quinta-feira, 28 de março de 2013

Voice of America cuts shortwave broadcasts

Voice of America is reducing some of its radio transmissions this weekend and ending shortwave broadcasts to regions where audiences have alternative ways of receiving VOA news and information programs 
The transmission reductions allow VOA to comply with budget cuts required by sequestration and to avoid furloughs of staff members. 
When the new broadcast schedule goes into effect on March 31st, cross-border shortwave and medium wave broadcasts to Albania, Georgia, Iran and Latin America will be curtailed, along with English language broadcasts to the Middle East and Afghanistan.
The new broadcast schedule calls for reductions in some shortwave and medium wave radio broadcasts in Cantonese, Dari/Pashto, English to Africa, Khmer, Kurdish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Urdu and Vietnamese.
Read the full announcement at 

Thanks to Mike Terry/BDXC for spotting this item.
BBC World Service reduces shortwave broadcasts


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