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434 MHz balloons to launch Wednesday

Steve G8KHW plans to launch five balloons XABEN64-68 carrying 434 MHz
payloads from from Elsworth on Wednesday, March 12
The balloons may have a range of 200-500 km so should be receivable
over much of the UK.
Steve says: The plan is to launch 5 identical payloads on 5 identical
100g balloons as near identically filled as I can manage in order to
see the sort of spread of burst altitudes. The balloons will be
launched as quick as I can fill them and launch them - so its likely
that all 5 balloons will be in the air at the same time.
With all those flights I'm going to need some help tracking them - so
lots of listeners would be appreciated.
Callsigns and Frequencies to follow on the UKHAS Mailing List - but
all will be on 434 MHz with standard 50 Baud 470Hz 7N1 RTTY.
On the same day there should launch from Westcott, Buckinghamshire on
Wednesday at 12.00 Callsign: BALYOLO Frequency 434.500 MHz.
Dave Akerman M6RPI/M0RPI says he's planning up to three launches over
the next few days:
- Wednesday or (more likely) Thursday - he'll be launching a regular
payload up-burst-down, probably with 2 trackers.
- Saturday (if predictions improve) - Matthew Beckett will be
launching his latest NORB flight
- Sunday (if not HABbed out) hr'll probably try a 100g latex floater
All will be launched from the field behind Dave's new house just north
of Ross-On-Wye, so receivers in the west of England will be
particularly welcome. No SSDV on any of these just 50 baud RTTY
Check the IRC channel for chat about the launch on irc.freenode.net#highaltitude
A web client is available at
Online real-time tracking of balloons
Listen to the balloons online using the Southampton University
Wireless Society (SUWS) 434 MHz WebSDR
Beginners Guide to Tracking using dl-fldigi software
To get up-to-date information on balloon flights subscribe to the
UKHAS Mailing List by sending a blank email to this address:
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