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144 MHZ beacon and APRS test with meteorological balloon

The similar test (The Cross system and APRS with balloon) that we had realized in 2007-2010 will be redone between Erzincan-Gumushane-Bayburt at local time 10:00 on 24th of June 2012.
Unlike the previous years, there will not be a cross transceiver in the sysytem this time.
1- There will be a 200 mw power cw beacon on 144.060 mhz., transmitting TC50TRAC callsign.
2- There will be the APRS callsign YM7KA-11 on 144.800 mhz. In the 1 watt transmit power beacon, the celebration message for TRAC's 50th year anniversary will be transmitted.
3- There will be 2 cameras, one taking pictures and the other will be recording video.
Aithough we had announced in 2010 that such tests were terminated, we have decided to repeat due to the 50th year anniversary of TRAC foundation. We would suggest that the followers of the above mentioned event should direct their vertical yagi antennas to the given direction and record the signals transmitted from 144.060 cw beacon and from 144.800 APRS. The recording stations who apply will be rewarded with Special Day Award. (can be +/- 5 hz. usb-lsb)
The results with all details will be announced after the event.
The amateurs who are interested may contact below persons to get more information :
TA7K Kadir Turhan
TC50TRAC Balloon Project 2012 General Coordinator
TA7N, TA7OM, TA7Q and TA7SO, Tecnical Managers
Huda, TA7OM
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Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 12:47:00 +0100
From: João Gonçalves Costa <>
Subject: ARLA/CLUSTER: Radioamadores turcos vão lançar Radio-Balão
       Meteorológico, com Beacon e APRS
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