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I.C.P.O. Bulletin (18 - 25 October 2013) 
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations" 
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)

18/10/2013: Yuli 4X6HP/p, Vlad 4Z5IW/p and Ros 4Z5LA/p will be active, weather permitting, from Akhziv Island (IOTA AS-100) on 18th and 19th October, 2013. QRV on the HF bands, SSB and CW. QSL via their home calls. [DX World]

18/10/2013: Calabria DX Team members Alex, IK8YFU, and others will be active as II8LH/9 on 18th October 2013 from the Capo Rasocolmo (ME) lighthouse (WAIL SI-034, ARLHS ITA-032, WLOTA 1362, WAIS FS54), island of Sicily (EU-025, IIA SC-001, MIA MI-107). QRV on the HF bands, propagation permitting. QSL via the bureau to HB9FHZ (USKA bureau) or via direct to IK8YFU; also eQSL and LoTW. [IK8YFU]

18/10/2013: Operators Suehiro JI1PLF, Mitsuo JA1UNS, Hisa 7N1GMK, Takeo 7L4PVR and Kazuhiko 7N4VPS will be active as homecall/1 from Hachijo Island [Hachijo-jima] (WLOTA 0436, Grid Loc. PM93, JA1 Tokyo Prefecture, Hachijo Subprefecture, JCG 10006), South Izu Islands (AS-043, WWFF JAFF-009), Nanpo Islands, between 18-21 October, 2013. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via their home calls, direct or bureau. [OPDX Bulletin]

18/10/2013: Members of the Jackson County Amateur Radio Association (JCARA) will be active as K5R from Round Island (NA-082, USi MS-001S) and Lighthouse (ARLHS USA-711), Jackson county, Mississippi, between 18-20th October, 2013. Team Leaders are Fred N5GJ and Dan AE5JG. Activity will be on 80-10 metre CW, SSB and RTTY/PSK31. QSL request should be sent to: Dan Miller AE5JG, K5R QSL Manager, 18724 Reese Drive, Saucier, MS 39574. USA: Please include SASE with request. Outside USA: Please include SAE and 3 USDs or current IRC with request. [OPDX Bulletin]

18/10/2013: PY3MM, Miguel, will be active as PY0F/PY3MM from Fernando de Noronha (SA-003, DIB OC-01, WLOTA 1208, WWFF PYFF-016) between 18-28th October, 2013. QRV holiday style on all bands, mainly SSB. His main focus will be on the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October), using the callsign PR0F from CQ zone 11. QSL both calls via PP5VB, direct only (see [DX World]

19/10/2013: CAMSAT (AMSAT China) will hold "a big DX party" from the outskirts of the city of Dunhuang in northwestern China (Zone 23, WW Loc. NM79AW) on 19-28th October, 2013. Alan, BA1DU and a very large group of operators coming from all over the country will be active with four well equipped stations: one for 2 and 6 metres, one for 70 centimetres and two for 160-10 metres. Meteor Scatter and EME activity will be emphasized (this will include participation in the ARRL EME Contest on 26-27 October), as well activity on the low bands. Special callsign BJ9TA will be used for operating above 50 MHz and on the low bands, while BY9GA/9 will be used for the other bands and for participation in the CQWW SSB DX Contest (October 26-27th). QSL via BA1DU. [425 DX News]

19/10/2013: Babs, DL7AFS and Lot, DJ7ZG start again another dxpedition! They will be active from Ilha de Sao Tiago (AF-005, WLOTA 0158), Cape Verde, between 19th October and 7th November, 2013. Plans are to be QRV on 80-10 metres - mainly in RTTY, PSK31, PSK63 and SSB. Look on the usual DX-frequencies. QSL via the German QSL-bureau DARC to DL7AFS, or direct to: Baerbel Linge, Eichwaldstr. 86, D-34123 Kassel, Germany. Website: [DX World]

19/10/2013: Calabria DX Team members Alex, IK8YFU, and others will be active as II8LH on 19th October 2013 from the Capo Rizzuto (KR) lighthouse (WAIL CL-011, ARLHS ITA-033, WAIS FN63). Later in the day they plan to activate the Capo Colonne (KR) lighthouse (WAIL CL-012, ARLHS ITA-010, WAIS FM64). QRV on the HF bands, propagation permitting. QSL via the bureau to HB9FHZ (USKA bureau) or via direct to IK8YFU; also eQSL and LoTW. [IK8YFU]

