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Robert Wilkener logs January 2014

Greeting and best wishes from South Florida. Sharing information since 1981.
Saludo y los mejores deseos de la Florida del sur. El intercambio de información desde 1981.
Saudação e os melhores desejos do sul da Flórida. A partilha de informação desde 1981.
Saluto e augurio da South Florida. Condivisione delle informazioni dal 1981.

Logs and  Band Scans - 
Good Africa opening last night with Sonder Grense booming on 3320 at 0330 although had some pulsing interference on top and NBC Zambia presumed on 5915  16 Jan. 2014  (Ken Walters )

2485  Australia,  VL8K Katherine NT 0900(XM) and 1115 (RW) threshold level with deep fades,   yl with a few words here and there in English.  16 Jan (Wilkner & XM) 1155 to 1220  fair on 18 January    (Wilkner )     

2910 UNID seemed yl español 1155 to 1210 18 Jan (Wilkner)

3310 Bolivia, Radio  Mosoj Chaski,  Cochabamba  2337 om in Q. under QRN still in at 0015   2/3 January ;  2340 to 0005 on 10/11 January; 2316 to 2340 weak signal in Q on 15 Jan.(Wilkner & XM)

3310 Bolivia,  Radio  Mosoj Chaski, 1000, apparent sign on, threshold to poor 17 Jan. (XM)

3329.6  Perú,  Ondas del Huallaga,  Huánuco 2330 to 2355 locutor en español weak signal 2 January ; weak signal  8 January 2345 to 2355 en español.  Some tentative logs since but very weak signals 2345 to 0000(Wilkner)

3364.9 Brasil,  Radio Cultura, Araraquara, SP 2336 to 0010 om Portuguese 2/3 January (Wilkner & Ken Walters) -- 2317 to 2340 in Portuguese  on 15 Jan (Wilkner)

3935   Unid, 1213, a short excerpt of mx from a popular television  series or movie  cannot remember which, played repeatedly with  brief intervals of silence in between, something like an IS, heard one of the hams comment on it 18 Jan (XM)

3945     Unid.but AIR Gorakhpur suspected, 1235 to 1245, subcontinental music under hams , stronger signal than from Vanuatu, which should be off the air by this time anyway, possible reactivation of the Indian? 16 Jan (XM)

4319u Diego  Garcia.  AFN 2345 to 0015 pop rock music with announcements then UTE QRN takes over  after 0000  15 January and other days same time.  1.2k filter assists after 0000 using 746Pro (Wilkner & XM)

4451.1 Bolivia, Radio Santa  Ana, Santa Ana de Yacuma 2318 to 2325 weak en español 15 January and other days as well (Wilkner)

4699.9  Bolivia,  Radio San Miguel, Riberalta 2330 to 2340 en español fair signal 2 January :  2340 to 0010 with om español on  10/11 Jan. - Similar logs since, with difficult signal strength  (Wilkner & XM) - rlw

4716.65 Bolivia, Radio Yatun Ayllu Yura, Yura  2340 to 0012 with programing en español, stronger signal than Radio San Miguel same  time,  ..... indicative of poor reception from Latin American generally this dx season 10/11 January (Wilkner & XM) - Similar logs since rlw

4754.85 Brasil, Radio Imaculada Conceição, Campo Grande, MS 2330 to 2350 Portuguese om and music 2 January (Wilkner & XM)

4760 Liberia, ELWA Monrovia, 2345 0000 , sounded like possible religous service-  poor signal 17 Jan (XM)

4789.9  Perú, Radio Visión  Chiclayo  2350 to 0000 very distorted español signal under transmitter hum on 9 January and other days since with same xmitter issues  (Wilkner)

4805 Brasil, Radio Difusora do Amazonas,Manaus  2340 to 0010 om in Portuguese, weak signal 10/11 January.  Noted most evenings this time (Wilkner)

4810 Perú,  Radio Logos,  Chazuta, Tarapoto 1040 to 1050 om vocal en español with very good signal -- easily the best heard from Peru.  9 January (Wilkner)

4815 Brasil, Radio  Difusora, Londrina PR 2350 to 0020 om in Portuguese with Congregation(?) 8/9 Jan. 2344 yl in Portuguese  on 10 January   (Wilkner)

4817.8 Unid strong carrier with some weak audio 2340 to 2350 10 Jan. (Wilkner)

4824.49 Perú,  La Voz de la Selva,   Iquitos  2340 to 0016 with om and yl in discussion en español, notice better signals recently from this emisora   10/11 Jan (Wilkner & XM)

4826.5 Perú , Radio Sicuani, Sicuani, Cusco  silent since December? (Wilkner)

4835 Perú,Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba  2340 to 2355 vocalist  en español, weak with CODAR 8 Jan., noted en español 2340 to 2350 on 10 Jan. with ute interference and CODAR (Wilkner)

4863.74 Unid.  Hum on signal distorted 2310 to 2350 on 15 Jan (Wilkner)

4870 Indonesia, RRI Wamena, suspected, 1230, threshold 16 Jan (XM)

4939.9t. Perú , Radio San Antonio de Atalaya 2350 to 0010 om en español with deep fades  10/11 Jan (Wilkner)

5025 Peru,  Radio Quillabamba, 0030, threshold 17 Jan. (XM)

5580.2 Bolivia,  Radio San José, San José de Chiquitos  2345 to 0015 locutor en español 2/3 January; good signal 2350 to 0020 on 8/9 January, 2355 to 0020 on 10/11 January  (Wilkner & XM)

6185 Mexico Radio Educacion 0110 in Spanish with guitar music into male ID at 0118 and male and female news. Strong carrier with fair to medium modulation. Jan 8.(Ken Walters)

6676u  Thailand, Bangkok  Volmet 1210 temp and wx conditions 18 Jan (Wilkner)

8989u  Nicaragua "El  Pescador Preacher"  2350 om Preacher en 
español with good signal on 10 January and most nights since. Occasional ute interference on top (Wilkner)

---------------------------Dan Sheedy -------California ----  

RUSSIA RT22ZS 21202U 2308 10 Jan. Sergey in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka calling CQ.
JAPAN 7J7ACT 21287U 2329 10 Jan. Simon in Misawa (unless i misheard him, he's the only "7J7" prefix ham in Japan)
OKINAWA JS6LIH 21245U 2309 10 Jan. On Taketomi Island in the Okinawa group.. Okinawa (Ryukyu Islands) counts as a separate DXCC "entity" & NASWA country, as well. (Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach, CA G5/6m X wire)
THAILAND 13745 R. Thailand 0056-0100+ 11 Jan. "Radio Thailand Weather Flash" w/ temps for Northern Thailand (31/16C), Southern Thailand (34/19C), & Central Thailand/Bangkok (33/16C), ID with hotmail  web address, phone #, Twitter acct. info, a quick "mind the traffic, enjoy the rest of your Saturday", some aphorisms, a zippy sounder & carrier off for 5 seconds, then OC, 3+1 pips, bells & "the time is now 8AM in Thailand..", (p) NA, more bells/gongs & opening Thai language program. (Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach, CA G5/6m X wire)
Dan Sheedy,
Swami's Beach, CA
Grundig G3 + 4m X-wire

Ken Walters- Palm Beach -South Florida
Sangean ATS 909X
XM -  Cedar Key - South Florida
NRD 525D  - R8A - E5 
Robert Wilkner
Pompano Beach - South Florida
Icom 746Pro - R8 - Sony 2010XM - longwire antennas 

DXSF 1981 - 2014 

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