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Recent Loggings (Dave Valko)

USA 1710 KWO35, Upton, NY Getting wx info as early as abt 0755 w/ments of "costal",
winds in "knots", water temps, New York City. Was lucky to get the best peak right
at the ID in the loop by mechanical male voice at 0801 as "You are listening to
NOAA weather radio station KWO35 in New York City. This broadcast originates from
the National Weather Service forecast office located on the grounds of ??
Laboratory in Upton NY. Station KWO35 broadcasts on a freq 152.55 mhz. Return time
is ?? Eastern Daylight Time". Used the Wellbrook. Another strong peak at 0822 w/wx
by W better on the T2FD. Not a bad signal for a few watts and the distance. Mixing
w/Hispanic pgming of stn on same freq. (15 April)
BRAZIL 11925.06 R. Bandeirantes Apparently nx pgmming. Time ticks around 0735.
Getting QRM from UTE on 11930. A little better at 0826 w/discussion by men. No UTE
at this time. Very fady. W anncr at 0829, and time ticks at BoH. Siren SFX. Sounds
like they quit using the cat meowing SFX. //9645.38 at 0840. Blasted out by OC on
recheck at 0852. (15 April)
BRAZIL 9565.07 Super R. Deus e Amor 0849 soft mx then preaching by M, //11764.97.
Both weak. This was better earlier. (15 April)
SOUTH KOREA 9805 KBS World Weak IS w/IDs by M and W at 0855. UTE started right on
top at 0858. (15 April)
BRAZIL?? 9504.96 R. Record (tent.) 0913 tlk by M over mx then just tlk alone. Soft
mx. Canned anmnts at 0930. Lang. sounded PT but just not strong enough to be
certain. (15 April)
USA 1640 UNID. Wx TIS Peaking at 0938 w/temps for Ithica, Rome. Another TIS coming
in from abt 350 miles distant. (15 April)
INDONESIA 9680.053 RRI Jakarta 0956 end of pleasant Indo Pop Ballad, then nice
canned "RRI" ID by M, followed by sev. canned promo anmnts. More Pop Ballads and
canned anmnts. Fair. (15 April)
UNID. 6173.91 UNID. Tawantinsuyo?? 1009+. Getting QRM from pres. China on 6175 and
way too much splatter QRM from 6170 New Zealand National. (15 April)
INDIA?? 4850 AIR Kohima?? Sounds like soft sub-cont. vcl mx from 2349. M anncr in
lang. at 2356. Too weak. Wiped out by 4840 s/on at 2359. Was still able to hear
some tlking by M through the splash at 0002. (21-22 April)
BRAZIL 15191.46 R. Inconfidencia 0010 w/"The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkle, then into
"Mrs Robinson". Good signal this evening. Way off freq now. (22 April)
MAURITANIA 7245 R. Mauritanie Blasting away here at 0017 w/local stringed inst. mx,
then M in AR. (22April)
CHINA Firedrake found on these freqs between 1320-1355: 18200, 17450, 17250, 16980,
16920, 16100, 15970, 15500, 14700, 13850, 13130, 12980, 12600, 12230, 11500. (22
Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA
Perseus SDR, NRD-535D
T2FD and Wellbrook ALA1530
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