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Glenn Hauser logs December 10-11, 2012

** AUSTRALIA. 4835, Dec 11 at 1414, VL8A is still audible very poorly with English talk; but we can`t depend on this forever. Dec BDXC-UK Communication reports: ``According to an email from ABC`s Gary Baxter about the Northern Territory station VL8A Alice Springs: `The intention is to revert this service to dual frequency operation, probably by March 2013.` Currently on 4835, 24/7 after technical problems in May prevented the usual automatic day-night switching between 4835 and 2310 (via Alan Pennington, 5 Nov, DX News)`` Having a real human being on site to manually switch twice daily is obviously totally out of the question (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 11, after 1400:
7390, fair at 1418, mixing with Chinese
9315, poor at 1419, atop much weaker signal; targets previously explained. No others noticed, tho no full bandscan performed today (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** EGYPT. 15160, Dec 11 at 1500, open carrier except for big hum; by 1521 recheck now there is some very distorted talk modulation in unID language along with the hum. Frequency is also unstable with BFO. HFCC shows, of course, R. Cairo, Uzbek at 15-16, 250 kW, 61 degrees from Abis (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** FRANCE. 9805, Dec 11 at 0624, African song with plucked instrument, announcement with lots of glottal stops. HFCC shows RFI in Hausa at 0600-0630, 500 kW, 170 degrees from Issoudun. Would have been // 7295 had I checked (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
15170, Dec 11 at 0616, Parisian French with news of Europe; could it be Romania, which also uses 15170 elsewhen? First time any such thing heard here. Fair signal, and many Africans are audible: 15580, 15400, 15255, 15120, 13780, 13590. HFCC shows 15160 is RFI via Meyerton, SOUTH AFRICA, 100 kW, 345 degrees USward too at 0600-0700, plus 0700-0800 with 250 kW at 328 degrees but to exactly same CIRAFs (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** GREECE. 9420, Dec 11 at 0621, 78 rpm record show from VOG, as heard every Tuesday during this hour, gh-dubbed ``Marion`s Attica``. This time it`s // slightly better signal on 7475, which for some weeks had been breaking away for Radio Philia; an anomaly or reverse anomaly? Can`t tell if RPh is on inaudible 11645 where it was originally. Neat tunes included at 0628 ``Rum & Coca-Cola``; 0640 ``Don`t Fence Me In``, Bing Crosby knock-off in Greek (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** GUIANA FRENCH. 17870-17875-17880 and beyond, Dec 10 a 2027 check, DRM Noise from The Disco Palace --- but not today! It`s missing, meaning the 16m band is totally vacant (no BBC Ascension 17885 audible either). Yet again, there is not a blackout, simply lack of interest by any broadcaster on the dayside which would propagate. (Australia does not start 17795 until 2300.) An anomaly, or change, termination? Time will tell (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** SAUDI ARABIA. 9675, Dec 10 at 2035, talk modulation with clix, fair signal. Language? Sounded sorta Hebrew to me, but hardly anystation uses that language, not even Israel Radio. HFCC shows Turkish from BSKSA; maybe it had an Arabic accent, Semitically confusing me. 9675 18-21, 500 kW, 340 degrees from Riyadh, so also USWard far beyond the nearby target (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. Regarding the lack of `I Sing` on WBCQ 7490 last Saturday Dec 8-UT Sunday Dec 9, replaced by Brother Scare and Area 51, I got this explanation:
``Dear Mr. Hauser, In reference to I-Sing. It is still there; it was late getting on the air due to a scheduling foul up by the "Constitutional Radio Network staff". They use our PC1 and our 7490 audio stream M-S, to carry their audio to a bunch of micro broadcasters throughout The State of Maine. After they finish with their broadcast, they will put the Area 51 stream back on, instead of I-Sing on Saturdays. So I have to go into PC1 on Saturday afternoon and make sure it is on. Unfortunately, I was busy attending to another commitment Saturday, and did not log in until Saturday night, to reset the audio feed. So that explains the situation last weekend. Very Respectfully, Tom Barna`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 810, Dec 11 at 1433 UT, Radio Suave mostly in English but also bits of Spanish mixed in, Santa Fe ads for Ed`s Holiday Spirits, Gold Works on the Plaza which wants to melt down your gold. WHB KC MO nulled; 1-hour-fast TC as 24:9, oops, as two chathosts resume. It`s KSWV on 5 kW non-direxional daypower. Sunrise in Dec is 1400 UT, Jan 1415. Natch, 770 KKOB also in much better. It`s a good New Mexico morning with several higher stations also heard (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 830, Dec 11 at 1429 UT ad mentioning Richland, 1430 SRN ``News``, only headlines, but cut to dead air amid, back on just in time for closing at 1431; ad with 307 area code about Fremont County and Lander; Devil`s Tower Restaurant with buffalo burgers.
