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171 Morocco, Medi 1 0000 to 0025, om then into AR music 16 November (Wilkner)

189 Iceland  Gufuskalar  0600 om in Icelandic, into music at 0610 on 5 November (Wilkner)

810 Bahamas, ZNS " no waiting for your call' local ad 1032 on 14 November (Wilkner)

2325  Australia   VL8T Tennant Creek  NT 1030 to 1040 threshold signal with some audio difficult to tune 18 Nov. (Wilkner)

2485  Australia,  VL8K Katherine NT  1015 to 1030 some rock music in program, deep fades 20 November; 0940 with audio on 14 November:1045 weak audio on 13 Nov. (Wilkner)

3310 Bolivia Radio  Mosoj Chaski,  Cochabamba   0915 to 0930 yl in Q? , November 14; and 0940 to 0955 yl in language fair signal on 24 November, 0020 to 0030 with yl announcer on 13 November  (Wilkner)

3329.6  Perú  Ondas del Huallaga,  Huánuco  1015 to 1035 om in Spanish 20 November; 1007 to 1012 noted in Spanish with fair signal 14 November; 1035 to 1045 weak on the 13 November  (Wilkner)

3329.6  Perú  Ondas del Huallaga,  Huánuco 0030 en espanol  to 0040 on 8 November, the only log for local Peru evening  (Wilkner)
3375.1 Brasil  Radio Municipal São Gabriel da Cachoeira  1020 to 1047 om in Portuguese, weaker signal today 20 November; 0917 om with some music to 0935, possibly a yl announcer as well,  on 14 November (Wilkner (Wilkner)

4045u Bahamas, West End, Old Bahama Bay  1212 Sailing vessel requesting wx information 18 November (Wilkner)

4045u Bahamas, Marsh Harbour 1206 to 1207  Sailing vessel with sailing plans 20 Nov (Wilkner)

4045u Bahamas, West End, Grand Bahama 1153 to 1155 sailing vessel requesting conditions 20 November (Wilkner)

4045u Bahamas, Cay Lobos Vessel 1202 with sailing plans needing wx conditions for two days, 20 November (Wilkner)

4045u  Bahamas, Orange Cay  1204 sailing vessel requesting wx information 20 November (Wilkner)

4055 Guatemala, Radio Verdad 1020 Chorale music, 1055 English language sermon 20 November, - 2355 in Spanish announcing a program in "ingles"16 Nov. (Wilkner)

4451.1 Bolivia, Radio Santa  Ana, Santa Ana de Yacuma   2250  to 2320 best in usb weak in Spanish deep fades 14 November; 2315 to 2320 om in Spanish on 12 November (Wilkner)

4699.9  Bolivia,  Radio San Miguel, Riberalta 0915 en espanol  to 1000 with frequency specific QRN on signal 14 November (Wilkner)

4716.65 Bolivia   Radio Yatun Ayllu Yura, Yura 1025 to 1040 fade with some music 20 Nov.; 0930 to 1000 om and music, weak signal 14 November  (Wilkner)

4775 Perú Radio Tarma. Tarma   1028 to 1032, om dj with rustic Peru music, strong signal 20 Nov (Wilkner)

4775  Brasil,  Radio  Congohas in Portuguese  2150 to 2205 on 15 November (XM)

4785 Brasil, Radio Caiari, Porto Velho, RO  0933 vocalist in Portuguese , begin yl vocal at 0935, 0945 more music, thunderstorm crackle over signal 14 November (Wilkner)

4781.5 Ecuador, Radio Oriental, Napo 2350 to 2356 lively vocalist noted, good strong signal 16 November (Wilkner)

4810 Perú  Radio Logos,  Chazuta, Tarapoto 1023 Peru music, flauta andina at 1040, the strongest "OA" station with enjoyable signal.  4805 Brasil Radio Difusora do Amazonas,Manaus weaker noted at the same time, 20 November (Wilkner)

4824.5 Perú  La Voz de la Selva,   Iquitos  om en espanol 2314 to 2320 14 November (Wilkner)

4835 Australia, VL8A Alice Springs, NT 1030 to 1100 with some popular music 18 Nov. (Wilkner)

4875  Brasil, Rdif Roraima, Boa Vista RR 1030 to 1100 om in Portuguese with very strong signal, music ...the strongest Brasilian here on regular basis 20 Nov. (Wilkner)

