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Glenn Hauser logs May 20-21 , 2013

** BANGLADESH. 15505, May 20 at *1359:35, I can barely detect the Bangladesh Betar carrier cutting on late, but can`t make out a timesignal if any as the Urdu service opens (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake, May 21 before 1400:
13795, fair at 1345. This remains the only real FD still heard, tho I think there are still some in the 7 MHz band. Otherwise, CNR1 jamming:
13530, good at 1344
13920, fair at 1345
13970, fair at 1345
14750, poor at 1346
15115, fair and 15195, very poor at 1347 (these inbanders not ex-FD)
16920, poor at 1349; none in the 17s, 18s
** OKLAHOMA. Tornado radio in OKC: Saturation coverage on local TV and national cable networks.
But around 0055 UT May 21, shortly before sunset, checked the AM stations in Oklahoma City, as I know three of them at least have transmitter sites near the Moore tornado area.
1520 KOKC is on
1000 KTOK is on
640 KWPN is OFF
Most FM and some AM stations simulcasting one TV station or another
including 1520, 1000, and:
1140 KRMP
1340 KGHM
Regular programming now (if not earlier):
800 KQCV
890 KTLR
930 WKY
Did not check all the FMs for absences, not too familiar with transmitter sites, but 92.5 KOMA and 107.7 KRXO are on.
All this is some 80 miles from where I am.
Further chex, May 21 at 1324-1340 UT, on the DX-398 inside: 
1640, KOAG Enid, still all-ag, but some mention of the tornado; from Floydada HQ or OKC?
1580, KOKB Blackwell & 1020, KOKP Perry local `Triple-play` sports talk but also about the tornado
1560, KEBC Del City, still all-comedy, just what we need??
1520, KOKC on with tornado, TV simulcast?
1490, KMFS Guthrie, fundraiser for Jimmy Swaggart, seems unlocal; later with gospel music
1340, KGHM still talk about the tornado rather than sports
1220, KTLV Midwest City, I can barely hear anyway; not sure if on
1140, KRMP, OFF; had been on last evening post-tornado; power out?
1000, KTOK, on with tornado, TV simul?
930, WKY, Spanish, discussion of Mexican politix
890, KTLR, regular religion
800, KQCV, regular religion
640, KWPN, still OFF. Paul Walker first thought its four towers were right in the path, but later said they were OK, just off due to power issues
Another check this time on the parked caradio, which has much better sensitivity, 1445-1451 UT:
1560, KEBC, ad during comedy service
1520, KOKC is now OFF!! Power issue? Paul Walker reported that the tornado missed its towers by only 300 feet
1490, KMFS Guthrie, yes, a ``shareathon`` not for the tornado victims
1460, KZUE El Reno, usual Spanish music
1340, KGHM, still tornado coverage, not sports
1260, KWSH, Wewoka, C&W music (near Shawnee which was hit day before; Show & Tell shopper May 15 issue had display ad for this as part of One Ten Broadcast Group, Inc, along with Planet 104.7 KSLE Seminole, and Real Country KIRC 105.9 Shawnee)
1220, KTLV, trace of a signal, presumably this 
1140, KRMP is still OFF
1120, KEOR, Catoosa is off again, no surprise, not tornadic
890, KTLR, now in Spanish religion
800, KQCV, still gospel-huxtering in English
640, KWPM is still OFF; I am hoping to pull in WOI Ames IA on daytime groundwave, but the storm noise level will first have to abate; 5 kW ND, the ONLY public radio station on AM around here. Maybe a trace of a signal between crashes
FM check 1451-1458 UT on caradio:
88.1, KMSI, Moore! Usual Oasis Network gospel-huxtering
88.5, KZTH, Piedmont, tornado relief, // 89.7 KJTH Ponca City
90.1, KCSC, classical as usual
90.9, KOKF, Edmond, Air One // 91.1 Enid, re Moore, but national net
91.7, KOSU, Stillwater, `The Takeaway` national show is interviewing KOSU`s Michael Cross. During the strike, KOSU was relaying one of the commercial TV station`s coverage (but all commercials suspended)
94.7, KBRU, // KFOR-TV 27, all regular TV programming still pre-empted [only KWTV-39 provides network, CBS on 9.2 when 9.1 is pre-empting it; KFOR and KOCO stay with old movie channels on .2s]
95.1, KQCV, gospel-huxtering like its AM 800
96.1, KXXY, // KFOR, or partially so
96.9, KQOB, tornado interview, not sure whence
100.5, KATT, tornado coverage
101.9, KTST, tornado coverage; guess it is still nicknamed ``The Twister``? I never listen to it. Hey, why doesn`t The Weather Channel *name* tornadoes now like they do regular winter storms and `canes?
102.7, KJYO, tornado coverage 
Following OKC-area stations seemed in regular programming: commercials or music as I tuned by:
92.5, 93.7, 98.1, 98.9, 99.7, 104.1, 106.7, 107.7
(Glenn Hauser, Enid, UT May 21, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** PERU. 5980, May 20 at 0057, R. Chaski, JBA carrier, to cutoff at 0100:23*.
5980, May 21 at 0057, JBA carrier to cutoff at 0100:28*, 5 seconds later. Martien Groot, Netherlands timed it at 0100:27* but let`s not quibble, hi (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 9955, May 21 at 0528, Brother Scare via WRMI mixed with two different tones alternating every few seconds. Unseems jamming, but something on the program feed. Checked 5890 WWCR BS but no tones there, and at 0529 they stopped on 9955. See also WWCR 13845 log (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 13845, May 20 at 1414, WWCR-3 is in open carrier/dead air. On weekdays it`s supposed to be // WWCR-2 7490 with `The Power Hour` until 1500 which was nominal. Axually, there is a trace of modulation on 13845, soon nailed as // and synchro with 9980 WWCR-4 Brother Scare! The bleedthru is probably there all the time, but obscured by the blasting main modulation when they manage to do it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
UNIDENTIFIED. 910, May 21 at 0549 UT, open carrier/dead air: DF fits for KVIS Miamuh OK, the nearest and usual dominator (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
NOTE: this report covers two days instead of one: mainly because I had so little to report May 20, due to poor SW conditions, preoccupation. 
WWV reported at 1418 UT May 20: SF 135, Ap 12, K 1 at 12 UT; past and future spaceweather minor; R1 blackouts.
I appreciate all the inquiries as to my well-being, far from this, and I surely hope, any future tornadic outbreaks (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Glenn Hauser - wghauser@yahoo.com

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