19/10/2013: Benjamin, KK6FUT, will be on Santa Cruz Island (NA-144, USi CA-012S, WLOTA 0813), located in the Channel Islands National Park (WWFF KFF-014), Santa Barbara county, California, on 19-20th October, 2013 (with a Boy Scout Troop for Jamboree-On-The-Air JOTA). Plan is to run on 20m, 15m, and maybe 40m, but will be QRP (50W or less), intermittent operating times. QSL via KK6FUT, direct preferred; bureau ok. []

19/10/2013: Adhi, YB3MM, will be active as YB3MM/p from Sebesi Island (OC-262) on 19th and 20th October. He will be on 15 and 20M SSB and CW. QSL via IZ8CCW. [W2FB]

20/10/2013: Olivier, ON4EI will be active again as EI8GQB from Fethard, Ireland (EU-115, WLOTA 2484) on 20-30th October 2013 using an hybrid wind-solar power system from his caravan. He will participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest as EI1A. QSL for both callsigns via PA3249. Follow his activity and antenna experimentation [425 DX News]

20/10/2013: Ivo, ON7IVO, will be active on the 20th of October 2013 from V12 Bunkery Castle (WCA ON-01932, BCA AN-208). He plans to work as ON7IVO/p from 10:00 in local time on 40 metre SSB. QSL via home call, bureau or direct. [RN1CW]

20/10/2013: Peter, M1AYI, is expected to be active from Stanley, East Falkland Island (SA-002, WLOTA 1479, WWFF GFF-024) as VP8DNY between 20th October and 19th November 19, 2013. QRV on the HF bands, SSB only. QSL via home call, via the RSGB bureau only. [DX World]

20/10/2013: Members of the ORDA PAPUA DXPEDITION TEAM will activate for the first time Bras Island, Mapia Atoll (OC-276), Papua Province, Indonesia, as YB9Y between 20-27th October, 2013. Operators include Yanuarius YB9YZ, Triadi YB0KVN, Faisal YB1PR, Pri YB0ECT, Gjellani YB1GJS, Wisnu YB0AZ, Ronny YB9WR, Jozardy YD1JZ, Kasmuri YD1MRI, Danu YD1GCL, Rizal YD1ORZ, Suryadi YB0JS, Yoyon YB1CCF, Heri YB1KAR, Terry YC1KAF, Ria YC0KVM, Susana YD1LUX, Randi YC0RAN, Syafruddin YB9SB, Laily YB0TSU, Edy YD1XUH, Achmad YC1CDV, Ujang YC0LLY and Sadao WK1S/JA1PBV. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via YB1GJS, direct or bureau. Further info and updates at: [425 DX News]

21/10/2013: Alan, K7AR, will be active as E51AAR from Rarotonga Island (OC-013), South Cook Islands, between 21-26 October, 2013. Activity will mainly be RTTY, and he will also participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October) from CQ zone 32. His equipment is a Elecraft K3 and KPA500. QSL via K7AR, direct or by the bureau. Log will be uploaded to LoTW upon his return home. However, he will try to upload log on a daily basis to ClubLog. [OPDX Bulletin]

21/10/2013: Look for Ben, DO1BEN, to be active once again as PD/DO1BEN from Texel Island (EU-038, WLOTA 0043) from 21-27th October, 2013. Plans are to be QRV on
40/20 and 10 metre SSB and digi modes. QSL bureau or direct via DO1BEN, more information on Check Ben's website for more information at:[]

21/10/2013: Steve, AG2AA (FISTS #16089, SKCC #9928), will be active as VP9/AG2AA from Bermuda (NA-005) between 21st October and 3rd November, 2013. Operations will be from two different locations. The first location from a resort on the west end of the island starting between 21-27 October, operating an Elecraft KX3 QRP on 40 and 20 metre CW and SSB. The second location from Ed, VP9GE's, Hamilton Parish QTH between 28th October and 3rd November, operating on several bands with 100 watts on CW and SSB. QSL via AG2AA, direct, by the bureau or eQSL. [OPDX Bulletin]

22/10/2013: Vlad, RK4FF, plans activity from Le Calao Resort, Thies region, Senegal, as 6V7S between 22 October and 27 November, 2013. QRV on all HF bands and modes. QSL via home call, direct only. [DX World]

22/10/2013: Rich, N0HJZ, will once again be active as C6ARW from Grand Bahama Island [Freeport] (NA-080, WLOTA 0527) between 22-29th October 2013. QRV on 30/
17/12 metre CW and RTTY. Activity will also include the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 26-27th) as a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry. QSL direct to his home callsign ( [OPDX Bulletin]

