontario border, distance 1373/853/741.
2129 on 90.7, ``107 KSLT`` is mentioned, CCI to the unID nostalgia station above. KSLT is 107.1 100/100 kW in Spearfish SD, ``POWER 107.1``, CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN, but why is it mentioned on 90.7? Well, there is a 90.7 also in Spearfish, so are they related? 
In fact, they are on the same tower near Lead SD, per rabbitears.info but FCC FM Query shows quite different licensees. Could be that KSLT is related to a religious 90.7 elsewhere in SD, but both of them appear to be satellators from beyond:
K216EY [relaying:] WJFM, 90.7 YANKTON SD, 0.092/0.092 kW, THE SONLIFE RADIO NETWORK RELIGION --- and:
2129 on 94.9, ``Great Hits 95`` slogan, poor. No ``hits`` on that, but maybe I misheard it, such as:
KLCH 94.9 LAKE CITY MN, 5.0/5.0 kW, LAKE HITS 95 OLDIES. Distance: 1014/630/548
Or could it be 100 kW KCMO-FM Kansas City? Too close for Es, under 300 miles, but maybe a bit of extended groundwave. They go by ``Kansas City's Greatest Hits!!!`` but apparently 94.9, not rounding to 95. BTW, I`m still getting ch 4 from Brandon MB.
2139 on 92.9, a bit of classical music CCI to the hard rock X93 above traced to WECL in Elk Mound WI, so surely:
WSCD-FM 92.9 DULUTH MN 70/70 kW, HD 8467 WSCD - MINNESOTA PUBLIC RADIO CLASSICAL. Distance: 1252/778/676
2139 on 89.3, classical with RDS MPR with spaces before and after; photographed. http://www.w4uvh.net/MPRrds.jpg
MPR has three stations on 89.3, but only one is classical:
KRSW 89.3 WORTHINGTON MN, 100/100 kW, HD 3ECE Music - MINNESOTA PUBLIC RADIO CLASSICAL. The others being KCMP, The Current, Northfield already heard above; and WIRC in Ely but it`s on the news/talk network. Distance from Worthington: 827/514/447.
2159 on 89.3, multi-station ID as ``a listener supported station; to donate visit lifetalkradio.org``. Poor signal on recording, hard to copy details, and at end fades over to semi-local KIEL Loyal OK ID:
With WTFDA db info, and what I could make out of the announcement:
WYNJ 89.5 BLACKDUCK MN, 0.8/0.8 kW, RELIGION – by elimination
Searching on Lifetalk or life talk slogans in WTFDA leads only to KOPJ = the one I am hearing, KOLJ, and to K228EW. But the other two fit the frequencies and locations mentioned so also part of this group. I had copied the 91.7 as ``Melrose`` instead of Warroad (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 
** U S A. 88.1, May 27 at 1522 UT, Es signal fades in after sitting on this frequency for about an hour, knowing there is a 6m Es opening over much of the USA. Hard rock music, and back out.
1534 UT on 88.1, another fade in, slogan ``real music for real life, Joy FM``. Searching WTFDA db on Joy FM and 88.1 gets three hits, any of which are possible, but note the power disparity between the two related Florida stations:
From the brief bit of music heard, I would lean toward contemporary Christian rather than southern gospel (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
This report dispatched at 0105 UT May 28

Glenn Hauser - wghauser@yahoo.com

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