sexta-feira, 12 de julho de 2013

Next Weekend: IARU HF Championship

The IARU HF Championship will take place July 13th-14th on CW and phone. The bands range from 160 to 10 meters with the contest set to run from Saturday 1200 UTC – Sunday 1200 UTC. The contesters’ goal is to work as many IARU Member Society HQ stations as possible, recognized by the HQ suffix (from now on, we’ll refer to them as ‘HQ stations”).Contacts within your own ITU zone, as well as QSOs with any IARU-member society HQ station or IARU official (counting as the special multiplier), count one point each.
Contacts within your continent (but different ITU zone) count three points.
Contacts with a different continent and IARU zone count five points.
Multipliers are given by the total number of ITU zones plus IARU Member Society HQ stations worked on each band (not mode).
Logs must be e-mailed to not later than August 13th, 2013.
Complete rules can be found at

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