22/10/2013: Noah, K2NG (PJ4G) and Group will be active from the "Bonaire Radio House", Subi di Rincon, island of Bonaire (SA-006, WLOTA 1279, WWFF PAFF-024, WW Loc. FK52UD) between 22-29 October, 2013. They will use their own personal PJ4 callsigns or PJ4/homecalls. Activity will include Multi-Op entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October), using the callsign PJ4X. QSL PJ4G direct to K2NG. QSL PJ4X to W1MD via LoTW, eQSL, or SASE/SAE + sufficient postage (Martin I Durham, 450 Allison Dr., Palm Bay, Florida 32908, USA). Please NO BUREAU CARDS. [NG3K]

22/10/2013: Mek, SP7VC, plans activity as TK/SP7VC from the island of Corsica (EU-014, DIFM TK-001, MIA MCO-001, WLOTA 1390, Grid Loc. JN42) between 22-28th October 2013, including a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October) from CQ zone 15. Outside the contest, Mek will be QRV on 160-6m using SSB, FSK441 via meteor scater on 6m. QSL via LoTW and direct (Przemyslaw Golembowski, P.O. Box 2221, 90-959, LODZ-40, Poland). [NG3K]

22/10/2013: Frank, VP5/WA2VYA and Tony, VP5/K4QE will be active from Providenciales Island (NA-002, WLOTA 2003) between 22-29th October, 2013. Frank and Tony will also put in a Multi-Op entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October), using the callsign VP5T. Outside the contest look for Frank to be QRV on CW, with an emphasis on 160M, 80M, 10M, and the WARC bands, and possibly some RTTY or SSB. Tony will concentrate on SSB, with an emphasis on the WARC bands. QSL via their home calls, direct or bureau. QSL VP5T to WA3RHW, direct or via the W3 bureau, (not the VP5 bureau) and LoTW. [NG3K]

23/10/2013: Gert, ZS6AYU, will be active from Roma, Lesotho, as 7P8GF between 23-26 October, 2013. QRV on 40-10m CW only, holiday style. QSL via ZS6AYU (see [DX World]

23/10/2013: Look for Andy, DL6AP, to be active as EA6/DL6AP/P from the island of Mallorca (EU-004, DIE E-021, MIA MB-004, WLOTA 1902) and satellite islands between 23-28 October, 2013. Activity will be on the HF bands, using 5 watts QRP + LW (13m). QSL via his home call, bureau preferred. []

23/10/2013: Mark, N2MD, is returning to the island of Grenada (NA-024, WLOTA 0718), W.I., and will sign J3/N2MD from 23-28 October, 2013. This year is the 30th anniversary of the U.S. intervention and rescue of U.S. medical students in Grenada (1983) during which Mark operated as KA2ORK/J37. He will be joined by Arnal, N9ACC who will sign J3/N9ACC. Arnal is a U.S. Navy officer (retired) who was also involved in the 1983 mission. Plans are to operate both fixed and mobile, 80-6 metre SSB and 2 metre FM, band conditions and time permitting. Activity will be holiday style but mostly evening hours. QSL via LoTW only. [DX World]

23/10/2013: Les, N1SV, will be QRV as VP9/homecall from Hamilton Parish, Bermuda (NA-005, WW Loc. FM72PI) between 23-27 October, 2013. Activity will include a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October) using the callsign VP9I from CQ zone 5. QSL VP9/N1SV via home call. QSL VP9I via WW3S. [NG3K]

23/10/2013: Budi, YF1AR/7 and Fan, YB0AI/7 will be active from Sebatik Island (OC-295) between 23-28th October, 2013. QRV on 40-10m, mainly SSB. Participation in CQWW DX SSB contest expected. YF1AR/7 via N2OO; YB0AI/7 via home call. [DX World]

24/10/2013: The Xinjiang Radio Sports Association, BY0AA, will be active from Wulumuqi, Xinjiang, China, from 24-27 October, 2013. Their main focus will be the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October) as a Multi-2 entry from CQ zone 23. Operators will be Terry BA7NQ, Vange BA7IO, Rumei BD7LMD, Yang BD7IXG, Wong VR2KW, Lin BI7IOB and others. They will focus on the low bands only before the contest. QSL goes via BA4EG. [NG3K]

