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Amateur Radio World Castles Award

Amateur Radio World Castles Award

Hello All!
19/04/2014 - WCA & BCA pedition of ON6WL/P to Ter Eiken Castle!
- Marcel ON5MDM, Jo ON2JO, Jacky ON7JK and Eddy ON6HE will be active on the 19th of April 2014 from Ter Eiken Castle, WCA: ON-00885, BCA:  OV-073. They plan to work from 07:00 UTC on 40 and 20 meters CW & SSB as ON6WL/P. QSL via ON5JE. 73 & 11! [tnx info ON4BB].

18/04/2014 - WCA & DCFP & DMHP pedition of CR500TB to Tower of Belem!
- The members of Portuguese Navy Hamradio Group - NRA will be active on the 18th of April 2014 from Tower of Belem located in Lisboa, WCA: CT-00254, DCFP: F-078, DMHP: LX-005. CR500TB is the call sign that is going to celebrate the 500 years of Tower of Belem. They plan to work onall bands. QSL via CS5NRA. 73 & 11! [tnx info CS5NRA].

15/04/2014 - WCA & DCI pedition of IU5AXT/IP1, IW5AB/IP1 and IZ5GST/IP1 to several castles on palmari Island!
- Federica IU5AXT, Gilberto IW5AB and Steve IZ5GST will be active on the 15th of April 2014 from several castles on Palmari Island:
- Torre San Giovanni Battista O Torre Scola A Portovenere, WCA: I-09167, DCI: SP-033, WAIL: LI-016;
- Forte Umberto I Dell'Isola di Palmaria A Portovenere, WCA: I-09213, DCI: SP-079, WAIL: LI-016;
- Forte Cavour O Palmaria Dell'Isola di Palmaria A Portovenere, WCA: I-09212, DCI: SP-078, WWFF: IFF-218;
- Batteria Semaforo O Alta Dell'Isola di Palmaria A Portovenere, WCA:I-09214, DCI: SP-080, WWFF: IFF-218.
All contacts valid for IIA: SP-001 and WHSA: WH-IT233. They plan to work as Home Call/IP1 on all bands SSB and Digital modes from 07:00 UTC. QSL via Home Calls, bureau or direct. [tnx info IZ5GST].

73 & 11! de Andrew RN1CW
WCA Co-ordinator (World Castles Award)
RLA - Russian Lakes Award

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