4955  Perú Radio Cultural Amauta Huanta 1035 to 1045 music of Peru, good signal 20 November (Wilkner)

4985  Brasil, Radio  Brasil Central, Goiana 2150 to 2215 in Portuguese on 15 November (XM)

4985.50 Peru  R. Voz Cristina,  13/11 1045-1120 33333+ recién 1103 s/on sin aviso alguno solo con advs en forma continua que indican distritos de Huancayo,  recién a las 1110 dan su ID "Radio Voz Cristina 94.9 FM.." luego  px en quechua y español,  mxf huayno con mensaje cristiano.  ID En quechua y español NOTA: cambio de frecuencia, antes 4984.20 ahora 4985.50 (tnx D. Valko) Pedro F.  Arrunátegui- Lima Peru

5005  Equatorial Guinea, R Nacional, Bata, Rio Muni, with music 2150 to 2210, 15 November (XM)

5039.22 Perú,  Radio Libertad de Junín, Junín  1020 to 1040 om in Spanish, good signal  20 November; 0950 om in Spanish then into slow vocal at 0955 on 14 November  (Wilkner)
5035  Brasil, R Aparaceida,in Portuguese sliding by Rebelde giant signal 2150 to 2210, 15 November (XM)

6628u Açores, Santa Maria 0002 to 0020 with flight information 17 November (Wilkner)

6676u  Thailand, Bangkok  Volmet 1140 weather information Nov 20 (Wilkner)

6676u  Australia Brisbane Volmet 1102 -1105 weather information 17 November (Wilkner)

8113u  VMW Australia Weather 1100 report of strong winds and marine summary 14 November (Wilkner)

8828u Hong Kong - Cape d'Aguilar- 1045 weather information Nov. 20 (Wilkner)

8846u US, New York Radio working Delta flight 1215 November 18 (Wilkner)

8989u  Nicaragua "El  Pescador Preacher"   2355 om preacher with religious talk in Spanish and a few Buenos Noches " 16 November (Wilkner0
XM -  Cedar Key - South Florida
NRD 525D Gilfer Modified  - R8A - E5 
Robert Wilkner
Pompano Beach, South Florida
NRD 535D -746Pro - R8 - R7- 