24/10/2013: Ron AA4VK, Randy N0TG and Jeff N1SNB will once again be active as FS/homecalls from the island of French St. Martin (NA-105, DIFO FS-001, WLOTA 0383) from 24-31 October, 2013. Expect activity on all bands and modes. FS/N1SNB will participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 26-27th). QSL all call signs via AA4VK, direct only. [NG3K]

24/10/2013: On 24-29th October HB0/HA7JTR op. Laci will operate from Masescha (1240 m ASL), Liechtenstein. He has 100 W, 4 band DunaX Gp for 40-10m, and Inverted Vee for 80 m. Laci will take part in The CQWW DX SSB contest (October 26-27th). Before and after the contest he operates on the HF bands, holiday style. QSL direct via his address is on [HA0HW]

24/10/2013: Robert, W5AJ, will once again be active as P40P from Oranjestad, island of Aruba (SA-036, WLOTA 0033) between (approx.) 24-17 October, 2013. His main focus will be on the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October), category TBD. Robert will be QRV before contest on 40 metres checking out W2GD repairs. This will be his 12th contesting trip to Aruba. QSL via LoTW is preferred. [NG3K]

24/10/2013: Operators Jeff KB1ZOJ, Bob K4UEE, George N4GRN, Tim K5AC and Gregg W6IZT will be active as PJ6A during the CQWW SSB contest as a Multi-? entry from the island of Saba (NA-145, WLOTA 2043, WWFF PAFF-027), CQ zone 8. The team will possibly be QRV as PJ6/Homecall on RTTY and CW before/after the contest. QSL PJ6A via N4NX. QSL others via their home calls. [DX World]

24/10/2013: Rich, M5RIC, will be on a HP Dxpedition to the island of Rhodes (EU-001, GIOTA DKS-006, MIA MGD-028, WLOTA 0045), using the callsign SW5CC, from 24-28 (approx.) October 2013. This activity will include a Single-Op/Single-Band (?)/High-Power entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October). Rich will be active before and after the contest on 30-10m SSB and RTTY, with focus on WARC bands. QSL via his home call, direct only ( NOTE: Callsign applied for to be confirmed. [NG3K]

24/10/2013: Mike, N0ODK, plans to activate Phu Quoc Island (AS-128, WLOTA 2523, WWFF 3WFF-020), Vietnam, as XV4MN between 24-29th October, 2013. He will also participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October) as a Single-Op entry from CQ zone 26. Activity will be limited to 20-10 metres. QSL via N0ODK, direct or bureau. [DXAT]

24/10/2013: Before and after the CQWW DX SSB contest, look for Champ, E21EIC, to be active from Vientiane, Laos, as XW0YJY. QRV on CW outside the contest on 80-10m. QSL via E21EIC, direct only. [DX World]

25/10/2013: Zbig, SP5BTB, will be active from Freetown, Sierra Leone, as 9L1BTB between 25th October and 10th November, 2013. QRV as a one man no sponsors DX expedition on 20m and 15m, using slopers for 20m and DL special collinear delta loop (ON6WG /F5VIF model) for 15 metres. QSL via home call, direct with SASE/SAE with +3USD, (NO IRC PLEASE) to: Zbigniew Blechacz, ul.Klwatecka 45F, 26-600 Radom, Poland. [DX World]

25/10/2013: Koji, JI1LET, will be active as JD1BOI from Chichi-jima (AS-031, WLOTA 2269), Ogasawara, from 25 October to 3 November, 2013. He will operate SSB, CW and RTTY on 160-6 metres. QSL via home call, direct only. [425 DX News]


26/10/2013: Alim, 4K6FO, plans to be QRV for the CQWW DX SSB Contest as a Single-Op/Low-Power entry from Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan (WW Loc. LN50CI, CQ zone 21). QSL direct and LoTW. [NG3K]

26/10/2013: Look for Dean, 8P6SH, to be active as 8P2K from St. Philip Parish, island of Barbados (NA-021, WLOTA 0999) during the CQWW DX SSB Contest. He plans a Single-Op/Single-Band (10m) entry from CQ zone 8. QSL via KU9C and LoTW. [NG3K]

01/11/2013: The Royal Air Force station at Henlow (WW Loc. IO92UA), in Bedfordshire, UK - G3ELV and the RAF Signals Museum, will be open for business under the Permanent Special event callsign GB4SMH with effect from 1 November 2013. Normal operating times will be 10:00 ukt to 16:00 ukt on each Tuesday and on the first Saturday of each month. QSL via the RSGB Bureau. The RAF Signals Museum website can be found at: [Pete's-DX-Newsdesk]

