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Ham Radio operators provide valuable service when severe weather strikes

Station KJAN reports on the amateur radio operators who helped out when tornadoes hit the Central US.
They say: When a string of tornadoes hit the Central U-S and Great Lakes Region the weekend of April 14th, communications in some of those areas was knocked out, leaving local officials with no way of calling for help or reporting damage. That's where HAM radio operator's stepped-in.
Tom Reis N0VPR, SKYWARN Coordinator for the Des Moines National Weather Service Office, says just before an EF-2 tornado hit Creston, causing severe damage to the hospital and other structures, amateur radio, or "HAM" operators in Creston reported storm observations directly to the National Weather Service. Reis says they're a valuable asset to discerning information that could help save lives.
Reis it doesn't take much to become an amateur radio operator, and people of all ages enjoy the hobby, which also provides a service.
Read the full KJAN (1220kHz/101.1 MHz) story at
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