 ---Mark Coady - Ontario Canada --------
4765 CUBA Radio Progreso at 0137 in Spanish with a Latin version of "A Whiter Shade of Pale" with a man with occasional talk over the instrumental sections of the piece then a 60s pop tune at 0140 and a man with ID at 0142 - Very Good Nov 14 Coady-ON
9525.8 INDONESIA Voice of Indonesia at 2020 in French with a man with talk then brief gamelon music at 2022 and into a woman with talk with mentions of "Indonesie" and "Islam" then a man with brief talk at 2026 and a "La Voix du Indonesie" ID - Fair Nov 10 Coady-ON - I have only been hearing a carrier for this one for the longest time. It's real nice to hear them well again
4780 DJIBOUTI Radio Djibouti at 0300 in Arabic with brief anthem and a woman with talk with a mention of "Djibouti" and a Horn of Africa music bridge and into Qu'ran chanting at 0301 - Fair Nov 3 Coady-ON
4930 BOTSWANA VOA at 0316 with a woman reporting on a biodiversity project in Chesapeake Bay - Fair Nov 3 Coady-ON...
9660 MADAGASCAR Vatican Radio at 0341 in listed Swahili with a man with a man with talk with mentions of "Jesus Christos" and choral music bridges and abruptly off at 0344 - Very Good Nov 3 Coady-ON
9665.4 BRAZIL Voz Missionaria at 0345 in Portuguese with a man and woman with religious talk and a choral hymn - Fair with het Nov 3 Coady-ON
9655 TURKEY Voice of Turkey at 0400 with Turkish music before the hour then time pips and a woman with ID and sked then a man with program highlights and a man and woman with news - Very Good Nov 3 Coady-ON
--Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach/Encinitas, CA G5/PL380 + 6m X wire----
ZIMBABWE (non) 12105 Radio Dialogue (Talata-Volondry) *1600-1610+ 6-8 Nov. With WTWW off somewhere, RD came in quite nicely with slogan IDs ("Radio Dialogue-Giving You A Voice" & "Radio Dialogue-With The Community At Heart") + M/W DJs (the guy is the same one from last year who really rolls his "r"s in Ndebele/Shona)..still gives SW freq. as 12115--sked is 18-1900 Zimbabwe time..also gives phone/SMS #s, FB/Twitter info + website: www.radiodialogue.com..decent signal & a treat to hear them again. (Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach, CA PL380/6m X wire)
NIGERIA 15120 VON 1514-36, 1553-57* 7 Nov. "60 Minutes" news-magazine program w/ items concerning livestock improvement schemes, financial new, family planning meeting in Addis Ababa.."You are listening to "60 Minutes" from Voice of Nigeria, Lagos.." @ BOH & then news headlines & more rpts on wildlife management/anti-poaching programs..@ :53 finishing up sports & then "Today In History", drums sounder, recap of top stories, closing pgm ID, website: www.voiceofnigeria.org & email address, more close-down chat, drums & off..the sked 15-16 EG broadcast is irregular, usually starting well past TOH, but their audio isn't all hummy/buzzy like last year, so that's a plus. (Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach, CA PL380/6m X wire)
CHINA 4940 VoS 1500-1506+ 9 Nov. Thanks to Ron Howard's tips/audio clips, finally heard the VoS 1/2-hour EG program "Focus on China"..many IDs ("Voice of Strait Broadcasting Station" among others), gives FM/AM freq. (666 on BCB) + website: www.vos.com.cn then news headlines & more in depth reports (Chinese high-speed rail, econ. rpt, etc)..a little noisy on 60M here this late, but signal quite readable & the program is enjoyable. (Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach, CA PL380/6m X wire)
ECUADOR 6050 HCJB 0245-0305+ 9 Nov. Surprised to find them with a fair-good signal & SP ballads/pop (presumably with a religious theme), call-letter ID + list of stns (1 in Esmereldas) @ TOH + pips & then "Atraves de la Biblia" (mentioning a listener's letter for the "AdlB" broadcast via TWR-Bonaire) (Dan Sheedy, Encinitas, CA PL380/6m X wire)
KIRIBATI 21310U T33A (Banaba Isl. DXpedtion) 0030 9 Nov. Heard calling CQ w/ no takers (for a short while) then working JK4USW (Shunan City, Yamaguchi) + the pile-up began. Banaba Isl. is the western-most island in the Kiribati chain &, I think, counts as a separate DXCC "entity". (Dan Sheedy, Encinitas, CA G5/6m X wire)
NORTHERN IRELAND 21264U GI4NFH/GI4RKC (ops Ray & Seamus, both in Lisburn, NI) heard  @ 1530 on 8 Nov. & also logged MI0SDR (Derek) in Londonderry, NI a few kHz down during the same time period. (Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach, CA G5/6m X wire)
RUSSIA 11790 R. Tatarstan (Novosibirsk) *0401-0435+ 9 Nov. Thanks to Ron Howard's tip, caught RT's B13 freq. with a fair signal (still much better than when they were on 19M)..tone, OC, IS + dual-language IDs @ :10, interrupted RU dance song into long speech in (p) Tatar w/ polite crowd clapping & vy occ. mx breaks..will have to try them this coming weekend to see if they're also doing those RU/TA music programs as heard in previous years. (Dan Sheedy, Encinitas, CA PL380/6m X wire)
AUSTRALIA 21260U VK2FBRG (Barry in Port Macquarie, NSW) chatting with AI0L on 9 Nov. @ 0020..the 4-letter suffix is an example of an Australian "foundation licence"..(Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach, CA G5/6m X wire)
MACEDONIA  21275U Z320T 1514 5 Nov. Special c/s commemorating 20 years of the "Z3" prefix for Macedonia..op Al wkg KC0TDQ in IA (among about a zillion others).. 