05/11/2013: Look for John, G4IRN, to be active as D44TWQ from the island of Boa Vista (AF-086, WLOTA 0972), Cape Verde Islands, from 5-12 November 2013. QRV holiday style on the WARC bands, CW only, using a K2 + KPA500 and Trapped Dipole. This is primarily a windsurfing holiday, so operation will be part-time only. QSL via home call. Website: [DX World]

17/11/2013: Serge, UU5WW, will be active from Mauritius Island (AF-049, WLOTA 0595) between 17-30 November 2013. QRV on the HF bands + entry in CQWW DX CW contest (23-24 November), CQ zone 39. QSL via K2PF. (Website coming soon) [DX World]

25/11/2013: Mick, G1EUZ (ex-ZD8RAF) will once again be active from Roy Cove settlement, West Falkland Island (SA-002, WAP GBR-25, WWFF GFF-024, WW Loc. FD98RN), as VP8BTU between 25 November 2013 and 25 May 2014. QRV on 80-10 metres. Send all QSL cards via his home call G1EUZ. However, please note that you will not receive a return card until after the end of his trip, as he is his own QSL manager. Logbook will be uploaded to LoTW on his arrival back in the UK. [DX World]

01/05/2014: Bert, PD1SA, will once again be active from West Java (OC-021, WLOTA 1660), Indonesia, as YB1/PD1SA between 01-13 May, 2014. QRV mostly on 20m in SSB with some 80m and 40m. QSL only via PD1SA to the bureau. []


18/10/2013: Rhymney Valley Amateur Radio Club are currently operating the special event station GB6SPD until 31 October 2013 to honour the memory of the victims involved in Welsh mining accidents during the last century. Cliff, GW4GJT and Pamela, GW0MXG, will be using all bands, SSB, CW, and digi-modes (WAB ST18). QSL via G0VXC, RSGB bureau preferred. [GB2RS]

19/10/2013: Look for special event station GB0TWY to be activated by the 2nd Twyning Scout Group, as part of the 56th Jamboree on-the-Air (JOTA) event, for one day on 19th October, 2013. Operations will be from the Twyning School, county of Gloucestershire, England. They will also be joined by other Scout groups from Tewkesbury District. Activity will be on the HF bands (40/20/15 metres) as well as 2m and 70 cm. QSL via info on [OPDX Bulletin]

19/10/2013: Demonstration station GB1GLO will be on the air on HF and VHF on 19th and 20th October from the Gloucester Scout HQ in Tuffley, Gloucester (WW Loc. IO81UU, WAB SO84). The station is being members of Gloucestershire County RAYNET and QSL information is on [GB2RS]

19/10/2013: South Essex Amateur Radio Society will be operating GB2CIS with 1st Canvey Sea Scouts for the 56th Jamboree on the Air on 19th October 2013. The South Essex Amateur Radio Society operate this event each year for J.O.T.A for the 1st Canvey Sea Scouts at Canvey Heights, Canvey Island (EU-005). QSL ONLY via G4RSE. [GB2RS]

19/10/2013: HB9S, the amateur radio station of the World Scout Bureau, will be on the air from Geneva during the Jamboree On The Air annual event ( on 19-20th October, 2013. The 56th JOTA in 2013 will be the last one for HB9S, as The WSB (the HQ of the World Organization of the Scout Movement) intends to move out of Geneva next year. QSL via HB9AOF. [425 DX News]

19/10/2013: ST2BSS is the amateur radio station of the SUDAN Boy Scout Association, is a memberof the World Organisation Of the Scout Movement (WOSM). The WOSM has 28 million members world-wide. Each year in October a "Jamboree On The Air" is held, bringing many Scouts in contact with each other via amateur radio. ST2BSS is based in Khartoum, Sudan. Occasionally it operates from other locations. This Year they will try to make the 56th JOTA more attractive and useful. Plans are to operate HF Station, VHF Station (All Modes). Emergency Communications Training. SWL - For New Ones. Echo Link. Remote Hams Hamshere. QSL via ST2M (see [ST2M]

20/10/2013: The Norman Lockyer Radio Group will be operating GB0HE on Sunday 20th October 2013, from 9.00 until 20.00 utc, to celebrate the 145th aniversary of the discovery of the element Helium (HE) by Sir Norman Lockyer. The station will be located at our group HQ at the Norman Lockyer Observatory Sidmouth. They are located at 650' asl just to the east of the coastal town of Sidmouth. Activity will be on most HF bands depending on conditions and with some limited VHF activity on FM and SSB and via their on site repeater GB3SW. More details, etc., can be found at: [Southgate ARC]