So this is KUYO in Evansville WY, which is a suburb of Casper, with addresses there, but wide reach around the state as a 25 kW nondirexional daytimer; also 9.2 kW critical hours. And a 2.0 watt PSRA Oct thru Jan starting at 1300 UT. Dec & Jan official sunrise is 1430 UT. Made a 4 Hz SAH with something, WCCO? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 930, Dec 11 at 1404 UT, CBS News; 1405 frustrating string of national ads; 1408 Heating & Cooling at 785-6768, but I don`t have to search for that since at 1409 some classic rock as theme music, open YL talk show `Britney (sp?) in the Morning` (?), mentions sponsor in Poplar Bluff, so it is Missouri`s KWOC, 5 kW non-direxional day pattern. With WKY OKC precisely nulled, of course.
Here`s a station with a minute-by-minute program schedule:
``8:00-9:00 AM Brittney on the Bluff – Your connection to everything local. Brittney brings you information about area happenings, entertainment, educational opportunities, charitable events and more``
Home page reveals meaning of call letters:
``Keeping Watch on Our City`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 1040, Dec 11 at 1456 UT, laughing ``Jingle Bells``, DJ refers to his email starting Tron-radio (?), taking a break until 1 pm. 1458 ad for Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs, i.e. KCBR, 15 kW non-direxional days. 1060 also had good signal from NW, another Coloradan (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 1070, Dec 11 at 1454 UT, Wichita headlines from the KFTI News Center, then 16 degrees from Storm Team 12; see KFTI.com; then non-ID for the station this really is, ``1070 AM, True Oldies``, i.e. KLIO. An hour earlier caused usual fast SAH with KNX since KLIO is always off-frequency (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 1260, Dec 11 at 1452 UT sounds like Stephanie Miller, taking a caller from California; then seems matched to 1350 KABQ which is about to fade out. So it`s NM`s other Progressive station, KTRC in Santa Fe, also on 5 kW non-direxional day power (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 1330, Dec 11 at 1449 UT, after hearing some other NM stations, I find Navajo here, but including English expressions such as ``24-inch hi-fi TV``, into English C&W song ``Parties for Two``. Of course, it has to be KGAK in Gallup NM, on 5 kW non-direxional day antenna. NRC AM Log shows it in Navajo and Spanish, not English. This and others are more than an hour after Enid sunrise of 1333 UT today, with 10 minutes to go before latest sunrise 1343 in early January (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** U S A. 1350, Dec 11 at 1447 UT, Stephanie Miller going to a break with ``46 past the hour`` timecheck, ``Albuquerque`s Progressive Talk, AM 1350``, Angie`s List ad. Dominant on frequency at the moment, 5 kW non-direxional day pattern since 1400.
I remember when KABQ was ABQ`s number one (and only?) Spanish station from a discrete studio building (and tower?) on Yale SE; now all that has changed. I notice FCC AM Query has a link to History Cards for KABQ, a feature I had not noticed before. This leads to a 29-page pdf of FCC records going way back, the cards very worn with messy typewriter entries, and fortunately now preserved before they deteriorate completely:
The last item shows that in 1981 a construxion permit for 50 kW on 660 kHz was ``returned``, as a ``major environmental action``. Or course, KTNN in Window Rock wound up with that plum (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
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