sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

Dominican Republic Emergency Network activated

The Dominican Republic Emergency Network has been activated, given
 the proximity
of tropical storm Isaac.
Day-time operation frequency 7065 kHz
Coordination station HI8COE, Emergency Operations Committee
Evening operation frequency 3780 kHz
Emergency frequencies to be used by Cuba
7110 kHz day-time, PRIMARY NATIONAL
7120 kHz day-time, SECONDARY NATIONAL
7045 kHz day-time, EASTERN REGION
3740 kHz evening, PRIMARY NATIONAL
3720 kHz evening, SECONDARY NATIONAL
3715 KHz alternate evening
Other frequencies in the range from 7030 to 7125 kilohertz would be
 used by province
 networks as necessary
Other frequencies in the range from 3700 to 3770 kilohertz would be 
used by province 
networks as necessary
Thanks in advance to all amateur radio stations of Region 2 for offering 
the greatest possible protection to the frequencies used for emergency operations
NOTE: Jamaica traditionally does NOT use shortwave bands for emergencies 
since they handle these in the 2-metre band, using their repeaters located in
 the mountain ranges.
Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich, CO2KK
IARU Region II Area C Emergency Coordinator


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