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Belgium Foundation get more power on HF

On Friday, May 4, the Belgium regulator BIPT announced power increases that could permit amateur radio Foundation holders to run 100 watt transceivers on HF.
The change came following a request from the Belgium National Society the UBA. The increase in power is to 50 watts, however, the UBA has said previously that the "3dB Rule" will mean Foundation holders can use standard 100 watt transceivers.
The Foundation HF allocations are, however, being reduced slightly on most bands. Previously Foundation holders had access to all amateur frequencies from 3.5 to 30 MHz.
This summary of the changes has been published on the UBA website:
For holders of a license HAREC [Equivalent to UK Full/Adanced]:
Increasing the transmission power to 200W (previously 150W) and 1500W (1000W was) subject to notification, Expansion of the segment with the 4m range from 70.2 to 70.4 MHz with 10W.
For holders of a license ON2 [Novice/Intermediate]: Increasing the transmission power to 50W (was 10W).
For holders of a license ON3 [Foundation]:
Increasing the transmission power to 50W (was 10W)
Limitation of the allowed frequency ranges:
80m: 3500-3700kHz
40m: 7000-7100kHz
30m: 10110-10150kHz
20m: 14000-14085kHz and 14250-14350kHz
17m: 18080-18168kHz
15m: 21040-21100kHz and 21320-21450kHz
12m: 24900-24990kHz
10m: 28040-29700kHz
6m: 50125-52000kHz
2m: 144000-146000kHz
70cm: 430000-440000kHz
BIPT announcement
UBA in Google English
April - 50 watts for Foundation holders in Belgium
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