U.S.A. Special Events can be found at:


18/10-21/10 7L4PVR/1: Hachijo Shima WLOTA:0436 QSL H/c (d/B)
18/10-21/10 7N1GMK/1: Hachijo Shima WLOTA:0436 QSL H/c (d/B)
18/10-21/10 7N4VPS/1: Hachijo Shima WLOTA:0436 QSL H/c (d/B)
18/10 II8LH/9: Capo Rasocolmo WAIL:SI-034 ITA-032 WLOTA:1362 QSL HB9FHZ (B)
18/10-21/10 JA1UNS/1: Hachijo Shima WLOTA:0436 QSL H/c (d/B)
18/10-21/10 JI1PLF/1: Hachijo Shima WLOTA:0436 QSL H/c (d/B)
18/10-20/10 K5R: Round Island Lighthouse WLOL:USA-711 QSL AE5JG (d)
18/10-28/10 PY0F/PY3MM: Fernando de Noronha WLOTA:1208 QSL PP5VB (d)
19/10-07/11 D44TXT: Ilha de Sao Tiago WLOTA:0158 QSL DL7AFS (d/B)
19/10 II8LH: Capo Rizzuto WAIL:CL-011 WLOL:ITA-033 QSL HB9FHZ (B)
19/10 II8LH: Capo Colonne WAIL:CL-012 WLOL:ITA-010 QSL HB9FHZ (B)
19/10-20/10 KK6FUT: Gull Island WLOTA:0813 QSL Direct/Buro
19/10-02/11 PJ7PL: Sint Maarten Island WLOTA:0711 QSL WA1ZAM (d)
20/10-30/10 EI8GQB: Ireland (Eire) WLOTA:2484 QSL PA3249 (d/B)
20/10-19/11 VP8DNY: Falkland Island WLOTA:1479 QSL M1AYI (B)
21/10-27/10 PD/DO1BEN: Texel Island WLOTA:0043 QSL H/c (d/B)
21/09-29/09 PJ4/G3TXF: Bonaire Island WLOTA:1279 QSL H/c (OQRS)
22/10-29/10 C6ARW: Grand Bahama Island WLOTA:0527 QSL N0HJZ (d)
22/10-29/10 PJ4G: Bonaire Island WLOTA:1279 QSL K2NG (d)
22/10-28/10 TK/SP7VC: Corsica Island WLOTA:1390 QSL H/c (d/LoTW)
22/10-29/10 VP5/K4QE: Providenciales Island WLOTA:2003 QSL H/c (d/LoTW)
22/10-29/10 VP5/WA2VYA: Providenciales Island WLOTA:2003 QSL H/c (d/B)
23/10-25/10 CT8/OH6KZP: Ilha de Sao Miguel WLOTA:2015 QSL H/c (d/B)
23/10-28/10 EA6/DL6AP/P: Isla de Mallorca WLOTA:1902 QSL H/c (B)
23/10-28/10 J3/N2MD: Grenada Island WLOTA:0718 QSL LoTW only
23/10-28/10 J3/N9ACC: Grenada Island WLOTA:0718 QSL LoTW only
24/10-31/10 FS/AA4VK: St. Martin Island WLOTA:0383 QSL AA4VK (d)
24/10-31/10 FS/N0TG: St. Martin Island WLOTA:0383 QSL AA4VK (d)
24/10-31/10 FS/N1SNB: St. Martin Island WLOTA:0383 QSL AA4VK (d)
24/10-27/10 P40P: Aruba Island WLOTA:0033 QSL LoTW
24/10-28/10 PJ6/K4UEE: Saba Island WLOTA:2043 QSL H/c (d)
24/10-28/10 PJ6/K5AC: Saba Island WLOTA:2043 QSL H/c (d)
24/10-28/10 PJ6/KB1ZOJ: Saba Island WLOTA:2043 QSL H/c (d)
24/10-28/10 PJ6/N4GRN: Saba Island WLOTA:2043 QSL H/c (d)
24/10-28/10 PJ6/W6IZT: Saba Island WLOTA:2043 QSL H/c (d)
24/10-28/10 SW5CC: Nisos Rodos WLOTA:0045 QSL M5RIC (d)
24/10-29/10 XV4MN: Dao Phu Quoc WLOTA:2523 QSL N0ODK (d/B)
25/10-03/11 JD1BOI: Chichi Shima WLOTA:2269 QSL JI1LET (d)


