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VK0RTM: Beacon de 6m desde a Antártica

The VK0RTM 6m beacon on air
All is go for Craig Hayhow who is signing VK0JJJ from Mawson, including his successful installation of the 6m beacon VK0RTM on a frequency of 50.300 MHz.
The 6m propagation beacon to run 50w has been donated by David Craig N3DB, the Secretary and Treasurer of The 6 Metre Beacon Project.
While at Mawson Station, MacRobertson Land, Antarctica for about 12 months, he plans to be active on bands from 80m to 6m with priority given to 6m operation.
On 6m he will be on 400 watts via a Larcan IPA2 power amplifier from Steve Gregory VK3ZAZ, who is also the QSL manager. The main listening frequency is 50.110 MHz.
For the HF bands on SSB phone and digital modes he uses a terminated sloping triangle antenna, on 6m it?s a 5 element yagi M2 6M5XHP, and for 2m and 70cm satellites an Arrow antenna.
Craig VK0JJJ a senior telecoms engineer and active radio amateur from West Australia, is a member of the Antarctica Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition due to return in January 2014.
Jim Linton VK3PC
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