SAN ANDRES ISL. 21295U 5J0R (lost time--probably 1500+) 1 Nov. DXpedition operation working a mega-pile-up of JAs.. 
EASTER ISL. 24953U XR0YY 1505 4 Nov. Uruguay DX Group DXpedition on from Hangaroa.. 
WAKE ISL. 21285U K9W 2355 4 Nov. 2013 Wake Island Commemorative DXpedition working the crew..op @ Wake had to QRX a couple minutes for a water break..
ISLE OF MAN 24975U GD6IA 1623 4 Nov. Op Alex in Peel City, IOM working a VE6.. 
SOUTH COOK ISL. 21325U E51JD 0203 3 Nov. Jim in Rarotonga chatting with a K6.. 
BRAZIL 11855 R. Aparecida 0001+ 5 Nov. Fading UP for once with long list of RN affiliates incl. 9 de Julho, TC for 2210, singing "Aparecida" jingle into ID & tune bridge to PT chat. 
INDIA (non) 6260 CVC (via Tashkent) 1410-1440 1 Nov. Hindi programme sked 14-15 with usual CVC-style relaxed chat/mx as previously heard on the CVC broadcasts from Zambia/Chile..occ. EG phrases in the mix + jingle @ :34 "the best of Asian music, right (here?) on CVC.."
PAKISTAN 15725/11530 RP 1424-1500+ 31 Oct. The new B13 QRG for RP snuck thru this morning, weak but audible with Urdu chat/mx, horn sounder + 3 pips @ TOH, "ye..Pakistan he.." ID over music bed, then (p) news headlines readby M/W w/ sounder between items...NHKWR/Radio Japan-15720 (Talata-Volondry) opening @ 1430 in Hindi doesn't help the 19M reception much.. 
KURDISTAN (non) 11510 Denge Kurdistan (Grigoriopol) 1408-1500+ 1 Nov. Back safely here after sneaking away to 11600 for a few days..Kurdish chat/mx with occ. IADs..TOH brought horns/flutes sounder & "radyo..Denge Kurdistaniya..", another sounder, pips & W with another ID + maybe website info..(p) news headlines after 1500--if they switch from Grigoriopol to Kostinbrod @ 1500, I couldn't tell by the signal--no change in strength or break in transmission..
ZIMBABWE (non) 12105 Radio Dialogue (Talata-Volondry) *1600-05 6 Nov. WTWW apparently not on yet, leaving RD popping on @ TOH w/ "Radio Dialogue..giving you a voice" & sked of 18-19 hours (Zimbabwe is UT+2) on 12115 (sic) kHz, teaser for upcoming news bulletin, then phone/SMS #s, reggae bridge & website/email/Facebook/Twitter info, more reggae & opening news with "accurate &, more important, relevant"..since WTWW is supposed to have this freq. all-day/night for B13, it's nice to know they're occ. spacing out in Lebanon, TN & allowing RD to slide in.. 
CHINA 6080 Hulun Buir PBS (Hailar) (tent.) 1330-1405+ 23-31 Oct. Possibly this is HB PBS with Mongolian pgmme of local music (droning vocals + those neat MNG horns) & occasionally poetry/story readings (24, 30 Oct.)..maybe 5+1 @ TOH + ululating CH tune before "ID" by W, but difficult to tell cuz RTI/Firedrake open up @ 1400 on 6075 giving 6080 ultra-nasty ACI..Aoki has CNR1 (Geermu) here, also & heard occasionally u/ Hulun Buir (CNR1 //7305/9825, etc)
INDONESIA 3325 RRI-Palangkaraya 1400+ 21, 23-26 Oct. Don't know when it started, but they've been running an "IS" sort of tune (usually 3x) & 6+1 pips just after the RRI-P net ID & just before the local RRI-P ID & "warta berita lokal" for Palangkaraya/Kalimantan Tengah..(Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach, CA G5/6m X wire) 
NORTH AMERICA 3235 R/S Y-H-W-H 0131, 0247+ 26 Oct. Thanks to Ron Howard's tip, found that mellow-voiced guy with the same anti-whoever drone..not so good as WWCR-3215, but better (& more fun) than WWRB-3185. (Dan Sheedy, Encinitas, CA G5/6m X wire)
SUDAN (non) 15535 (SMG)/13800 (Talata-Volondry) R. Tamazuj/R. Dabanga 1502, 1547+ 27-29 Oct. NF for B13 & sites "presumed"..15535 huge, 13800 fair with "usual" AR/Sudanese chat/news..Tamazuj IDs before 1530 & those nifty Dabanga jingles after that..also 11940 (T-V)/7315 (SMG) 0432+ 29 Oct. Again, big on 7315 & fair on 11940..(Dan Sheedy, Encinitas, CA G5/6m X wire) 
NORTH KOREA (non) 5910 Shiokaze 1335+ 27-29 Oct. 27th was maybe 1st day back here, ex-5985..no jammer noted on the 27th, but messing with them seriously on the 28/29th. (Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach, CA G5/6m X wire) 
ITALY (non) 15190 Radio Santec/"Voz de Fulano de Tal"(via IRRS: Tiganeshti? Kostinbrod?)  *1458-1600* 20/28 Oct. SU-only broadcast is always entertaining--Santec is a long relaxing chat by Gabriele, closing around 1527..then IRRS runs Motown/EG ads 'til closing info @ :30, then back with new programme (20 Oct. it was some very relaxing AR/Sudanese chat/sermon w/ "Music From The Hearts Of Space" style background..& Kenny Rogers' "You Decorated My Life" to lead into IRRS close-down info--the 27th brought a repeat of "The California Report" + NPR news from KQED (from Sept. 30th) 'til 1600 & IRRS' closing ID..)--excuse the "Voz de Fulano de Tal" mention above--since I never know what programme is going to be on @ 1530, it seemed a good idea to call it "Voice of Somebody" (Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach, CA G5/6m X wire) 
THAILAND 9390 HSK9 1420-1430* 29 Oct. Here for B13 with good signal & "UN Calling Asia", "Information Thailand", & "Take On Thailand"--off mid-chat during "Take On Thailand". (Dan Sheedy, Swami's Beach, CA G5/6m X wire)
Robert Wilkner - rlcw@earthlink.net

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