18/10-21/10 7L4PVR/1: Hachijo Island AS-043 Grid:PM93 6m QSL H/c (d/B)
18/10-21/10 7N1GMK/1: Hachijo Island AS-043 Grid:PM93 6m QSL H/c (d/B)
18/10-21/10 7N4VPS/1: Hachijo Island AS-043 Grid:PM93 6m QSL H/c (d/B)
18/10-21/10 JA1UNS/1: Hachijo Island AS-043 Grid:PM93 6m QSL H/c (d/B)
18/10-21/10 JI1PLF/1: Hachijo Island AS-043 Grid:PM93 6m QSL H/c (d/B)
19/10 Iowa QSO Party 6m & Up included 1400z-2400z
19/10-20/10 New York QSO Party 6m/2m+Up classes 19 1400z-20 0200z
19/10-20/10 W/VE Islands QSO Party 6m class 19 1600z-20 2359z
19/10-28/10 BJ9TA: Dunhuang, China Grid:NM79AW 2m-70cm MS/EME QSL BA1DU (d/B)
20/10-21/10 Araucaria Spring VHF Contest 6m/2m FM/SSB/CW 20 0000z-21 1600z
20/10 ON 2 Meter Contest Phone/CW 0600z-1000z
20/10 Bayern Ost Contest (BOC) 144MHz 0700z-0830z
20/10 Contest Grosseto 50MHz SO/MO/Open 0700z-1400z
20/10 Bayern Ost Contest (BOC) 430MHz 0900z-1000z
20/10 RSGB 2nd 50MHz Contest SO Fixed/Open 0900z-1200z
20/10-21/10 Illinois QSO Party 6m/2m classes 20 1700z-21 0100z
20/10-28/10 YB9Y: Pulau Bras OC-276 Grid:PJ70 6m all mode QSL YB1GJS (d/B)
22/10 LY 2.4G & Up Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM 1700z-2059z
22/10 NRAU Microwave Activity Contest SO/MO/Open 1700z-2100z
22/10 The 50MHz Open Cumulative SO/MO/LP/MP/HP 1700z-2100z
22/10 RSGB 50MHz UKAC SO Fixed/Open 1900z-2130z
23/10 SKCC Straight Key Sprint 6m class 0000z-0200z
23/10-28/10 J3/N2MD: Grenada NA-024 Grid: 6m SSB/2m FM QSL LoTW
23/10-28/10 J3/N9ACC: Grenada NA-024 Grid: 6m SSB/2m FM QSL LoTW
25/10-03/11 JD1BOI: Chichi-jima AS-031 Grid:QL17 6m SSB/CW QSL JI1LET (d)

Contest Calendar:

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:

SMIRK: SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts


QSLs via Bureau: CW4R [SA-039], DC4ADC [OC-042], EI/F5LMJ [EU-115], ES2APR [EU-149], K6VVA/7 [NA-065], RA1QQ/1 [EU-082], RV3EFH [AS-042], VE9MY/VO1 [NA-198] and WB8YFJ/4 [NA-067].

QSLs via Direct: 8R1Z (, GW3KHZ/p [EU-106] (G3KHZ), H44DX [OC-047] (VK4FEAT), HQ8D (KD4POJ), JW/DL2JRM (H/c), KP4/K1GI (H/c), OA4TT (N6XQ), R20RRC/
0/8 [AS-062 & AS-109] (RZ3EC/OQRS), RA0ZD/p [AS-095] (H/c), VK9XL [OC-002] (JH3PBL) and YB3MM/p [OC-217] (IZ8CCW/OQRS).

QSLs via LoTW: "LoTW is Offline" ??? :o(


CIsA (Canadian Islands Award Program) at: (Islands On The Air) at: NAQCC (North America QRP CW Club) at: USi (U.S. Islands Award Program) VEFF - Canada Flora & Fauna at: Yahoo! Group at: WCA (World Castles on the Air) at: WLA (World Lakes Award) at: WWFF (World-Wide Flora & Fauna) WLOTA (World Lighthouses On The Air


56th JOTA - October 19-20, 2013 Jamboree on the Air provides the opportunity for millions of Scouts around the world to meet on the air via Amateur Radio. Get ready for the 56th year of this annual on-the-air event! Support Scouting! Full information and participating stations

C6, BAHAMA ISLANDS - Bob (N4BP/C6AKQ), Tim (N4UM/C6ARU) and Mike (K4RUM/C6AUM) will be active from Freeport [Grand Bahama Island] (NA-080, WLOTA 0527), Bahamas, between 19 November and 10 December, 2013. C6AUM and C6AKQ will be mainly CW from 160-10 including WARC bands. C6ARU will be mainly digital modes on WARC bands. In the CQWW DX CW Contest (23-24 November), C6AUM will be single-band 40M and C6AKQ will be single-band 80M. For the ARRL 160M Contest (6-8 December), they will be multi-single as C6AKQ. QSL via home calls. [DX World]

E2, THAILAND - Dej, E21YDP, will be QRV for the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October) from Bangkok, Thailand, as a Single-Op/Single-Band (15m)/Low-Power entry. QSL direct (see and LoTW. Please - NO eQSL. [NG3K]

EA8, CANARY ISLANDS - Look for Juan, EA8RM, to be active as a Single-Op/All-Band entry in both the CQWW DX SSB Contest (26-27 October) and the CQWW DX CW Contest (23-24 November) from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (AF-004, DIE S-005, WLOTA 0969), CQ zone 33. QSL via LoTW is preferred. [NG3K]

FJ, ST. BARTHELEMY Pete, VE3IKV / VA3RA, plans to be active from Saint-Barthelemy Island (NA-146, DIFO FJ-001, WLOTA 0377) for the CQWW DX CW Contest (23-24 November), using the callsign FJ/VA3RA from CQ zone 8. Plans are for a Single-Op/Single-Band (10m) entry. He will also be QRV on CW/SSB before and after contest, and on 6 metres. QSL via VE3IKV, direct or bureau.

FK, NEW CALEDONIA - Freddy, F5IRO, will be QRV from Plum village, in the commune of Le Mont-Dore on the southwest coast of New Caledonia (OC-032, DIFO FK-001, WLOTA 1280, DDFM 988), between November 2013 and February 2014 as FK/F5IRO. He'll operate from 10 to 80m (WARC included) with K3 bare foot, home made dipoles and long wire antennas. Modes mainly CW and some PSK. Probably he'll particpate to the CQWW DX CW Contest (23-24 November) with a special TX call. QSL via F5IRO french bureau (REF) or direct. Infos on his page ( The log will be uploaded on Clublog and LoTW in March 2014. Further infos and photos on his personal blog ( [DX World]

KH9, WAKE ISLAND - Wake Island DXpedition still in limbo - There is still no news on the long-anticipated K9W Wake Island DXpedition. It has been put on hold because of the US government shutdown. On their website (, the organisers say that they will announce new dates for the DXpedition as soon as possible. The DXpedition was expected to kick off October 7 and continue until October 18 and is dedicated to the civilian contractors who lost their lives on the island in World War II.

PARK PEDITIONS - - The Florida Chapter of NAQCC will be holding its monthly Field Event on Friday, 18 October 2013 9:00 AM - 1:00 (or whenever hunger wins out over propagation). QTH will be the Causeway Park, under the Dunlawton Bridge, Port Orange, Florida. FREQUENCIES: Please listen for them near 7.041, 10.116, 14.061 and 18.080 MHz. Operators will include Art WB4MNK, Steve WB4OMM & Don K3RLL plus whoever else can make it. QSL via home calls. Please see for details.

- The newly formed West Virginia chapter of the NAQCC is planning to operate portable on Friday, 18 October 2013 from 1600z - 2000z. KC4URI and N8ZYA will be pounding the brass around 14.062 and 7.060 MHz. QSL via home calls.

- Not a member of NAQCC ... membership is free and you will receive handsome certificate with your membership number on it, good for life. You can sign up at . Join 6,900+ members who enjoy QRP CW as part of their operating activities.

- There is also The NAQCC European Chapter for our friends in Europe, run by Matt MW3YMY, and can be found at:

T33A, BANABA - NEWS UPDATE - Reported by co-team leader Jay, W2IJ - "Our container just departed Suva, Fiji at 14 knots now on the way by sea to Tarawa. Our advance team will arrive in Tarawa Oct. 31 to attend to picking up local provisions and getting our container unsealed and through customs, and loaded onto our boat in preparation for a Nov. 3rd departure to Banaba Island". T33A website: T33A "live" blog: [DX World]

VP9, BERMUDA - Steve, AG2AA will be active from Bermuda (NA-005) between 21 October to 3 November, 2013. QRV on HF bands, CW/SSB. QSL via home call. [DX World]

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ
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